The first time we fucked

I had known him for ages, but nothing ever came of it. Personal circumstances for both of us prevented any desires we may have had from surfacing, then one day we bumped into each other in the crisp section of our local supermarket.He looked hot and I knew I wanted him. We talked for a bit and went our separate ways. I couldn't get him out of my head. I knew he was seeing someone, so was I, but it didn't stop me feeling the need to fuck him.

I knew he was a bit of a horny bastard and so after a bit of stalking I found him on Xhamster. I wasn't sure at first but knew it was him after a few messages. I pretended to be some girl called Emma, a dirty bitch who was up for anything, just to see how he would respond and what he was into. I wasn't disappointed. He sounded perfect, someone not shy of telling me what he liked, and he seemed to know how to please a woman. I had to tell him the truth as to who I really was, so I left him some clues, including the bit about that meeting in the supermarket. Not long after, within minutes he was messaging, emailing, texting.. he'd guessed and wasn't giving up till I admitted it. I tried playing hard to get, acted like I didn't know what he was on about, but that didn't last long.

That night we were on Hamster again, chatting and getting pretty flirty. We told each other about the relationships we were both in, and yet he still seemed interested. It got late, about 10pm and the talk started to veer towards meeting up, him coming round.. I knew where it was leading and so wanted him, yet it felt wrong. My c***d was in bed, I hadn't hoovered up or shaved my legs that day but yet my pussy was hungry for him. In between chats I showered, hoovered, tried to find something to wear.. something sexy.. god it had been so long since any man was adventurous enough to want me to wear anything tarty and I wanted this first meeting to be one he remembered. Even later now, nearly 11pm and I'm still unsure about giving my address out. I didn't want to be used, yet would it do any harm, just this once... a few glasses of wine later and some very persuasive messages from him and I tapped out my address. Shit, what did I just do?! Here I was, horny as fuck but scared of making a total tit of myself. Hes gorgeous, and I felt way out of his league, but yet he was interested. Maybe just a red bl**ded male after a bit of fun, who knows, who cares. This is the guy I've wanted for a very long time and he was making his way to my house right now. Damn, did I look alright? Was the house tidy enough? Why did I not buy more wine... kettle on, gotta make him a polite coffee before anything else. Fuck I'm nervous, feel a bit silly with a basque and stockings on under my jeans and T-shirt, got my tight jeans on and can see the clip of the suspender belt poking through the denim. Coffee ready, I'm standing in the kitchen and I can see through the glass of my front door. My heart is pounding, what the fuck are we doing! A car pulls up outside, lights go off and a car door shuts. I hear footsteps coming up my path, brushing against the gravel of the driveway as he nears my front door. I feel sick with nerves, but so naughty. .. he knocks..

I open the door and simply say "what are we doing?" he just says "I don't know" and we go into my living room with the coffee. The tension is electric, both wanting each other but not daring make that first move. So, as we sit next to each other on the sofa, supping our coffee and making general chit chat, his hand moves to my leg and starts to stroke it, his hand rubs over the clip to my suspender belt and he stops,and looks at me. I put my coffee down next to the sofa as my hands are shaking that much I'm verging on slopping it all over the place, as I lean back up I can feel his eyes burning through my clothes and tell him "you're gonna have to kiss me before my nerves get the better of me" and with that, he leans forward and gently puts his lips to mine. I think my heart stopped for a moment, till his tongue finds it's way in and we are there, kissing each other not daring to stop for that awkward moment might rear itself again. After a while we stop and just hold each other, feels right being with him, yet wrong as hes in a fairly long term relationship, and me.. I had just started seeing someone so didn't feel too bad, but I did feel bad for the woman in his life. The moment passed and we kissed some more, hands wandering, I was longing for him to touch my breasts, my pussy, have him tongue me, feel his cock inside me, but I wanted this to last as I didn't think I would see him again.

"Stand up and take your jeans off", he said. I did as he asked, and took my top off too, so there I was dressed in just a black and white basque, thong and suspenders. You will see the outfit in my pics somewhere. I'm stood in front of him while hes sat on the sofa and he leans forward to run his hands over my stockings and round over my backside, he's so sensitive and gentle when he touches. He pulls me forward to sit astride him and his hands make a move towards my breasts. We kiss, more passionately this time and looking into his eyes as we kiss I feel he wants this just as much as I do. I can feel him getting hard as I'm straddling him, hes throbbing and its bulging through his work trousers and pressing into me and I make no hesitation in making the most of it and slowly rub myself against him.His fingers slowly lower the straps of my basque and run along the side of my arm, up towards my shoulders and down to touch my breasts, he cups them in his hands and his thumbs ever so lightly run over my nipples, the feeling sends waves of lust through my body as I lower his head towards them. He takes one nipple in his mouth and nibbles it for a moment before coming back up to kiss me again. I can still feel his cock bursting in his trousers,pressing against my pussy every time it twitches. "I've gotta let that b**st free" I said and we both laughed as I move so I'm kneeling in between his legs and slowly undo his belt. Grabbing hold of his waistband I pull them down and his cock springs up, rock hard and looking so good. He takes my hand and places it over his cock, looking at me and smiling I know what hes's after and I lean forward, my mouth so close to it, I feel him holding his breath in anticipation and I tease him a little, letting my tongue lick it now and again, I know he wants me to take it all in my mouth and that moment will come.. for now I want to taste him, tease him, make him want me.

