It was a dark and stormy night! How many creepy stories have been started this way? Lots and so does this one! It was a night like no other lightning was crashing up in the sky and the thunder was so loud it sounded amplified! I was in my bed brave guy that I am wishing away the storm so I could get some sl**p but the storm raged on hour after hour I tried counting the flashes and the rumbles but got bored with that quickly then something happened that changed my life forever...Suddenly a flash appeared and it seemed to light up my whole room I was dazzled by the brightness and couldn't see so I turned over and buried my face in the pillow while behind my eyes I could still see the flash I waited for my sight to return and while I was waiting I started to have a funny feeling like I wasn't alone so I went to turn over and found that I couldn't "what the hell!" I thought am I dead maybe the lightning struck me maybe it shorted something out in my brain or something and thats when I knew I wasn't alone! I felt the bed dip down like someone was gettin onto it "Hello!" I said "Hello is someone there?" all I heard was "shhhhhhhhh" like someone was saying be quiet but different somehow I felt the covers pulled down and I felt my legs being spread apart "what the fuck is happening?" I screamed but my cries fell on deaf ears or no one could hear me over the storm! I felt someone mount me and I tried to move but couldn't I could feel everything but that was it! Then I gasped in horror as a large penis like thing began to enter my asshole there was no resistance from me I was open for business and it slid into me easily I gritted my teeth from the pain and a long moan escaped my lips as more of him slid into me deeper and deeper it went until finally I felt his hips against my butt cheeks "Oh my god I'm being fucked by something or someone" . Nothing I said deterred him from taking me and he began fucking me slowly and I felt his cock slide out and into me and it seemed to me that he was going a little deeper everey time he thrust into me and I was right slowly but surely his cock was crawling up my colon past that and into my lower intestine and as it snaked it's way up inside me I realized that this was no human fucking me! what the hell was it? It slid through my small intestine and popped into my stomach I could feel it poking around in there sliding around until it found my esophagus and up my throat it came to make things worse the base of it got increasingly larger too and I was stretched out like I was being fucked by a elephant my anal ring was ready to snap and still up it came past my throat and into my sinuses a few strokes later it was into my brain I felt it bump against the top of my skull finally satisified it stopped rising ! What now I thought and as I thought that it happened I felt it cum like a huge wave and it rose all along the length of this thing inside me around and around and i felt my throat swell as it passed through it exploded into my brain and I cried out momentarily but as the fluid filled my brain something strange happened I came too so intense i screamed out with pleasure and it didn't stop I just kept cumming and as I came I began to notice things I felt smaller somehow I looked at my hands and they were petite womans hands attached to shapely wrists and slender arms as the spasms wracked my body I felt breasts form on my chest at the same time my penis disappeared into a new cleft between my legs and became a large and sensitive clitoris OMG I'm a woman I should have been terrified but instead it felt nice! The thing inside me began retracting withdrawing all the way back out of me I thought it was over but no there was more it slipped its huge penis like appendage into my new pussy which opened like a flower to accept it I want to say that it felt awful but I can't it felt wonderful and I had an orgasm as it slid deep inside me it fucked me for a long time I was crying out and my spasming snatch betraying me every second without warning another wave splashed into me flooding my pussy and splashing back out as I was fill up I saw a huge flash of light again and the lightning bolt that brought him took him away again and I was alone...
I lay there gasping and trying to make sense of everything that had just happened as the feeling returned to my body I felt myself all over I was a woman all right I was exausted and I must have passed out because i awoke in the morning the storm was gone i thought it was a dream but when I felt around I was still a she I got up and looked at myself in the mirror Holy Crap I looked gorgeous with a perfect body great tits , long legs flairing hips wow I was turning myself on I looked so good! Well the first thing I did was to get myself some new clothes the sales girls had fun dressing me up and I had to admit I was having some fun too eliciting stares from guys and jealous stares form other women it was great until about six weeks later when my belly started feeling funny and I started having morning sickness Oh shit I thought I'm knocked up theres someone or something growing inside me i thought about it a lot and I'm going to have it what a trip I'm going to be a MOM wow I had a sonogram and it looks like a perfectly normal baby boy wonder what Mr. Lightning is going to think of his son? We'll see...
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2 years ago
Interesting story