I have lived next to the Andersons for three years now and every day I watch Mrs anderson or Julie as she has me call her do her aerobic work out she has a rockin bod for a woman in her thirties beautiful curly locks cascade down her perfect shoulders to suspend over her two mouth watering breasts and as she gyrates around the living room floor taking cues from the flat screen tv on the wall! Her long legs pump and kick and I can practically taste the sweat between her legs God she has to know I'd like to fuck her! I check her out when shes out in her garden drooling as she bends over to pick a weed or two as it happened I was in my own yard doing some work I was putting in a new retaining wall and I had worked up a really good sweat my arms were pumped from lifting those blocks of stone I stopped to take a second to catch my breath when I heard her call out to me "Hi Simon" I turned around saw her at the fence and waved "It's Sy Julie" she laughed and said " I like Simon its a great name and you should be proud of it!" "Ok you win! I should know better than to argue with you!" "Damn right you know you can't win silly!" Then she flashed me a thousand watt smile and said "I need your help my ceiling fan is acting funny could you take a look at it for me?" How could I say no! "Sure Julie I could use a break anyway!" I hopped over the fence and followed her inside all the while checking out her ass as she climbed those steps leading up to their deck "This deck is going to need a staining soon!" I said trying to make conversation "You looking for a job handsome?" she said batting those baby blues at me and I laughed "Doesn't your husband handle these types of jobs?" "All he's good for is making money thats why we have to pay people to do things Oh well could be worse he could be useless and have no job either!" I laughed "true too true!" I followed her into the f****y room off the deck "The fan is in the bedroom this way!" "Right behind ya" I said "Just enjoying the view anyway!" she giggled "Your so bad! but thanks I've been working out a lot!" "It shows Julie your bod is rockin for sure! "Down boy down! grab that chair over there you can stand on it!" "Got it!" I grabbed the chair and followed her into her bedroom. The fan was in the ceiling in the middle of the room! "Whats wrong with it?" "It really wobbles!" she said "Could be the screws got loose! probably no big deal! Got a screwdriver?" She went and got one and I climbed up on the chair and began checking out the blades they seemed to be tight and I was going to say maybe something else was wrong when I heard a zipping sound and then her hand was in my pants pulling my cock out! "Julie what are you doing? Suppose Ted finds out!" Ted is a big guy and I didn't want to have any trouble with him! "Ted's on a business trip again and he left me all alone again don't worry I won't bite too hard!" She giggled again so beautiful she was when she went back down on me I did not protest! Soon I was like a rock she looked so sexy sucking on me I couldn't get over how fast she had moved on me so what the hell I decided to go for it if she wanted to...and she did! She stood up and smiled at me while pulling her shirt over her head no bra her gorgeous tits stood out like cannons they had large nipples with dark aerole they were made for sucking! After she tossed the shirt her pants came next then her panties her mons was perfect with the hair trimmed nice and I could see her clit peeking out from her perfect mound Damn she looked HOT!!! She lay back on the bed and motioned with her finger to come to her I pretended I was going to swan dive on her and she laughed and said"Get out of those clothes NOW!" I hopped off that chair quick and started shucking my clothes my underwear got caught on my boner and she cracked up again "Glad to see I amuse you!" "You can amuse and abuse me darlin!" I finally got the rest of my clothes off and crawled on top of her she spread her legs for me and I grinded my cock against her pussy "Put that thing in me Baby she moaned!" "I don't have a condom" I said "So what I'm on the pill no worries Simon!" I pulled back and slid my cockhead into her she cried out and pulled my mouth down to hers driving her tongue into me! This was a woman who needed fucking!! I slid into her like a hot knife through butter and she was unbelievably tight I was in pussy heaven! Her tits were poking me in the chest her nipples were soo hard I couldn't resist taking one between my teeth and I heard her gasp and arch her back digging her heels into my ass driving me deeper what a great fuck she was! I was going to roll her over and make her ride me cowgirl style when the bed suddenly got crowded I felt someone slide on top of me and he was big! Oh shit I thought now your screwed pal your gonna die! I said "Hi Ted" "Hi Sy enjoying my wife?" What the fuck I thought play it cool Sy I said "As a matter of fact Ted I was! hope you don't mind!" Ted laughed "Now why would I mind?" I began to pull myself out of her when a big hand on my ass pushed me back in "Where you going Sy can't you see this bitch still needs fucking!" Julie to her credit didn't panic at all she just lay there looking at me. Ted reached between us and began massaging his wifes clit with his thumb her face lit up and she began moving her hips and moaning "Come on Baby cum for me!" Ted commanded from behind me and she did thrashing and moaning her pussy gripping my cock like a vise it was incredible! when she came back down to earth Ted lay his big cock along the crack of my ass "Now it's my turn Sy have you ever had a cock in your ass?" "No" I said feeling a little queasy in my stomach. "Don't worry you'll get use to it soon enough!" "Julie why don't you loosen him up a little!" I mouthed "loosen me up?" then she took one hand and spread my butt cheek and stuck two fingers deep inside me that felt kind of good but then she took her other hand and stuck her other two fingers inside me that got me moaning a little but then she pulled in opposite directions stretching my asshole "Oh God!" I exclaimed "Julie your killing me!" She leaned forward and said into my ear "Ted's really huge and if I don't stretch you a little he's gonna rip you to shreds!" Oh shit I thought but hell getting fucked is better than getting shot any day! So I gritted my teeth while she fingered me then Ted said "Enough Julie don't make him too loose I want him to feel it!" Julie pulled out of me and grabbed both my ass cheeks and spread them wide! I was still deep inside her and man that felt soo good but then Ted took his cock and put it right up to my rosebud "You need some lubrication