I'm a bicycle delivery guy which means I zip around the city on my racer delivering important packages and letters!
I'ts a great job most of the time; a few close calls but that comes with the territory... I wear spedo's and a racing shirt
with my logo on it "YOU NEED-GOT SPEED!" I get some funny looks from people but thats okay I want to be noticed!
I got to admit my ass looks really hot in these things and all the bike riding keeps me toned! This one day I'm delivering
a letter to a business in this high rise building so I secure my bike and go inside I let the security guy know who I am and
where I'm going he points to the elevator and says floor twelve "Got it" I say as I dash for the closing doors I just made
it inside and was panting a little when I heard "Nice Ass!" from behind me "Thanks " I say over my shoulder and thought
that was the end of it see I get comments ocasionally and don't take any of them seriously! The comment came from a
male voice but that didn't bother me I've been hit on before and have taken a few offers of sex when I felt like it! All of a
sudden he hit the stop button on the panel grabbed me and put me against the wall I was startled what was this a robbery?
"I only have a few bucks in my pocket sorry!" I said over my shoulder but then he leaned in close so close I could smell his
aftershave and the last cigarette he smoked "Don't want your money sweetheart I want to make a delivery with you!"
His big hand pulled down my spedo to my knees and I cried out when his long middle finger was shoved up my ass!
"Got to check you out just hold still!" he commanded and I did as I was told his finger probed all around inside me when
I guess he was satisfied that I was clean inside he pulled it out! "Nice and clean just the way I like it!" " Now I'm going to
fuck you and your going to be nice and take it like the little bitch you are understand me?" he growled into my ear and I
nodded my consent he grabbed my balls and gave them a little squeeze I moaned "Now just relax and I won't rip them off
for you!" "Ok" I said " but wear a rubber will you?" "Sure" he chuckled "whatever my girl wants!" Then he spit a big wad
into my crack and began pushing his huge cock into my asscrack I could feel his skin and knew he wasn't wearing anything
Shit I was going to have to really douche myself out after this! He pushed his member up against my rosebud and I moaned
I thought about the cameras that they have inside these things and looked into the corner I saw a camera but it wasn't
blinking it was dark and watching me get fucked like a phantom voyer! He began to enter me and it hurt bad his cock head
was fat and oozing precum because I became slick all of a sudden! He sucked on my neck as he entered me kissing me softly
he pushed inside...I could feel him stretching my colon and as he slid all the way in I was completely full OMG he was big and he
began to fuck me driving his big **** stick deep into me slowly at first then ever faster soon he was pummeling my ass good
and starting to moan himself I decided to get off too and jerked myself quickly knowing he wasn't long for cumming I was
getting into it really good when he came blasting wads of his jizz deep inside me and I was cumming too I shot my own load all
over that elevator wall! With a grunt he pulled out of me and pulled the stop button so it began rising again and the doors opened
at the next floor and he threw me on the floor I looked up but the doors were already closing and he was gone! I got up and
pulled my spedo's up grabbed my envelope and dashed out of the door at my floor the client wasn't mad that I was a few minutes
late I lied and said I had a flat he laughed and still gave me a nice tip! I rode that elevator down to the lobby with my ass feeling very
squishy he must have really let one go inside me! I hot footed it to the nearest CVS pharmacy and bought three bottles of douche
got back to my place and shot all three up inside me and after I had purged myself of his sperm I had a glass of gatorade and got
back out there I had another pick up all the way across town and no way was I going to be late!!!
93% (22/2)
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2 years ago
Wow I got all hard and hot need tu cum thanks
2 years ago
Nicely done!
2 years ago
very hot