Tied up, blindfolded and sucked off by a stranger.

I have arranged for us to meet another woman, somewhere secluded, apart from the odd dog walker. It's sunny. We park the car and walk up a hill into a forest. I've told you nothing about her, you don't know her name, age or what she looks like. We reach the area I have planned to meet her.

There is a large tree, the biggest I could find in the forest. It provides some shade in the summer sun. Its very quiet, the only noises we can hear are the leaves rustling in the breeze and our own breathing. I tell you to stop and stand with your back to the tree. I can tell you are aslready aroused by the throbbing bulge in your jeans. I can't take my eyes off it.

You do as you are told, and stand with your back against the tree, not knowing whats next. I reach into my bag and pull out those velvet handcuffs you bought us. I know how you like the feel of them. I take your arms and cuff them round the tree, its comfortable. We kiss, gently, then hungrily. I press myself against you to feel your hardness and I want you so bad.. but I cant. We have to wait.

Hearing her car pull up, her car door shut I reach into my bag again and pull out a blindfold and put it onto you, kiss you and walk away. You hear me walking over towards the direction of the car, then nothing. You are there, all alone, so vulnerable and so fucking horny you dont know what to do.

I meet the woman, we talk and decide nothing more needed to be said and we walk, together, towards you, silently.

We say nothing. You cant touch us, or see us. You presume one of them is me, but you cant be sure can you?!

One of us grabs hold of your belt and its undone in seconds, followed by the button and slowly your jeans are lowered. You arent wearing any boxers and so you are stood there, exposing yourself in the fresh outdoors, to a stranger... anyone could walk past. You are hard and breathing heavily, the anticipation is killing you and you then feel two tongues, running up the inside of your thighs, over your balls and slowly up the length of your cock right to the end and then we lift off. You gasp and want more, need more. Without warning a mouth envelopes the whole of your cock, right down to the base, and sucking hard it moves back up to the end without letting go. The other mouth is sucking on your balls, rolling a tongue around them, it feels wonderful. Now both mouths are working all over your cock and you are so close on cumming but dont want it to end. You can feel both tongues touching each other and its more than you could have wished for, oh you wish you could watch, instead you have to imagine what she looks like, how old she is, is she pretty? Four hands are running up your legs, in between your thighs, up over your stomach and round towards your bumhole, oh you so wish for it to be fingered and you part your legs some more. A finger is gently pushed against your hole and it f***es you to push your cock further into one of our mouths, while the other mouth is feeding hungrily on your balls. You feel yourself about to explode and let out that noise only I know about, when you are close on cumming and so I free your hands and you grab hold of the head whos mouth is on your cock and shoot your load right into it, holding on and not letting go. You know its not me, as her hair is longer and she gags slightly but stays on you until you have finished. You tell her to swallow it, and she does. The feeling was immense, something you have never felt before. It suddenly becomes eerily quiet again as she stands up.

You are still blindfolded as she kisses your cheek and walks away.

I wont ever tell you who she was.

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11 months ago
good twist to the tied up wife routine.
12 months ago
Great story, thanks for sharing.
1 year ago
nice story
2 years ago
Hot story, every mans dream, if only it would cum true!!! X
2 years ago
Hot story, a mans dream!!!
2 years ago
would love to have my lady do that to me
2 years ago
Great story, very good of you to give your mum a day out !
2 years ago
damn! That was super hot!!
2 years ago
lovely,wished it was me tied to the tree
2 years ago
Fantastic babe, now then who was she xxx