Nookies man


It was about 10:00pm when Sable walks into the Bucket of bl**d café, the most popular dive and vice center for the French apaches, The vice lords and street thugs of Paris .Sable was a sight to behold. She had to be the sexiest Amazon a man or woman would ever see. She was 5'11”, 160lbs ,36-24-36 she look like she was smuggling bowling balls on her ass and chest, muscular shapely legs . She was wearing a fishnet red body stocking, and thigh high red stiletto boots and to not to give away the whole show a red leather waist jacket and a red leather beret, with a wide red leather belt that cover her flat muscular stomach. The belt also held two of the tools of her trade. The buckle on the belt can be pop out and used as brass knuckles and she kept another favorite in the back of her belt, a large black leather sap, something that she has used on a number of unsuspecting johns and rival pimps, and she keeps her favorite weapon a razor sharp dagger in her right boot top . With these and the OX she started her own stable of girls. She had to leave her city of Moscow where she was a vice Queen in the black market sex trade , she started at 13, and fucked, lied, stole and murdered her way to the top there. She also had a special cliental for her specialty as a dominatrix. She got carried away one night with one of her clients, a top ranking member of the Communist party, I guess that 50th lash with the bull whip was one to many. She escaped to Paris. She arrived three years ago and hooked up with one of the toughest and dumbest apache thugs on the left bank ,OX. Within three years with both their brawn and her brains they had taken over a third of the high paying vice business of the Bucket. She and OX move out the weaker opposition and tonight she was going to make her move on the top dog , Maurice the Panther. Her plan started with her sending two of her girls in as spies , which back fired with him turning them both out, and now they are his sex slaves ,like all of his girls, and another problem is the fact that OX didn't want to go against the Panther, the deadliest man with his bare hands in France, So Sable cut off thier partership along with Ox's throat and dick ,,,They found him face down off the docks with a shock look on his face and his dick in his mouth ,which means his throat was slit last. Sabel next step was to steal The Panther's top girl from him and turn her on him, her name is Nu ki, but she is known as Nookie, the highest money making apache whore on the left bank. Sable looked around the café for her. “Where is that bitch”, Sable mumbles to herself. As she looks around she made eye contact with the three pimps that her and OX took there share of their business from. The stare contest started for about 60 seconds. Then the three back off. Sable threw back her head and laugh. Each had a souvenir of their war with Sable and OX .One had a hand missing, one was wearing an eye patch, and the other…. ,will, less just say it a good thing God gives you two, which was a result of Sables' personal touch. She looked for a table to sit at , but the place was packed. Then as Sable walks over to her three rivals , a new patron to the café walks up to talk to her, another regular patron stops him, and tells him why he did . One of Sable favorite sports was coming on to the male customers and beating the shit out of them, Sabel had taken up body building when she was the mistress of the both power lifting champ and wrestling champ who was on her dominatrix list. She would come on to a patron of the café and lift their wallet or ring to start a fight. She would usually win because the men would underestimate her even with her obvious look of power, which turn them on more than scared them ,until she started ranking up a high number of wins and she was also exceptionally brutal .Her last fight put a merchant sailor in the hospital for a week and netted her $3000 from money thrown for the entertainment and his pay . She just kept walking and just stood in front of them. Tapping the end of her dagger.They looked at her and then looked at each other and walked over to the bar. Sable took a seat .She looked over the café ,and said “where's that hot little bitch”. She didn't have to wait long she looks upstairs an sees her coming out of a room upstairs and to her distaste follow by two very thankful customers. Nookie was a knock out, a smaller version of Sable body wise and sexier, another bowling ball smuggler and her legs were just as big as Sables' and she's 30lbs lighter Where Sable is more like a bodybuilder, Nookie is more like gymnast as the two recent customers would testify . Sable sneered as they keep thanking her and tipping her twice her price. Sable hates men , and she wanted Nookie all to herself. She got a taste of Nookie when she did a girl on girl thing for a client, Sable was hooked! It disgust her thinking of men touching her

