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I'm:Billy&Patricia, 55
From:FUCKMEVILLE, New Jersey, United States
Personal Information
Education:High School graduate
Star sign:Virgo
Physical Information
Body type:Athletic
Height:6 ft 0 in (183 cm)
Hair length:Short
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Hazel
About Me
So I find myself strangely drawn to a lovely Chinese woman who happened to send a friend request one day I thought it odd a woman contacting me but I was intrigued and responded with a note well we've been chatting ever since I spin some delicious fantasies for her and she loves it! She is quite beautiful and I have always admired Asian women their slender figures with long silky black hair very sexy I think but I never had the opportunity to really talk to one in my life she is quite an amazing woman really and I'm glad she found me! I even wrote us a special story kind of a literary time travel where we are teenagers again and lose our virginity to each other its called "The Ruining of Patricia" check it out I think you'll find it a good read...

Other than that I'm a nice guy who believes in love!
I guess you can see that in my stories...
I love women too all shapes and sizes!
I'm white middle aged but in good shape work out every day!
Clean shaven over most of my body hair on my head little puff above my cock but that's it!
6 ft tall short light sandy brown hair and hazel eyes I have an infectious smile and am quick to laugh!
I'm smart, funny, love all animals, great personality, empathetic to people!
I like sex!!! hetero, Bi, gay it's all beautiful!
Fun things=
Giving a long slow blow job then watching my lovers eyes roll back in his head
then the feel of his cum sweet and salty hitting the back of my throat...
and then the look of surprise on his face as I just smile....and swallow!
Transexuals are a big turn on for me... the best of both worlds!... I would love to be fucked by a black tranny with a huge cock!
Turn offs=
excessive body hair-gross
beards and bushy mustaches-yuk
bad breath
Sucking a cock after its been in my ass but I will if you make me!!!
Turn ons=
Great smile
long legs
really big cock...but then you knew that
sense of humor
Huge Adam Lambert fan! The man is so beautiful I would suck him off in concert!
I have never sucked an uncircumcised cock but would love to! To peel back the foreskin with my lips to suck his cock head would be heaven! Then to suck his cum out of his foreskin later!
Fantasy Fuck =
Being the meat in a tranny sandwich...
Sex on a roller coaster impossible but it sounds like fun!
Getting strap on dildo hard fucked by my ex on my hands and knees! Oh wait already did that sorry! It was great too!
I lean more to guys than girls seems I'm less discriminating with a guy with a girl I have to like her personality as well as her body with a guy its if I like the size of his cock and the taste of his cum!
Getting fucked by your ex-wife!
Most guys get fucked by their ex-wives but they get fucked in the court room during the divorce! Not me I got fucked literally by my ex...I went over there to help her with her kitchen sink it was clogged! Call a plumber right? No call your ex he'll fix it! So after I fixed her sink we got talking now she's bisexual and so am I so we don't hide anything from each other anyway she showed me her new strap on dildo she bought to fuck her girlfriend the fucking thing was huge with clit massage, vibrating you name it no wonder she doesn't need real cock any more! Anyway she asks me if she could try out her old one on me because she knows I like a fuck in the ass I figured what the heck and said yes! She strips me naked and goes into her bedroom after a few moments shes out wearing this huge strap on dildo with these huge hanging balls she explained that it could really cum just by squeezing those balls she made me suck it for awhile then she put me over the back of the sofa and I felt some lube being shot into the crack of my ass she got that big fake dick in position and rammed it all the way up my ass I cried out as she began fucking me "Don't be such a little girl about it I know you like it in your ass! I shut up and gritted my teeth and took it she fucked me really hard and made me jerk off while she was doing it! When she had enough fun fucking me about a half hour later she squeezed those big fake balls and blasted a huge load of fake cum that felt real into my well abused ass! I came myself as she was emptying her fake balls....She made me lick my cum off her clean floor and I got every drop!...After she was done I cleaned off her strap on in the sink that I had fixed and she led me into the bedroom where I ate her to multiple orgasms but would not let me fuck her that was for her girlfriend to do now! So I left there with a sore asshole leaking fake cum and hoped her drain would clog real soon!
