The Banging of Becky BlueBalls

Her name was Becky Sheppard but all the guys called her Becky BlueBalls because that's what you went home with if you took her out! She was beautiful all right auburn hair that hung down her back in ringlets, green eyes that when you looked at them it was as though you were staring into the sea itself! Her voice is sexy too its kind of has a sexy huskiness to it! Most of the other girls had to wear lipstick but not Betty her lips were naturally a ruby red all she needed was some lip gloss to make them shine she also had great tits, long legs and a fantastic ass! She was made for fucking! Many's the night I jerked myself off to the fantasy of fucking Becky but I knew that it would always be a fantasy that stuck up bitch would never even speak to me never mind let me in her pants! What was she saving it for? Her wedding bed? None of the other girls were virgins all of them either sucked or fucked or both and had no problem giving you a hand job least that's what I heard anyway I had never been sucked, fucked or hand-jobbed by anybody at least not yet anyway...all the other guys had scored pussy and had their fucking stories to go along with it I was the exception kind of skinny with a face just getting over acne the girls weren't lining up to fuck ole Danny no they sure weren't! My big b*****r JC was a different story tall good looking and had never had a zit in his life the girls automatically spread their legs for him he was my hero and who I wanted most to be but I took after Mom not Dad so here I am sixteen going on s*******n and still a virgin the other guys tease me about it sometimes but never when JC was around he never stood for that and would scrap with someone if he heard anything bad about me coming from their lips! I knew they were just k**ding around and took a good ribbing in stride I would even give it back to whoever by saying something like “No your wrong I lost my virginity last night your Mom said she was going to teach me the ropes but you were wrong about her shes got a cunt like a cow!” That usually got all the other guys howling and the Jokester just shut up and left me alone! Becky thought all the other girls were sluts for putting out as she called it or giving in but she always seemed so uptight all the time like she was walking around with a broom stick stuck all the way up her ass! One night we were all hanging out drinking some beer that my b*****r had scored he looked way older than he was and never got carded at the liquor store so anyway s**t that's what we called him his real name was Henry he'd always say when he left “Well I gotta s**t!” and some genius probably me started calling him s**t and it stuck! So s**t starts talking about Becky his favorite subject when he'd had a few beers about how she needed to get fucked and that somebody should teach her how to have sex then she wouldn't be so uptight all the time she'd be happy yatta yatta yatta... I said “So teach her s**t whip out your big cock and teach her how to suck it!” Everybody was rolling from that one but s**t he thought for a few moments and said “Your right! That's it boys we're going to fuck Becky BlueBalls!” Everybody laughed but he was serious Jamesey [Holy Foot] said “No way man we'll get in trouble and go to jail or worse they'll tell my old man!” but s**t would not be deterred he came up with a plan to get Becky d***k we'd take her somewhere secluded and make her suck and fuck all of us!....I couldn't believe it but everybody started going along with the idea I guess because they wanted to fuck her so badly!

So we set up a party at my friends house because his parents were going away for the weekend and they trusted him what a big mistake! A bunch of people were invited including Becky it was all very casual and Becky showed up in her signature Catholic girl school get up white blouse and a sensible skirt no high heels but even still she looked hot probably even hotter because she looked so innocent so s**t started sneaking vodka into her drinks the punch was really fruity so you couldn't even taste it after a while Becky started laughing and looking more relaxed she went out on the back porch to get some air that's when we made our move s**t popped a pillow case over her head and clamped his hand over her mouth our friends van was in the driveway parked in the back so no one could see it he dragged her into the back and we closed the door and off we went ...along the way s**t pulled up the pillow case and took his hand from her mouth and when her mouth opened he stuck the long neck from a fifth of vodka down her throat and held it there I watched as half the bottle emptied into her she coughed and sputtered when he pulled it out but she didn't puke and I thought that was damned impressive heck I would have puked if someone made me drink that much vodka at one shot! She stayed quiet after that and even let s**t put surgical