Adult Bookstore in Indiana

I should start by telling you that I travel around Chicago for my job. Every once in a while, I have to visit a client in Northern Indiana and that was when I started noticing all of the adult bookstores there. I stopped in one afternoon about two years ago and something didn't add up. There were over a dozen cars in the lot but only one guy working the register inside. I asked the guy why they looked busy but weren't. He said $40 and I could find out.
"That is awful steep," I said.
"It is worth it," he said.
"But I do not even know what I am paying for," I said.
"How about 20 then since it is your first time here?"
I pulled a 20 out, handed it over and he had me follow him into a room behind the counter and that led to another room with a black door and a giant red X on it.
"It's a little crowded," he said "but it's mostly ladies today." And he walked away.
My breathing quickened and my dick started to get hard just thinking about what might be on the other side of the door. Mostly ladies? Just then the door opened and the most stunning naked woman was in front of me. She was a good 5'6" with a slender body and dark skin that made me think she had to be Italian. He hair was cut very short and it was a mix of dyed blond and pink. The pink was the same color of her giant, puffy areolas. Though she was slim, her easily C sized breasts hung down like giant veiny melons. My eyes looked down to her snatch as she said something I couldn't hear over the moaning that was now pouring out of the room.
"Are you fucking listening to me?" she asked as I saw her perfectly shaved pussy. Her clit was erect for the world to see and her lower lips glistened with her sweet looking juices.
"Listening to what?" I asked as my mouth began to water. I looked back up to her breasts and thought about wrapping my lips around her areolas and sucking until my mouth got tired.
"My name is Deb," she said almost yelling "and I get to fuck you first."
Just then some other woman pulled the door open wider like she had heard Deb yell and wanted to see the commotion. This other woman looked exactly like Deb--all the way down to the large pink areolas and the perfectly shave pussy--except she had dark hair and tattoos all over. I could also see other naked people inside the room but I could only make out bits of flesh.
By now, my dick was rising in my pants and I was aching for some relief from the pressure it was causing.
"Fuck, Deb," said the other woman. "Why do you always get the new ones?"
"You can both have me," I said and looked down at my bulge "as long as I can get some relief."
Deb grabbed my crotch and began to rub. "That feel better?" she asked.
I nodded.
"Good. This is my s****r Hannah by the way. Hannah this is..." Deb looked at me. "Who the fuck are you?"
"I'm Lad," I said.
"Come on, Laddie," Deb said as she turned and pulled me into the room by the crotch.
When I entered the room, my jaw dropped. The room was lit with only red lights and there were couches and beds and pillows and even a sex swing. (I had never seen a sex swing in real life before.) There were about 10 women all around the room. Some were servicing men with blowjobs or regular fucking while some women were going down on each other. I saw three women in a triangle eating each other out. This. Was. Heaven.
Deb took me over to a couch that wasn't covered in naked bodies and started making out with me. I tried to keep my eyes open at first so I could look at some blond across the room as she was getting rammed up the ass by what looked like a big dicked guy, but Deb kept sucking my tongue into hers as if she was trying to deep throat it and I couldn't concentrate on anything else.
She broke off our kissing to unzip my pants but she was back on my mouth before I could open my eyes. I felt my belt go off and my zipper go down but the next thing I knew there was a mouth on my cock. I opened my eyes and realized I was now kissing Hannah while Deb must have been sucking my cock. I could tell Deb was good at it because her saliva was providing a lot of lubricant. Not so much that it was sloppy but enough that it felt like my dick was swimming in a vacuum.
Hannah broke off our kiss and looked down at her s****r sucking my dick. "You're what like seven inches there, Laddie? And a good two inches wide?" Hannah asked.
Before I could answer, Deb stopped and said, "He feels more like eight inches long."
"I'm just over seven," I said. "I have never measured wide."
"Ha," Hannah said and then she gave Deb a slap on the cheek. Deb only smiled.
"You are wide enough to have my mouth stretched as wide as it can go," Deb said as she opened up and took my whole cock deep and to the bottom which no girlfriend had ever been able to do before.
"Tongue out," Hannah said and she pushed her s****r's head so far into me that Deb's nose was flat against my crotch. Then I felt Deb's tongue lick at my balls as she deepthroated me and a deep moan came out of my mouth as I tossed my head back.
Hannah stood on the couch straddling me, pulled my shirt off and began to grind her pussy against my chest. "You are making me so wet, Laddie," she said as her juices dripped down onto my abs.
Deb deepthroated me for I don't know how long before coming up and shoving Hannah off to one side.
"You can't be doing that if I'm going to fuck him," Deb said.
"Then he needs to at least be in a position where I can have some fucking fun too, bitch," Hannah said as she grabbed my bicep and pulled me over toward her so I was lying down. I felt like a piece of meat and I loved it.
Deb straddled me right away and spread her pussy lips with one hand and guided my dick into her with the other. Her pussy was so tight it felt like she had a vice grip on my dick but she was so wet that it felt like we were fucking in a pool. Just as Deb began to pump up and down, she winked and something was in my face.