I'm breathing gently over him, letting my fingertips run over his balls, gently touching that soft skin just behind them. My tongue is licking up his shaft to the end of his cock and I'm opening my mouth as if to take him. I kiss the tip of his cock which already has a drop of semen on the end of it, I lick my lips and he tastes real good. He's throbbing and I'm loving the fact hes so aroused. This goes on for a good five minutes or so, teasing, licking, stroking his balls and thighs to the point where hes quietly moaning with desire. Without warning I sit up and swallow his cock right to the back of my throat, fast, hard and then stop.He doesn't want me to stop so he pulls me up again to carry on. I'm not disappointed, his cock is perfect, and he feels good. I'm sucking him now, and wanking him off in time to my sucking, he pulls my hand away telling me to stop as hes close on cumming and so I carry on. There's no way I'm letting this moment pass.

Gently rubbing his balls with one hand, I continue, more slowly than before. He lifts himself up putting his feet on the edge of the sofa and I wonder if hes hinting at me to rim him. I'm licking his balls as he wanks himself and I'm really not sure if hes just making himself comfy or wanting my tongue on his arsehole. I let my tongue run lower, to that soft skin and I grab his bum, letting my thumb run over his hole.. he moans out loud and I take that as a cue to take it further. My tongue goes right to his hole and slides over it, gently poking it a few times and hes loving it. rubbing his balls, licking his hole and as I go to finger him he cries out, and cums all over himself and me. I suck the end of his cock clean and kiss him. He pulls his trousers up and rubs his cum into his stomach and smiles.

I get up to go make another coffee while he goes out for a smoke and as I walk back into the living room he makes a grab for the coffee, sets the cups down on the table and pushes me against the door, kissing me hard. It feels so intense as hes kissing me, his touch is rougher now and I love it. Hes kissing my neck and pressing himself against me, hes hard again. Hes got hold of my face as he kisses me, and the other hand has gone straight to that thong which he pulls to the side and fingers me, no warning, just rams two fingers in there. I'm wet anyway and so he pulls his fingers out and puts them in between us so we both lick them clean. Hes rubbing my pussy now and I cant help but moan out loud, its been a while since I've had any man touch me and it feels fucking awesome. He leads me over to the sofa and unclips the stockings and pulls my thong off, before burying his face between my thighs. His tongue feels so warm, soft and so very very nice. Running his tongue around my clit, but not on it is amazing. Just enough to be pleasurable without being too much. A finger slides inside again as he licks me and being finger fucked like this is lovely. It doesn't take me long to feel close on cumming as I find myself writhing in time to him fingering me and I'm soon grabbing his head and neck as I cum all over his face. Damn I cant remember ever experiencing a feeling like that.

I'm pretty fucked as he pulls me to the edge of the sofa and pulls his cock out, which is rock hard again and hes looking right into my eyes as he rubs the end of it over my slit. I so want it in there, but this feeling is so good too. Hes teasing me now, my pussy throbbing as he rubs over my clit which is still pulsating after the orgasm I just had. He rams it in, all the way and we both moan out loud in unison as that first stroke goes in. We slowly move together, making love rather than fucking, for a few minutes anyway. Then we end up going for it, I want him to cum again, inside me this time. "God you feel good" he whispers in my ear. Hes fucking me hard now, his balls are slapping against me and I'm grabbing his arse willing him to fuck me harder. He pulls out and with his strong arms he throws me over onto my front and pulls me back so I'm kneeling on the floor leaning on the sofa, head buried in a cushion and he takes me from behind. "I want you to cum with me" he says as he rubs my clit with his fingers and fucks me slowly. "Tell me when you're close" he orders, and he didn't have to wait long. I tell him I'm close and he fucks me hard, fast and hes moaning loudly, rubbing my clit till I reach back and grab his legs. I feel him cumming and within seconds I'm joining him. It was amazing and we both collapse on the floor just holding each other. No words need to be spoken. Its nearly 1am and we drink our coffee, which is now cold and before too long he has to leave. We get dressed and he pecks me on the lips before walking away up the path, back to his car and he drives away. I stand there, its cold.. and I wonder if I will see him again. I go for a shower and as I climb into bed, I get a text from him and smile...
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2 years ago
Very sexy story, always hot fucking someone for the first time when you are overpowered with lust. xxx