Want to Play a Game - Part 4 - Her

I guess I knew you wouldn't let me leave. Your hands on my neck send a thrill through me. You know I like to controlled, dominated, the thought that I belong to you excites me. I hear Lori's voice, if she comes into the closet we will have to convince her to stay. She talks too much - she needs to have a reason to keep her mouth shut about the closet.

" I thought I saw you come in here....whats going on?" she says.

I step around you towards Lori, reach behind her and pull the door shut. She starts to talk, she really is too loud. I cover her lips with mine to keep her from giving us away. I've never kissed Lori before, she seems startled at first, but as my lips linger she starts to respond. I put my hand on her shoulder and my other on her waist, pulling her closer, deepening the kiss, exploring her lips with my tongue. I hear you moving behind me, and feel you press against me..
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