It was Hannah's wet pussy. She got on top of me so fast that her pussy landed on my mouth and her asshole was right on my nose. I am not going to lie and say that her ass smelled like vanilla frosting. I loved it. I licked and drank her pussy juices until I could start to tongue my way around her pussy lips and stick my tongue into her slit.
Hannah gave out a deep moan. Deb gave out a deep moan. Then they both gave out a long "mmmmmmmmm" and I opened my eyes to see what I could and as far as I could tell they were making out as one road my cock and the other rode my face. I loved the idea of them making out but I was sad I didn't have a great view so I used my hands to grab Hannah's ass cheeks. She moaned a bit so I knew she was pleased to have the feeling of her cheeks open. Very quickly I took my tongue out of her pussy and shoved it into her ass. She jumped a bit for a second and then began to sit further and further back so my tongue could probe what literally tasted like vanilla frosting. After a couples minutes, Hannah got off me.
"I need to fuck him," she said to Deb.
"Fine," Deb said "but I get to..."
"Okay," Hannah said.
So Deb got off me, squeezed Hannah's face with her left hand and smacked her with the other. Hannah only smiled.
"Good, you got his dick nice and wet," Hannah said as she stood over my now throbbing cock. She lowered her body down and just when I thought I was going to fuck her pussy she moved forward a bit and slowly lowered her ass down on my dick. It was so tight, I thought I was going to cum right then. But Hannah paused.
"Do not fucking cum right now, Laddie. Not yet" she said.
Deb knelt on the floor next to me and said "here" as she placed her breast next to my face. I wrapped my mouth around her areola and sucked hard once, twice, three times...and suddenly, I tasted something sweet. My eyes darted to hers and she gave me a warm smile.
"Good, isn't it?" she said as she combed her fingers through my hair. "Keep sucking, Laddie."
So I did and I kept sucking for a couple more minutes until my cock couldn't take it anymore. I opened my eyes and stared at Deb with a look that showed what was happening.
"Hannah," Deb said, "he's gonna cum."
Hannah was now letting out high pitched squeaks with every bounce her body made down onto mine. "Me. Too." Hannah began furiously rubbing her clit and she stared deep into my eyes. I was staring deep into hers and felt the pressure coming as I continued to drink from Deb's tit. My entire body began to tingle, my dick began to twitch and my hips thrusted harder and harder into Hannah as what felt like a huge load pumped out of me and into her tight ass.
Halfway through with my cumdump, a tidal wave started hitting me in the face. Hannah was screaming and rubbing her clit really hard and squirting all over me. My mouth let go of Deb's tit and opened as I stuck my tongue out like a k** in the rain, trying to drink whatever I could. It tasted fantastic. Hannah quivered and shook and her ass squeezed to the point I could feel her pulse as she came down from her orgasm.
When we were both done, Hannah wilted over onto me, kissed me and tried licking up as much of her cum off of my face as she could.
"Don't either of you fucking move," Deb said as she moved around toward my dick that was still in Hannah's ass.
I felt Deb's hand grip my cock and slowly pull it out of Hannah's ass. Deb was licking my dick the entire time. She gave out a long "mmmmmmmm" when my still rock hard dick came out and she licked and sucked me.
Hannah, no longer with my cock in her, stood above me and crossed her arms. Deb came up from my cock and stuck her tongue out just under Hannah's ass. After waiting two seconds, Deb slapped Hannah's ass hard. Then I saw a large white drop of cum fall from Hannah's ass into Deb's mouth. It rolled down her tongue to her throat as she patiently awaited the next drop and the next drop and the next drop. Then Deb licked at Hannah's asshole, making sure to get all that she could.
"You did not save anything for me did you, bitch?" Hannah said as she climbed off of the couch.
"You got to cum so I get to eat his. If he stays to make me cum, you can eat his next load," Deb said.
"You better fucking stay," Hannah said to me. Her body looked beautiful with the tattoos and the shine of sweat on her.
I looked at my watch. I was already late to see my client. I knew I could blame it on traffic. Just then I realized that I was still in a room with other people. I looked around and everyone else was too into their own thing to notice me except for a cute redhead sitting in the opposite corner masturbating as she stared at me. I could see her small tits and a mound of orange around where her fingers were rubbing her clit.
"I can stay," I said "but only if she can join" and I pointed to the redhead.
"Shaina, get the fuck over here," Hannah yelled.
The redhead didn't move.
"Shaina!" Deb yelled. "Fuck."
Hannah got up and ran over to the redhead who was still masturbating and still staring right at me. Hannah stuck three fingers in her mouth and then f***ed them into the redhead's pussy. The redhead slapped Hannah, got up and walked over...
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7 months ago
wow... what a great place...
3 years ago
3 years ago
fantastic. I wish something like this could happen to me.
3 years ago
3 years ago
very good start
3 years ago
What a lucky man. All that for $20. Wow!
3 years ago
very good story
3 years ago
Good story. You ever visit great site for stories. I have some old one posted there under the name Fondelum. Best regards.

3 years ago
Great Story
3 years ago
Man that was the fucking best bedtime story I ever wanked off too.
3 years ago
wow story,,, git my dick so hard.. lucky bastard:P
3 years ago
dam good ,,i will have to ck out shops when i go there also,,sounds fun mmmmmmm