Lots of you are always asking what is a typical playnight at our local club like. I have found that there is no such thing as a "typical" night.
To give you an example this past Thursday night was what is called "AOL" night at the club. The basic concept is that people who are interested in swinging and chat about it on line get a chance at a reduced price to come to a real swing club meet each other and see what the scene is all about. As usual the place was packed. My hubby and I never miss an AOL night if we are in town. We really enjoy seeing the newbies and wannabies and how they react to the show that goes on. Also on this night they do allow single gentlemen in and there were quite a few good looking guys to pick from. Our friend Claudia is a lot like me in that she is a mature lady who just loves to play with single guys while her husband watches and sometimes joins in. She brought over to me and my hubby a really good looking young guy named Jeff. Claudia had played with Jeff a number of times last year and really enjoyed her time with him. Claudia and I have an agreement that when it is appropriate we go out of our way to share our boy toys.
Jeff and I hit it off right from the start as the place was packed. Dancing was an erotic adventure as bodies were pushed up against each other. This helped me to get to know Jeff real well, in a real hurry. Before we knew it we were dancing with our hands all over each other. This kind of foreplay went on until about 1 a.m. when it was certainly time to take it to the back room, so Jeff my hubby and I undressed and went into the mat room to find the room packed with naked bodies engaged in every kind of sex imaginable. We were able to find a spot where the three of use could lay down. There was not a lot of room but I did manage to position myself between Jeff's legs and began to pull on his growing cock. I was pleasantly surprised to see just how hard, long and thick he became when he was aroused. My hubby was laying right next to Jeff so I reached out with my free hand and began to pull and massage both of their beautiful cocks at the same time. Now it was time to taste these cocks so I leaned forward and began to flick my tongue onto the head of Jeff's cock. Then I began to lick it a bit like an ice cream cone and I knew he was loving it as he began to moan and whimper. As I was doing this I continued to pull harder and harder on my hubby's cock. I have found that when my hubby is really excited he loves it really hard and rough and I always aim to please. By now I had Jeff's cock deep up against the back of my throat and I could feel my juices beginning to flow. My hubby seeing this got up on his knees reached down between my legs and inserted two of his fingers into my pussy. I continued sucking Jeff as my husband, who knows me so well, began to finger fuck me to the squirting orgasm that he knew I needed. I have become rather famous, or infamous, to the regulars at the club for the fact that wherever I have had an orgasm there is sure to be a very wet spot. True to tradition, my pussy juices came pouring out of me as I reach a fantastic big O.
What I really needed now was to be fucked by my young friend. So we exchanged positions and I laid on my back so he could slide his cock into my pussy with ease. As is sometimes typical in the mat room the couple that was lying next to us were now enthralled with watching Jeff my hubby and I and they were not about to keep their hands off. Both of them were now caressing my breasts as Jeff continued to fuck me silly. At this point I could feel it was about to happen again and sure enough I began to come and squirt my juice all over Jeff's cock and balls. Some how or other he now knew it was okay for him to let go and come in my pussy so together we reached a really great orgasm.
As he finished he rolled off me from exhaustion and there to take his place was another gentlemen that I had noticed and made eye contact with earlier in the evening. At this point it was fine with me for him to be the next in line. I was so horny I needed and wanted more. Without wasting anytime he rammed his cock into my pussy and fucked for all he was worth. The couple next to me now had their hands all over me and the lady was sucking my nipple and she began to cum as here husband entered her from the behind. At this point from sheer exhaustion I needed to break so Jeff and I, along with my hubby, were giggling as we left the mat room to have a cool drink and relax near the dance floor in our towels.
Believe it or not this kind of scene is not all that unusual in my life at our club and
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