tape over her eyes without protest and as the booze took effect I watched her relax s**ts hands roamed over her body squeezing her tits and slipping down into her skirt feeling her pussy and she just let him do it without a word of protest whether she was too d***k to care or maybe she liked it I don't know but I got a hard on watching him feeling her and wished it were my hands feeling those perfect tits! We drove to the other side of town to an old abandoned warehouse where we had stashed an old mattress in one of the offices we pulled the van into one of the many loading bays and e****ted Becky to the office in the loft above. There were seven of us s**t, Jamsey” HolyFoot “we called him HolyFoot because one time we were hanging out at the warehouse and he stepped on a board with a nail in it and he had to hop all the way home and then get a tetanus shot just in case! ,Little Joe,Tom Tom,Beggar Dave we called him beggar because he would always ask you for some of whatever you had!,Stevie Wonder who always wore glasses and myself when we got her inside s**t began taking off her clothes Becky must have been feeling that vodka really good by then because she just let him undress her I watched that school girl uniform come off to reveal an incredible body the most beautiful body I had ever seen bar none! Her perfect breasts jutting proudly from her chest her flat stomach and long legs that tapered down perfectly from the V between her legs even her pussy was beautiful covered with soft blonde hair it hurt my cock to look at her my hard on was so strong then we all got naked and s**t made her kneel down he told her to open her mouth and that her was going to put his cock into it and that she better suck it real good! To my surprise Becky opened her mouth I thought she would scream or protest or something but all she did was wait for him to put his cock inside then she closed those luscious lips around the head of his cock and began to suck s**t put his hands on the back of her head and fucked his cock into her mouth sticking it in so deep most of his cock disappeared she gagged a couple of times and I was afraid ole s**t was going to get a vodka puke bath but she didn't she wasn't sure what to do but she gamely kept sucking on that big cock until s**t blew his load she wasn't ready for the velocity of the cum that erupted from s**t's cock and cum shot out of both her nostrils she choked and tried to get that cum load out of her sinuses I gave her a paper towel to blow her nose in s**t laughed and cried “Did you see that! Did you fucking see that!” When she composed herself another cock was pushed between her lips it was Jamesy's and he was no where near as huge as s**t so she had an easier time with him and swallowed his cum when she was told to after he came...She seemed to get better at it with each cock she sucked until it came to me I was the last I placed my cock between her beautiful lips and she used her tongue to lick the underside her hand so pretty and small wrapped around the shaft and stroked it while she sucked it was my first blow job and it didn't take me long to cum she swallowed my load without being asked to and just kept sucking and stroking soon I was hard again!

“Last sucked first fucked!” my b*****r said no one argued they all knew I was a virgin and were eager to see me lose my cherry while she lost hers too so they laid her down on the mattress and spread her legs her body looked so perfect like a statue come to life I felt a little bad about what I was going to do but my cock was aching to get inside her pussy and the cock wants what the cock wants! I crawled over the top of her and was going to stick it in her when I remembered a story I read in a penthouse magazine where a woman would fuck you better if you ate her pussy I wanted to eat her before she got filled up with cum so I slid down her body pausing to suck her nipples and they grew rock hard in my mouth I guess they liked being sucked then I trailed my tongue down her body sticking it in her navel then down to her sweet pussy her labia is the color of a summer rose bleached by the sun and I could see her little clitoris peeking out from under its hood at the top I couldn't even hear the encouraging catcalls from the gang so engrossed I was by the beauty of her womanhood it smelled clean and fresh with a pleasant flowery aroma like an orchid or something exotic and wild my tongue slipped into her folds and I tasted her essence her sharp intake of breath made me continue with a passion I stuck my probing tongue deep inside her and felt her contract against me so warm and sweet it tasted like honey and I lapped her like a dog she began panting a little and I knew I was getting to her so I took her clitoris between my lips and began to suck it she moved her hips up and down and then I felt her stomach flutter and I knew she must have cum for me! My cock would be denied no longer and I