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As you can tell my trip to my favorite resort in Jamaica was just chock full of fun and sexy trouble. This seems to be the norm whenever I make the trip "home"!
It is the nightly ritual for most of the party people to show up at the nude hot tub at around midnight. Everyone sits in the tub or on the edge and they are all waiting for someone to get the party going. Many people are there just for the thrill of watching others have sex. Of course many (including me) are not content with just watching but want to go a bit crazy and do anything and everything, especially in public.
Another couple... Continue»
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Special Night At Hedonism

Enroute to our favorite place on earth, Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica, we were checking in at the "Superclubs" desk at the Montego Bay Airport. We mentioned that we were going to Hedo with "Lifestyles" group when two 27 year old guys, Mark and Tony, asked us what the term "Lifestyles" meant. They were staying at Hedo for the first time and had no idea what to expect there, much less what to expect during a swinger's week. We knew it was our duty to make sure they were well prepared and taken care of once we got to Hedo. The four of us shared the "puddle hopper' over to Negril. During this tim... Continue»
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We were at our favorite resort and the group we were friendly with decided it would be alot of fun to have a "chocolate party". A few of our friends brought along bottles of chocolate syrup. It sounded a bit silly but once we got into it, it was a blast!
At around 5:00 PM around thirty of us gathered near the hot tub and began pretty innocently to paint each other bodies with the syrup. Graffitti was the way we all began and before long we were smearing the syrup all over each others naked bodies. I decided to concentrate on two of the guys who I really was hot for. The three of us were off t... Continue»
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Hi guys, as I mentioned last week my hubby has asked my permission to author this week's adventure. He wants to share with you the excitement he feels watching me have sex with other men, woman or groups of serious players
My hubby writes
"Yes, I do enjoy playing with woman however nothing turns me on as much as watching LadyD playing and getting so excited that she screams with pleasure. I will give you an example. A couple of weeks ago, we met a guy online named Aaron. He is 26 years old, from Los Angles and was a budding actor while in California. We met him, in person, at a public club a... Continue»
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It was the night that the Lifestyles Convention ended in Las Vegas. Of course we weren't ready to end the party so a whole group of us went over to the famous Red Rooster swing club. There were maybe 25 couples who decided to go along.
About 15 minutes after we arrived, in walks the most beautiful black man I had ever seen. He was about 30 yrs old, 6', and around 200 lbs. God was he handsome! All of the ladies in our group began to salivate.
Lucky me, he soon made eye contact with me and smiled. The next slow song he asked me to dance. His body felt so good in my arms and as we danced closer... Continue»
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[Story] Dark Chocolate

Up to this point the night had been one long period of foreplay. I had sucked numerous cocks, licked pussy, stripped for hundreds of men and made out with everybody I could find. However, Don was the winner.
We took a cab to our hotel and it was now app. 3 a.m. but for me the night was still young. Usually when we have someone new to play with, we take our time but after all this foreplay, I just wanted to get right to it with Don. My hubby went into the bathroom and by the time he came out I had Don laying on his back with his cock in my mouth. I looked over at my hubby and smiled as I saw h... Continue»
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Ronnie is about 25 years old and we had been together once before. He proved to be an outstanding bed partner. As we got to know each other he asked us about our local swing club. He had never been to a club at all. He was very interested in seeing what it was like, in real life, so we invited him to join us on a Friday night. Always the gentleman, he stayed close to us as we introduced him to many of our friends. The look on his face was priceless as he saw the level of sexuality build thru the evening, on the dance floor and at the tables surrounding it. At this point there was no way that h... Continue»
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I received an email from one of my internet friends who had recently moved to my part of the country. We had corresponded a number of times and had developed an online relationship. He suggested that maybe we could get together for a drink and see if there was any chemistry between us. You all know how much I love playing with young guys. His name is Roger and he is 25 years old and had recently left the Marine Corps.
We arranged to meet at the bar at a local restaurant. My hubby and I arrived a bit early and had our traditional beer and nacho's as we waited for Roger's arrival. Almost to the... Continue»
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[Story] Sex In The Mansion

It's now the third night of our trip to Las Vegas the adult internet convention has been real informative and there have been lots of sexy women and sights to see during the day in the exhibition hall. It's great that my hubby and I are getting tips about the net, however, for me ,the only real fun is at night during the private parties for the conventioneers. This night, some sponsors have taken over a mansion in Vegas and hired buses and limos to take the guests to the party.
We arrived at about 11PM and took a stroll around the place. The sponsors had organized some shows for the evening. ... Continue»
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Well here we were, Friday night, back at our local club after the convention and my minor surgery. Since it had been a few weeks since we were at the club it felt good to be back!
Being the day after Thanksgiving the club was packed! It seems the swing community had had enough of f****y and turkey and were ready to let loose. It has gotten to the point that we know so many people at the club that it takes us about an hour just to say hello to all our friends before we can even get to the dance area to start our night of fun.
As we were heading to the dance area I noticed this very young (I g... Continue»
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As most of you know I really do enjoy meeting guys and if the chemistry feels right taking it further and really getting in on. I have recently placed an ad looking for guys who would enjoy being photographed in action, by my husband, while the guy and I are playing.
Well recently a really good looking young black guy answered my ad and was interested in meeting and maybe taking some pics. We met him at a local bar/restaurant for a drink and when he walked thru the door I just knew it was going to be a fun afternoon. He was about 6 foot tall and about 200 lbs. very rugged and really handsome.... Continue»
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Lots of you are always asking what is a typical playnight at our local club like. I have found that there is no such thing as a "typical" night.
To give you an example this past Thursday night was what is called "AOL" night at the club. The basic concept is that people who are interested in swinging and chat about it on line get a chance at a reduced price to come to a real swing club meet each other and see what the scene is all about. As usual the place was packed. My hubby and I never miss an AOL night if we are in town. We really enjoy seeing the newbies and wannabies and how they react t... Continue»
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