Sometimes getting fucked by your ex is really fun!
Jailhouse cock!
I fucked up once and had to go to court but I had no bail money so they threw me in jail until my court date while in jail my cellmate Freddy and I had sex together he was black and about a foot shorter than me but his cock was huge in fact he was all cock proud as a rooster he was of that black monster I seduced him one time while he was pissing I came up behind him and took his cock in my hand "That looks heavy let me hold that for you!" He let me hold it and it grew in my hand as I held it before he knew what hit him I was on my knees sucking on that huge dick it was so big the head alone took up my whole mouth I used two hands to jerk his cock into my mouth and swallowed his cum when he blew his load he wasn't finished though and ass fucked me while I stood guard at the door bent over with my prison pants pulled down over my ass cheeks it took herculean effort not to cry out as his gigantic black dick opened my little pink asshole wide he fucked me slow then really hard blasting cum deep in my white ass! We were lovers and best friends after that and I still see him from time to time and we relive our time together over and over!

Most frustrating sexual encounter =
This cute guy is hitting on me ok so I go for it but when I get him into bed all he wants to do is oral sex and he had a really big cock too! Nothing I said or did convinced him otherwise he was just totally ass shy too bad he missed out on a really hot ride I would have fucked him dry! Oh well...next
I got fist fucked by my now ex-wife she shoved her whole hand up my ass and made a fist then fucked me with it as I masturbated myself to orgasm it was amazing! She also liked to fuck me with a large strap-on dildo she is bi-sexual and fucks other women but not with this dildo that one was for my ass alone! I fucked her while she ate the pussy of her lover it was very hot!
What to do on a boring friday night
Picking up some hot stud then taking him home and fucking his brains out
sending him out the door the next morning completely dry of seminal fluids.
Most amazing sexual adventure...
Had sex with a woman who was multi-orgasmic yes I made up that word! She would cum and just keep cumming until you stopped fucking her she was the most incredible sexual partner I ever had bar none... the only problem was she was a little bit crazy heard voices sometimes in her head but it wasn't that bad really we were a couple for two years... why did we break up? It sure wasn't about the sex that was amazing!!! we met other people and just kind of drifted apart her name was Jeanette a little Italian woman I'll never forget her!
On a non sexual note-
Dark Memories:
Lacey had got into my bed the week before he was drunk and had a huge hard on! He told me not to say anything and I thought he was going to fuck me so I pulled down my underwear and raised my ass up for him but he didn't enter me then I realized he was too drunk so I grabbed his cock and stuck it up my own ass after awhile of fucking myself on his cock he finally got the idea and began fucking me He whispered in my ear "I didn't know you were a woman?" I said "shut up and fuck me!" and he did it took a long time drunk as he was but that was OK with me it was my first black cock and I was enjoying myself he finally came shooting loads of cum up my ass then after he was done he got up like nothing happened and left the room! I lay there with spunk leaking out of me asshole and a big smile on my face! I had finally got some black dick and I wanted more! A week later it was late and I was horny everyone else was asleep so I woke up Lacey for a fuck I had set up a mattress in the back room and I took him there he pointed to his crotch and said "I'm not hard!" I said "That's OK you will be!" I took off my clothes and got down on my knees before him I pulled off his underwear and took his black cock into my mouth I sucked and stroked him and played with his balls until he was standing at attention then I stopped sucking and went over to the mattress he protested wanting a blowjob but I needed a fuck and was not going to be denied! I got on the mattress and raised my white ass high it must have glowed in the dark because he found me easily getting behind me he grabbed my hips with both hands his cock must have been lined up perfectly with me asshole because he rammed it all the way into me on the first thrust! Fireworks of pain exploded in my brain as my little asshole was stretched wide and I moaned and begged him to pull back out but he said "This is what you want now shut up and take it!" and he held me tight to him not letting me move at all his cock was balls deep inside me! I had no choice but to accept it so I did and after awhile he began to fuck me driving that cock hard into me I had loosened up by then and now it felt great I grabbed my own cock and masturbated while he fucked me and he took a long time to cum too he was more than twice my age and his cock had been around so I was getting the benefit of that when I felt him cumming I stroked hard on my own cock and came too! When he was finished he dismounted me and got up and left without a word leaving me with a handful of cum to go along with the ass full of cum that he left me so I cleaned up and went back to bed satisfied now that I had gotten my fuck! I was always Lacey's girl he never sucked my dick and I never fucked him but that was OK that was how I wanted it anyway!