wanted to stick it inside her so badly my balls ached I climbed back on top of her and my cock found her opening with no help from me it just slipped into her slit made wet by the lapping of my eager tongue she felt inside like an over ripe peach left out in the sun being at its sweetest point to be eaten or it will surely spoil I was not going to let her spoil and slid into her so tight she was she gripped me and her insides moved with me caressing my cock as it slid deeper into her then it stopped going in there was something blocking my way... it was her hymen of course Becky is a virgin breaking a girls hymen is a big deal...did I really want Becky's first time to be like this? My cock on the other hand just wanted to blast on through to go as deep as it could into that over ripe peach feeling that decision wasn't mine to make after all when I heard behind me “Get in there slowpoke times a wasting!” it was s**t then I felt his big foot right against my ass crack then I got stomped right into her my cock broke through that stretched over membrane and pushed all the way inside her! Becky gasped and then groaned I was groaning too but from the pleasure of being so deep inside her I saw her lips in front of me and they looked like the sweetest lips in the world and I just had to kiss her even if she bit my lips off I had to kiss her so I did...her lips were so sweet and soft they tasted like cherries ripe Bing cherries that I picked one time while out riding my bike this tree was growing out in this field and I could see the cherries hanging all over it I rode over to the tree and you could even smell the cherries they were so ripe I looked up and the best fruit was up high so I climbed that tree and ate my belly full up in the branches of that beautiful tree I never forgot that and I would never forget this kiss and I wasn't sure but I felt her kind of kiss me back I don't know if it was just me imagination or not but I swear her lips moved against mine! I began to move inside her it was the most incredible feeling I had ever felt and it wasn't too long before I came inside her my orgasm started at the top of my skull and then washed down over me like a huge wave and broke against my toes like they were a sandy beach I felt her stomach fluttering and hoped that she had cum for me then I felt her heels digging into the cheeks of my ass and I knew she did! After a few minutes s**t pulled me off her “Come on cowboy give someone else a turn!” He said with a dirty little chuckle and as I slid out of her my cock was covered with her bl**d and my cum I had emptied my balls into her every drop of me was inside her I was completely drained! My b*****r went next and she moaned as his huge cock pounded her sweet pussy I watched for the stomach flutter and saw it a couple of times Becky seemed to like getting fucked but I wished that I had her all to myself that she was my girlfriend and that she would only have sex with no one but me...yeah I'm a dreamer! After JC came it was s**t's turn of course he had to be different he turned Betty over spit between the cheeks of her ass then shoved his cock into her ass I watched her anal ring expand to let s**t's cock in and she moaned loudly as he ass fucked her but after a while I saw her ass rising to meet his cock... she was liking it I couldn't believe it she had the most beautiful ass I had ever seen full and round kind of heart shaped her rosebud was a deep rose color I wanted to kiss that ass stick my tongue inside it maybe even push my own cock into it I was thinking as s**t fucked her hard he got her on her hands and knees and really drove it into her Becky was making little girl noises kind of mewling and saying “OH OH OH” as his hips slammed into her ass he even slapped her ass a few times leaving big hand prints on those lovely cheeks but instead of hurting her Becky seemed to enjoy it I felt the erection growing between my legs just watching them s**t came with a roar shooting his cum deep inside Becky's ass then after he was done milking it into her he pulled it out his cock was clean except for a few traces of cum but Becky's asshole was totally gaped I could see up inside her it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen I could see s**t's cum all gooey white against her deep rose colored insides God but she's beautiful! All the other guys took their turn fucking Becky and she got louder with each one her climaxes became more visible too as she would arch her back while grabbing the ass of whoever gave her the orgasm thrashing her head back and forth she must be so full of cum at this point but I didn't see any leaking out of her where was it going? I should have been running out of her like a waterfall but it wasn't Becky took everything we gave her and kept it!

I fell in love with her that night though she would never know that and I never told anyone it would always be between her and me...always!