Nookie walks into the bar and she is even more impressive looking then Sable. Wearing tug boat captain like cap on top of long raven black hair, tied in a pony tail a very tight fitting stripped top which was cut off such below her round breast you could see the outline of her nipples such above , a flat six pack stomach a tight black skirt with slit up the side, showing her very will develop legs encased in sheer black stockings, 4” red ankle T-strapped shoes and gold ankle chain with a little golden skull charm on it, Add her exotic south east Asian features and grey eyes, and you have a woman that any man or dyke can't resist, as she steps down into the crowded bar Sable yells out to her,' Hey Nookie over here, Nookie looks up and smiles and walks over. Hey baby, what's going on, says Nookie, just waiting for that answer ,have a seat ,replys Sable. Will have you thought about what I said sexy. Nookie has puzzled look on her face and then says,” oh you where serious when you ask me to leave Moe and come with you” Hell yea! snaps Sable” .I would treat you like a Queen ,"Isn't that what you told CoCo (Sable current main girl)"states Nookie. She came up short last week and you mopped the floor with her and then tied her to a bed and sold her for $5 a fuck, The line was from the room to the café front door. That was business Sable replies as she places her hand on top of Nookie's. Our relationship would be much more personal. Didn't you like it when we got together for my client. That was fun but also business Nookie says as she pulls her hand away. Look Sexy you wouldn't have to sell your ass for some swinging dick . Yea, replies Nookie, ”But have you seen the size of that dick! And Nookie busts out laughing. I don't understand you Sable replies “he treats you like shit, and you have to beg him for dick, and when he not in the mood he beats you for the entertainment of these assholes. As long as he fucks me when he's done replies Nookie .The ass kicking is just foreplay for us. The Panther's love making or should we say his method of controlling women was done thru something he calls “Turning them out” a blend of sex and v******e that puts them under his control. And establish a physical bond of dominance and submission. . Listen Sable, I love Moe, he can do whatever he wants to me…He is my man, we been together for a long time.

Maurice the Panther served in Southeast Asia with the Foreign Legion he was a sergeant in the intelligent section. He was rised in the Casaba ,his mother was a working girl from Senegal and his father was a Sergent major in the legion. He was basically raised by his mother and her working s****rs and the pimps took him under their wings and taught him how to control women, which got him into intelligence, he got the name the panther from his Black skin and his fighting ability he was a hand to hand expert and street fighter. He killed his first man when he was 16 .The john had harmed his mother. Thru his fathers connection he got him into the legion. He had a stable of working girls that he had sl**ping with enemy officers, collecting Intel. This is how he met Nookie. She and her cousin Yo-Yo was his best girls that he ever turned . After the insurgents ran the French out of SE Asia. The panther decided to go into smuggling . He came to Paris and to the Bucket to do some business and decided to make the bucket his home nest for him and his chicks and with there help became the best stable in the city. Their arrival didn't bother anyone at first until they took the lion share of the Hi end business, then the four toughest pimps in the bucket got together to get rid of the panther and his girls. Two went after him. They ambush him in the ally behind the bucket . After ten minutes the panther had eliminated half his competition. He knew he had to get to his girls. He gets down to the docks and sees that yo-yo is laying dead and the other two pimps where closing in on Nookie for the kill. One was injure and the other was mad as hell. Moe attacks! , when it was over he save a very dazed Nookie and taken over 1/2 of the Bucket's vice business and in 5 years made that 2/3 by taking the best girls of his opposition. His fortune and stable grew especially with the help of Nookie and her special talents.

Nookie reminds Sable what would happen to Sabel and Nookie if they cross Moe. Sable tells how they can set him up . Listen! snaps Nookie, You been breaking the rules since you got here. You know your not suppose to interfer with a stud and his whore, You Constantly break the rules Sable. Who makes these Rules Sable replies as she slumps down in her chair? Don't interfere between me and my man Understand Nookie warns! Besides that there are two good reasons I can't be with you as Nookie says very sultrily as she leans in to have her cig lit by Sable, What are they Sable asks with urgency. Will one is a big dick,Nookie replies I can strap on any size you want baby, replies Sable, and two it has to be connected to Moe and Nookie busts out with laughter. Dumb Cunt Sable says with anger
Suddenly there is a small commotion and everyone in the Bucket look to the front and "Maurice The Panther " walks in ,6 ft even , 200lbs of pure muscle fully cut, Dark brown skin, 6pack stomach, wearing a black cap(tug boat) a black silk scarf tied around his neck , a gold skull stud in his ear a tight strip top that shows his definition, a wide black leather belt ,with buckle, black gab style pants and black leather hard toe shoes ,the only weapons he carries is his bare hands and huge cock. He had the two girls Sable sent over on his arms, Sable fumes. He was a whores walking wet dream, even Sable had a momentary fantasy. Nookie stands up and runs her hands over breast and stomach ,and wets her lips , and her breathing becomes heavier . Sable lips turn into a sneer and says " You're in fucking heat! That's disgusting! Then I better go get it taking care of replies Nookie. She slinks over to The panther and reaches into her garter and hands him her take for the night . Moe peels off half and hands back the remainer. In the past he would have taken the hold wad and then take Nookie for a night of acrobatic sex, but their relationship has become more business then passion. The only way she has been getting sex out of him has been to bug him until he gets angry and then take an ass kicking and then he gives her what she wants and then it gets brutal . Now he splits the money with her, the only whore he gives half to, because he would not be able to take care of his nine other girls.HE is known to handle 4 a night if he doesn't go toe to toe in bed with Nookie.It leaves him exhausted. Nookie folds her share and stick it in Moe's front pocket and let out a slight moan when her hand hit the side of his cock. He pushes her away and says" Not tonight baby"! Nookie pushes her chest into him and grabs his dick and begs ," PLEASE I need it! You heard me Bitch!, Moe Shouts and takes his hand and shoves her in the face and pushes her to the side. As the Panther turns his back to Nookie She wraps her leg around his back and places her hands on his chest and crotch. Moe shoves his powerful shoulders and pushes her off . Stop! Don't make me tell you again!

