The Bottles

Fred shivered in the cold winter air. With his head down and feeling very self-conscious, he trotted out of Birmingham New-Street station in the strappy high-heels and headed down the road as he had been instructed. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. It wasn’t that it was the first time he’d stepped outside his door dressed as a girl, or even that he had arranged to meet a complete stranger without a photograph or even a name, it was the manner of the meeting. He felt his cock strain and bulge slightly at the thought, imperceptibly lifting his short dress. He pulled his coat tighter around him and pressed on.

He found the alley easily. The car had been backed down it and the boot was open. A small metal brazier stood burning some three feet behind. The car’s windows were tinted and opaque. Shaking and unsure, he removed his coat and put it into the brazier where it burned away in seconds. The dress followed. Then his bag: wallet, train-ticket, everything. No turning back now.

He stood there wearing nothing but the tight thong-leotard that had been sent to him, some dark lacy hold-ups and his patent heels. Reaching into the boot, he slipped on the blindfold, strapped in the ball-gag and climbed into the boot. banging twice, he heard the door open and someone quickly cuffed his wrists behind his back and strapped each ankle to thigh. The boot was closed and seconds later away they went.

After an hour’s drive, he was taken from the boot, his legs released and un-blindfolded. A plump, pretty brunette in a black jersey dress and sunglasses led him silently in the side-door of a large house using a collar and lead that she attached to him.


Fred was taken to a bedroom and seated on the edge of a large bed. His handcuffs and ballgag were removed, as were his shoes. The brunette sat next to him. She must have been in her mid forties, buxom and very pretty. “You may call me Lady Clara.” She told him. “Do you like ladies as well as men?” she enquired.

“Yes, Lady Clara,” said Fred meekly.

“Then shall we get you warmed up?” She said with a wicked grin.

She positioned Fred on all fours and pulled the thong leotard to one side. Fingering a little lube into his little hole, she produced a good sized plug and took a few minutes working it into him gently until, with a little pressure, it sank home nicely. Its profile ensuring that it was going to take a lot more work to get it out than it took to get it in. She then pulled the leotard to the side of his stiffening cock and rolled Fred onto his back.

Lady Clara stripped to her stockings and mounted Fred’s face in a 69. Lowering her wet mouth over his cock without hesitation while rubbing her smooth, dripping slot up and down his face, pinning his petite frame to the bed with her curvy body while he fought for air against her wet pussy. He did his best to lick and pleasure her, but this was really more about him. Clara didn’t have the problems breathing that he did: even with his cock in her mouth to the hilt, he felt her breath from her nose on his balls. He nearly came a dozen times, and each time she stopped still just at the right time - it wasn’t going to happen. Climbing off, she kissed his mouth and he tasted his own cock on her breath - it made him throb and twitch with desire. He’d do anything to come now.


Now Fred was to be taken to the Master of the house, who wanted to meet his new toy. Fred was to be used in a show for Master and some of his friends: he had been told he was to be filled with cum, and though he expected a gangbang, he was to endure something quite different.

A semicircle of chairs was assembled around a small stage, with perhaps a dozen naked men sat in them. They smiled as Fred’s leotard was removed and a rope attached to each of his limbs.

Fred was roped into a frame in the standing position, his whole body forming an X. A gag was pushed into his mouth and inflated, and seemed quite airtight except for the plastic tube coming out of it. Another tube was pushed into a hole in the butt-plug lodged inside him. The tubes were attached to two large bottles of thick, milky liquid, hung on a stand to one side, above his head.


“You have to spend twenty minutes here like this, Fred” said Master. “If you stay quite still you shouldn’t get any of this cum in you at all.” If you move around and panic, you may start to see the bottle attached to your anus start to bubble and empty. Personally, I’d love to see you take every drop of this cum, and if you really want to please me, you’ll try to. It was a lot of work, milking thirty horses. Now be a good cumslut and do your job.”

Master produced the little vibrator on a strap and tied it behind Fred’s balls. He took his seat and then signaled for Clara to open the taps on the bottles. The first bottle started emptying into Fred’s bumhole quite quickly. Fred was sweating and looked a little disturbed.

“If you finish, the gag will be removed immediately.” said Master.

Immediately Fred began to drink, he felt disgust, but his cock got stiffer and started to drip on the end as he gulped and swallowed the thick, nasty cum. He groaned as he felt the warm horse-sperm filling his bottom and then his belly, and longed for this to be over so that he could get down to the serious business of being a sex-slave which was, after all, why he was here.

Five minutes in and the first bottle emptied. a clip was put on the line just under his plug and the tube cut right there. The second bottle emptied a few minutes later. True to his word, master ungagged Fred and kissed his mouth. “Now comes the fun, slave.”


The frame that Fred was tied to was spun until he was upside down. The audience stood up and moved nearer to him, smiling and started to masturbate furiously. Clara took her position behind Fred and told him not to worry, that this would be beautiful.

As the first man shot his cum onto Fred’s face, Clara pulled the plug out of Fred’s hole with a ‘pop’ The fountain of cum ran down both sides of his body, over his twitching cock and balls and down his front and his back. A few seconds later, it reached his face and coated it completely. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth in shock as the other men started to cum on him and Clara started licking and sucking his cum-coated anus and he squirted, long and hard until he saw stars.


They cut him down and he collapsed there, face down, in the pool of cum. The men returned to their seats and wiped their cocks and watched Master approach and mount the exhausted, cum-soaked boy upon the floor. Master fucked Fred without mercy or compassion until he shot one last long, hard, cruel cum-load into his sore hole. Clara took off her panties, wiped Master’s wet cock clean with them and then put them back on, rubbing them against her wet pussy.

Clara led Fred to his room, stripped him and showered him clean. She introduced him to his nightly punishment, which he would get, regardless of his behaviour: She stood him, nose to the wall, her wet panties stuffed in his mouth, and caned his buttocks six times. He stood, hands on head, and took his punishment silently. Then she put him in his bed, turned off the light, and told him that he could spit out the panties whenever he wanted to, but Fred slept with them in his mouth all night, tasting her and Master, and wondering what would come next.
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11 months ago
If Fred goes on holiday, I want to replace him.
2 years ago
sounds like my type of party x
3 years ago
Thanks! I'll make sure the next one's even dirtier ;)
3 years ago
mmm so hot
3 years ago
Awww, ty. You are so kind. :)
3 years ago
wow this was so hot i had to jackoff twice and i'm stillk hard has a rock will have to jackoffone more thanks