After the last guy and it happened to be HolyFoot had sex with her s**t made her stand up and he took a plastic soda glass and held it under Becky's pussy he told her to push out all our cum at first she acted like she didn't want to but then a stream of cum squirted out of her it looked like she was peeing white as globs of thick cum jetted into that plastic glass the glass was more than half full when the flow finally ceased s**t then told her to turn around and bend over he then collected his sperm that he left in her lovely ass after he got every drop he could he told her to get on her knees and she did this without a moments hesitation she seemed eager to see what she was going to do next he told her to put her head back and open her mouth and I watched in fascination as s**t poured the entire contents into her open mouth! I saw it shimmering there like a lake of cum I imagined millions of sperm all swimming around in there dancing over her tongue and teeth he let her stay like that for a minute then he told her to swallow it and to my amazement she did I watched her beautiful luscious lips close over that lake and I saw her throat contracting as she swallowed gulp after gulp of cum when she was finished she opened her mouth again like she was looking for more s**t was amazed as I was and the sight of that beautiful girl doing that would stay with me for the rest of my life! She stayed there looking like some beautiful hungry bird my b*****r said “She wants more! So give her more!” He shoved me towards her I heard other voices saying “Yeah give her some more!” “Do it!” “Make her suck it!” what could I do? I stuck my cock between her sweet lips and she immediately began to suck me off using her hands playing with my balls and my ass she had learned a lot in a short while... my father used to say that if you liked doing something you always did it better so try to like what ever your doing! As it turns out Becky likes sex she was made for it and I let her have her way with my cock holding out as long as I could before cumming in her mouth again Becky sucked me dry then opened her pretty mouth again I thought everyone was going to get their dicks sucked again but my b*****r looked at his watch and shook his head “Its getting late and we have to get her home we don't want her to get in trouble right?” Everybody reluctantly agreed so we cleaned her up with those hand cleaning towelette's in a box then s**t laid her down and squirted a whole tube of spermicide up inside her then he pushed it in deep using his own cock Becky moaned as he was pushing it into her using his cock like a plunger when he felt she was full of the stuff he pulled out of her she whimpered a little like she didn't want him to go the girl sure had taking a liking to cock!...then we dressed her back into her schoolgirl clothes funny but now she didn't look school girly any longer she looked kind of hot and sexy I guess it was because I knew what she looked like naked under those things I thought how hot it would be to fuck her over her own desk in school I wanted to fuck her in every position I could think of! I wanted to make her mine and keep her for myself make her my sex slave love her marry her have babies with her these thoughts kept flashing through my mind like lightning bolts in a summer storm but I knew that it would never happen how could she ever fall for a guy like me? Not a chance! So we bundled her into the van she sat next to me and I reached out and took her hand to my surprise she held it and we drove the rest of the way to her house that way. I was elected to bring her into her back yard and leave her there then take off so I did I took her back there and left her near her door the tape was still over her eyes and she looked so beautiful that I couldn't resist giving her a kiss on the cheek I whispered into her ear “You were my first!” I was walking away when I heard her say “I know! And you were mine!” I looked at her in amazement how could she know it was me? But she did! I didn't say another word I just took off running and jumped into the van parked down the street and we drove away...we made a pact never to tell anyone about this night we would take it to our graves! I couldn't hardly sl**p that night I kept imagining storm troopers breaking down my bedroom door and hauling me off to prison but I finally slept and I dreamed of Becky...she would haunt my dreams for the rest of my life! When school came around on Monday I tried to get out of it faking sick but Mom would hear none of it “Get your ass of to school young man!” She said in a voice I knew not to argue with so I went I was at my locker when who comes walking down the hall but Becky she doesn't look like something bad has happened to her she doesn't look upset or anything! She looks fucking fantastic gone are the schoolgirl clothes she is wearing a sexy top and a short skirt showing off those incredible legs of hers and she is swinging her hips with her head held high and on her arm is the captain of the football team and he looks happy to be there too they stop and kiss practically in front of me and I just want to grab him and tell him to fuck off that shes my girl I fucked her first so shes mine!

I said nothing of the kind because not only would he have beat me into a bl**dy pulp but Becky would know that it was me that took her cherry and I couldn't face that not ever!
Becky had a wonderful rest of the year she dated a lot and got a reputation for giving the best blow jobs ever her new nickname became Becky BlowJob and she was okay with that she loved sex and fucked every guy she went with! Becky went on to do great things she had a great love for a****ls and became a vet she wound up marrying a congressman whose Cocker Spaniel she saved and is living the life up in Maine on their ten acre estate she has her own a****l shelter and lobbies for a****l rights with the help of her loving husband or so I read in the papers! Me well its thirty years and two marriages later I'm a social worker and I do my best to help those in need its not the most glamorous job in the world in fact a lot of the time its damned depressing but it makes me feel good to help others... and I still dream of Becky! No woman has even come close to her in my mind...sometimes I wish I could go back and change things to give her back her virginity but most of the time I just wish I could go back and fuck her again to feel her sweet body under mine to feel her soft lips kissing the head of my cock! This is my curse to want what I can never again have and I know I deserve it! So the ghost of Betty Shepard still haunts my dreams and late at night when the wind is moaning through the tree near my window I pretend that its Becky and shes moaning because of me!...THE END
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