Sy and with that he reached around us and scooped some pussy juice from his wifes pussy and believe me there was plenty oozing out of her! He smeared some on my asshole and smeared some more on his cock then he said "Now fuck her Sy long strokes so you can fuck yourself on my cock!" I did as I was told pulling back out of her I began pushing Ted's big cock head into me it nuzzled into my ass like a kitten looking for its momma's teat! Thank goodness she stretched me a bit for it felt like a baseball bat was being shoved up me but I just kept going in and out of her pushing back twards him with each stroke! I felt him pop inside me and I must have made a face because she pulled me to her and kissed me deeply and her sweet tongue took my mind away and I continued to drive myself into her and him into me until I felt his pubic hair between my cheeks and he shoved the last inch or two up inside me we stayed like that for a minute me all the way in her and him balls deep in me and I began to relax myself around him and a funny feeling came over me I kind of liked what we were doing but I had never had a guy take me before so this was new to me still being the meat in a fuck sandwich wasn't too bad at all! Ted kissed me on the side of my neck which I can't say I didn't like and then he began to fuck me and i matched his stroke so I could fuck his wife too! She was really digging this moaning and bucking her hips up to meet me her tits were heaving and we were all sweating our skin becoming slick and sliding our tangled limbs groping and feeling as we rode this human fuck machine twards our mutual orgasms ted was pounding my ass for all he was worth his hips slapping my ass cheeks his cock driving into my prostate I could feel it releasing fluids into her and I was doing my best to screw the ass off her too! She began to cum with a passion I had never seen in a woman her nipples were rock hard and digging into my chest and her nails were scr****g down my back as her tongue tried to find my throat I couldn't take it any longer and threw my head back groaning as I poured my seed into her smoking hot snatch and that cunt of hers seemed to milk my cock like it was trying to drain me dry! Ted was doing his best to fuck the ass off me drilling me like he was trying to strike oil then he let out a mighty roar and shot a huge load of cum up my ass I could feel the cum surging up and out of his cock! Then he collapsed on top of me we were all spent and we just lay there Ted's cock was still buried inside me and I could feel it beginning to deflate! Ted began touching me all over running his hands all over me and he began kissing my neck again and I felt him growing hard again! "One more time Sy on your hands and knees please!" I obeyed pulling my own deflated cock out of Julie Ted's cock never left my ass as we got into position I was kneeling in front of Julie and she was just laying there with her legs still spread I could see her pussy all jucy and wet from her cum and mine! Ted said "Why don't you eat her out while I have some fun back here! I hesitated because of all my cum inside her but Ted pushed my head down to her pussy and as my nose crashed into her clit I stuck out my tongue to cushion her so she wouldnt get hurt it blocked most of the impact and she gasped as my tongue slipped into her...She was full of cum and it flooded my mouth slathering my tongue I had to swallow all of it to avoid choking on it! I had cleaned her out good and i noticed her clit was winking at me from above my nose and it looked so beautiful I gave it a lick well she raised her hips up and I knew I had to make her cum so I kept flicking my tongue back and forth across it and stuck two fingers in her pussy that did the trick she began moaning and thrusting her snatch into my face covering me with her cum I licked it all up when she was done! Ted's cock was taking long strokes in my ass he seemed to be enjoying himself not rushing it he even reached around and began stroking my cock which felt real nice! After a few minutes of that Ted leaned forward and whispered in my ear "I know what will drive her crazy lets get on either side of her and jerk off till we cum all over her aim for her face first OK" "Lets do it" I said it sounded like fun! So Ted pulled out of me and we got ourselves on either side of her she was looking at us and smiling then she began rubbing her tits and pussy really getting us going! We were jacking off like crazy hoping to cum together but I got off first I shot a load across her pretty face and splashed it down across her erect nipples and down her belly till I ran out of juice! Ted on the other hand when he came he went off like a water weenie he covered her face until she had pools of cum in her eyes then he moved down to her tits blasting them till they were soaked moving across her body he filled her navel till it overflowed and finally covered her pussy with sticky cum loads I turned to him and said "Show off!" and he just aimed high and the bastard blasted me a shot too! I faked like I was shot falling off the bed with my feet sticking up we both began laughing hysterically Julie was wiping cum out of her eyes so she could see what was going on she saw my feet sticking up and cracked up herself! I crawled back onto the bed and flopped down next to Julie still laughing I looked at them both and said "Ok so who's idea was it to seduce me? I have a feeling this was all planned come on confess you two!" Ted and Julie exchanged guilty looks "Ok you got us we've been checking you out for awhile" Ted said "It just so happened Julie decided to go for it when she saw you today in your yard!" I'm Bi as you already have guessed and I didn't think you would let me fuck you otherwise....Sorry hope your not mad but we sure had fun don't you think?" "Seeing as that was the best sex of my life No I'm not mad at all!" "Just one thing though Ted I am not giving you a blowjob the way you cum you'll drown me!!" We all laughed then Ted said "Sy since your cool with everything heres the deal when I'm on the road and Julie gets lonely shes welcome to call you over and whatever you two do is your own business but when I'm home and we want a threesome your our guy and if you wanted to and Julie wasn't around we could get together! So what do you think?" "I'm in!" I said Are these some great neighbors or what?
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1 year ago
Wish I lived in the hood too!
1 year ago
best neighbors in the world!
1 year ago
Wow I need a neighbor like that too
1 year ago
Pretty hard to read one continous sentence. Was way to distracting to read. Sorry