Lacey was more than twice my age his hair was almost all gray but his cock still fucked young and he sure liked fucking my young white ass guess it was a big turn on to fuck a white guy and to have him suck his cock no one ever knew about Lacey and me not until now anyway! Lacey came up in a time of great prejudice between blacks and whites I think it made him feel good to have a young white guy naked and on his knees sucking his cock and when he fucked me he would always ram that big black cock all the way up my ass then hold me there while I moaned about how his cock was too big and to take it out which he never did he would hold me to him until he felt I had had enough pain then he would fuck me hard until I was begging for his cock sometimes he made me clean it off for him with my mouth! He was always happy and smiling the next day after one of our fuck sessions I think it gave him back some power that was lost long ago I liked being his submissive and I still masturbate to his memory what a great cock he had! I heard that he died from a friend some years back he was passed out drunk and someone stabbed him in the foot and he bled to death! I was sorry to hear that! Rest in peace Lacey!
Thanks Lacey for all the memories Luv ya! Your girl Billy
One night Gary,Lacey and I were parting and we all passed out I woke up horny during the night and snuck over to Lacey took out his cock and sucked him hard I pulled down my pants and he fucked me right there on the sofa with Gary snoring peacefully a few feet away! Gary had no idea Lacey was fucking me and he never knew being kind of a homophobe I thought it best to keep our fuck sessions a secret!
My first cock was my best friends and I got him to fuck me by seducing him one night by offering a massage when he told me he had a sore back!He accepted and I got him into my bedroom and had him strip down to his underwear I began massaging his neck and shoulders and worked my way down to his lower back then I rubbed his ass through his briefs he raised his butt in the air and I reached under him and grabbed his cock it was already hard and he rolled over and said "So just how long were you going to wait to tell me? I've been wanting to fuck you for years!" I just said "I don't know I just felt like getting some cock tonight! Then I just pulled down his underwear and took his cock into my mouth and began sucking him after a few minutes I took off my own clothes and he kissed me and made me lay on my stomach on the bed I raised my ass up a little and he climbed on top of me I had already greased up myself in anticipation of sex and his cock entered me easily I cried out with pleasure as he began to fuck me that big Polish cock of his filled my ass real nice and he fucked me good cumming deep inside me after that it was a free for all he fucked me in every position he could think of well into the night I was so sore the next day I could barely sit but i kept thinking of all that great sex the night before and the pain felt kind of good then! I couldn't wait to get him back in bed!
In my mouth or in my ass its always good!
I love the pussy and I love the dicky too!
If I can't have one then the other will have to do!
Bi-Guy's Motto
Stretched to the point of tearing filled to the very brim to feel his cock so far up inside me I can feel it bumping my tonsil's!
Having a wonderful time with a really sexy Asian woman she's totally hot and loves my stories her name is Patricia you can see my tribute to her in my video collection she loved it what an incredibly sexy woman!

I love art and music I'm an artist myself I paint nature related things seascapes and mountain scenes...
I write poetry and songs I can also sing pretty well! I love animals I have many dogs they are Shitzu's
I am D&D free I do not smoke or drink my goal is to live to be ninety nine and then be shot to death by a jealous husband!
I believe there is hope for mankind but we try so hard to screw this world up its amazing we're still here!
Disclaimer- I posted these pics and vids for everybody use them as you will...Luv, Billy
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