As Sable finishes her second shot at the bar. She hears a scream and just as she turns Nookie lands in front of her face down. Nookie starts to get to her feet and the Panther is right behind her , kicks her in the ass and puts her back to the floor. He walks over and grabs her by the hair , pulls her to her feet and gets face to face with her . Nookie has a look of surrender rather than fear .When I tell you something You DO IT! He backs hands her and as she falls back he grabs her wrist and pulls her past him and sends a chop to the back of her neck sending her the floor out cold !He stops, with his chest heaving. He takes a cig out of the pack rolled in his sleeve and searches for a match. Need a light handsome a sexy voice says from behind him. Moe places the cig to lips and just as he turns Sable sends her bar stool across his face knocking the Panther to the floor. To Sable surprise he tries to get to his feet right away , which is the first time an opponent hasn't stayed down from that trick. She pull her sap from behind her out of her belt and sends a right cross to his jaw , he still tries to stand ,she sends a back hand, and on his third try a kick from her right boot send him to his back. Sable put her sap back and breaks off her brass knuckle belt buckle. Grabs Moe by his scarf and pulls him up for some facial work. Moe throws a desperation punch to Sable temple sending her to the floor and struggling not to black out . She was angry now. She knows now she is going to have to kill him and she is going to enjoy it! Moe is almost done in She sends a upper cut to his chin with the sap as he tries to stand again sending him on his back out cold onto a cafe table. Now Sable gets her revenge and Nookie for herself. She decides to give her new love a souvenir to remember her worthless man by . Sable unbuttons Moe's pants and pulls out his hugh cock and says impressive! She pulls her dagger from her boot and just as she raises it Nookie slams into her sort of dancing her back to the wall. Just as Sable says" what the hell," Nookie gives her a long passionate kiss. Sable gladly responses, when they break Sable catches her breath and saids, "I told you I could handle that bastard', Sable says breathlessly. Nookie gives her another light peck to her lips and says, "And I told you not to interfere with me and my Man"! Nookie grabs Sable by her jacket and does a vicious hip throw,slamming Sable to the floor , A very surprise Sable was looking up at a very angry Nookie. You see Nookie was not only the best whore the Panther had she is also the best assassin he has ever trained. Sable jumps to her feet and throws a punch, Nookie ducks and throws a around house kick to that 6 pack stomach of Sable which bent her over and sent a second one to her face dropping Sable to the floor. She staggers back to her feet and pulls out her sap,OK Bitch ! you want dick I got it right here ,Sable yells! "Only ,problem with it Honey", Nookie replies "Moe not attach to it" . Sable yells and throws a over hand strike at her ,but instead ducking this time Nookie steps under it with a up block and punches Sable in the throat and then sends a powerful side kick knocking Sable over a table and on to the floor ,she lands next to her dagger.Nookie walks over to check on Moe.Seeing her with her back turned ,Sable snatches up her dagger and takes a running start and takes a leap off a cafe table right at Nookie letting a bl**d curdling yell, Nookie catches her in mid -air and throws her. Sable hits the wall in back of the bar , smashing the mirror and crashes to the floor. She staggers out from behind the bar. Sable looks at Nookie and says,"I would have treated as my queen. The only thing is I need a king with a big scepter,Then Nookie throws a bone breaking front kick to Sable's jaw, lifting her off the floor and onto the table of her three rivals. She is out cold They Pick her up and carry her upstairs and tie her face down on a bed and sold her for a dollar a fuck. The line went from the room down the street to the docks.when they were done they threw her into the Sein. Her body was found floating down river with the most bewildered look on her face.

Nookie , goes to the bar and gets a bottle of liquor and two glasses. She takes them over to Moe and pours him a drink and, he takes a shot and she ask if he is OK .He says , Yea I think. She says good and takes a shot herself. Then she says now where were we. Nookie lets out a scream.
Alt ending
Nookie , goes to the bar and gets a bottle of liquor and two glasses. She takes them over to Moe and pours him a drink and, he takes a shot and she ask if he is OK .He says , Yea I think. She says good and takes a shot herself. Then she takes the bottle and smacks it over his head and she catches him as he drops and tosses him over her shoulder and says time for bed baby and now it's my turn! Man it is going to be brutal

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