My Aunt Sue

This story takes place in an adult bookstore in Northwest Indiana. I started visiting adult bookstores in NW Indiana between visiting clients for work about two years ago, and this story takes place just a month after my first stop.

Right after I crossed the state line into Indiana, my dick started to tingle. I'd saved up a load for three days (nearly a record for me) for a specific adult bookstore that I had been to twice. It specialized in having women eager to swallow cum and I was more than happy to keep myself from jerking off for a few days so I could drop two or three massive loads on whatever slut happened to be receiving that day.

I spent most of the day in Indiana doing work--which was more busy that I thought. I did not get to stop by the bookstore until later in the day and my dick was rock solid by the time I walked in. I handed 50 bucks to the guy behind the counter and he pointed me to the doorway with hanging beads on it and I knew to go through that and into the next room with the white door.

As soon as I got in, I dropped my clothes in a pile next to all of the other clothes and some heavy bass beat was all I could hear. A bunch of men were crowded in a group on the other end of the room, some with fluffer girls working on them. (Fluffer girls are the girls that assist in getting guys ready to drop their load on the main event lady.) One guy stepped away from his fluffer girl and pushed himself into the crowd of guys. He must've been close to blowing his load. The fluffer girl he left looked sad but she saw me and gave me a seductive "come here" motion with her hand. I ran over.

She was chubby like most of the fluffer girls at this bookstore. The room was dim so I couldn't tell if her hair was dirty blond or red but I could tell she had tons of freckles. Her chubbiness was doing great things for her huge tits and the big fat ass she had. She wasn't fat though. She was curvy with bright red lips.

When I got to her, she went to town. She lifted my dick straight up and licked the underside from my balls to my head. She kept licking and licking and it felt great.

"You are rock hard today, hun" she said just before she tried getting her mouth around my dick. It wasn't very flexible and she clearly had issues with deepthroating so she just sucked around the top like a chicken pecking at grain. I let that go on for about thirty seconds before I got tired and started grabbing down at her big tits. Her tongue began to go crazy around my cock so I knew I was doing something right. I grabbed both of her nipples and began to pull them away from her body.

"Will you fuck me with your big dick?" she said as she pulled my cock out of her mouth. She went down to lick my balls but stared at me, waiting for an answer.

I looked at the crowd of men that was nearby, hoping to see where the cumdump woman for the night was but I couldn't see in very far. I saw a hanging dark nipple on a medium sized breast for a moment before it disappeared. I could also see the hand of the woman in the middle rubbing her pussy. At least she was still horny.

"I will fuck you," I told the chubby girl "but I want to pop all over her."

"Fine with me," she said as she got up off her knees and bent over in front of me so I could fuck her doggy style. It was like this was a routine for her.

I lined up my dick and slid it right in her. I could tell that she had worn out any natural tightness that was in her pussy but it still felt good. I pounded her deep and hard in an attempt to make up for her bad cock sucking skills. As my hips slammed into her, that fatty ass jiggle in a way that drove me wild. I hunched over her so I could reach down and grab her tits. I squeezed once and then loosened up so I could brush my hands across her dangling nipples.

I felt my cock twitch and knew I was too close to cumming. I stopped fucking her immediately. She started to bounce her ass against me so I grabbed it and pulled her away from me. I wasn't going to shoot my load. Not yet.

"Baby, why did you stop?" she asked as she turned around and got down on her knees.

"I did not want to cum yet. I am trying to save it," I said.

"Well let me clean you up a bit before you go soft on me," she said as she leaned forward, pulled my cock up and started licking her juices off of me. It felt incredible.

She started sucking my dick like a chicken again as she rubbed her hands over my abs. Her bad cock sucking was not doing it for me so I massaged her scalp and the blondish/reddish hair on it for a few seconds before I got used to her rhythm. Then I took a firm hold of her head and pulled her face deeper into my cock as she was going down. It was clear she didn't expect it but she moved her hands off of me and went with it. I created my own rhythm and was face fucking her before I knew it.

And before I knew it, I felt my ballsack get a little closer to my body and a tingling sensation was over me. I was going to blow my load in the next ten seconds whether I wanted to or not. I pulled the girls chubby face off of me and made a dash to the middle of the crowd of naked men as I squeezed the end of my cock to keep from cumming too soon. I got to the middle with a second to space when I recognized the woman with stray cum on her face, chest and hair. It was my aunt Sue.

Aunt Sue was from my mother's side of the f****y and lived in southern Illinois. She was younger than my mom but she was still in her forties. She had two k**s, my cousins, a girl who was my age and a boy who was two years younger. Aunt Sue had been divorced for five years and had not been around to visit the f****y except for an occasional visit every other Christmas and we never really talked. Since aunt Sue's divorce, she had lost a little bit of weight. Even in the dim light, I could see that her body was in good shape with only a few stretch marks on her hips and stomach from having k**s. Her breasts were good size but a little droopy with long nipples on dark areolas. Her hand was still down rubbing her pussy with a few fingers inside even though she recognized me in front of her.

I maintained a death grip on my cock because I did not know if I should still cum on my aunt or not. Before I knew it, I had no choice.

The first spurt came out like a bullet. The stream hit aunt Sue's face hard and splattered her upper lip and nose. With her eyes open she realized she missed some cum so she straightened herself higher and opened her mouth wider. She actually wanted my cum.

I aimed directly into her mouth as pump after pump my dick unloaded three days of cum into my aunts mouth. It was nearly full by the time I finished. She swallowed it down and smiled at me. She used her long nails to sc**** off the cum from her lip and nose and put it into her mouth.

When she had gotten all of it, she put my cock in her mouth and created a vacuum around my dick. Second to second, she got deeper and deeper and I could feel her tongue rubbing the bottom side of my cock. It was like she knew there was still more cum left in me. And there was. My still hard cock loved the attention but the guys stroking their dicks around me looked like they wanted a piece of the main action now that I had my time. And that was fine. I knew how it worked.

"I will be back with another soon," I said as I tried pulling my aunt's face off my dick. She fought it at first but eventually backed away.

"I want more of your cum," she said as another guy walked up to her rubbing his dick quickly. He started cumming in her mouth but she was still looking at me. I nodded and got out of the crowd.

I found another fluffer. This time it was a skinny latin girl with hardly any tits. As she sucked away, all I thought about was cumming for my aunt again. Five minutes later, I was back in the crowd of guys taking aim at my aunt's tonsils. This time she just put my dick in her mouth as her hand moved furiously over her clit. She sucked harder and harder and I started to cum. While I was cumming she was moaning and nearly screaming as her pussy hand kept moving faster and faster. I reached down and squeezed her tits and she gave a deep groan. My cock was dumping spurt after spurt into the back of her throat as she came.

When I was done, she kept sucking for a good minute like my dick was a pacifier. It didn't get soft for as long as it was in her mouth but I finally said that I needed to get out of the group. She nodded and told me she was almost done.

Twenty minutes later, she and I talked quietly in a corner. She had been coming to this place fairly regularly since her youngest went away to college. I said I'd been there three times before and she was surprised I hadn't bumped into her by then. I have since coordinated some of my trips to Indiana with her visits to that bookstore. Everytime we make plans, I do not jack off for a couple days before so I have a nice big present for her.
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2 years ago
2 years ago
good story love anut sue, would love to cum with you next
2 years ago
Nice story, Not to shaby not too long or short, so when did this happen, Any pics of her? What city is this place at?
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
luv it,had an aunt also
3 years ago
very nice xx
3 years ago
great story