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Crossing the room our eyes catch each other for a moment... not
saying a word I pass by you grinning wickedly as i slide my hands pass
your stomach... looking at you I know i am going to pay for that
transgression later... You eyes look at me angrily showing me that
behavior like that wont be tolerated.. Your man stands next to you
talking to you in whispers, he laughs and turns away not quite knowing
what has just happened.. I keep walking away from you heading to the
stairs, smiling as i walk towards the small closet up the stairs and
to the right.. our secret place..

The room is a tight little closet dark and warm.. fur coats hang
everywhere and it is dark... real dark.. I close the door and wait
knowing that you will come. I have never quite understood what draws you to me
but I suppose it is the danger because I move you to do
things you normally wouldn't do and that excites you.. The closet is dark
and a few moments go by as I wait for the door to open.. I think
about everything as I wait for it to open.. I think about the sweet smell of
your perfume as I walked by you and it makes me remember the last time
we did this. I remember how you tasted that day the sweetness between your
thighs and how soft your thighs felt on my face.

The door opens finally in what seems like hours .. but of course it has only
been a few moments... I can see your chest beginning to heave slightly. I know
that you are nervous because your husband is just outside the room hanging out
with all of his friends not quite paying attention to you of course that is his
way. My piercing eyes penetrate you fast as they
become very stern and I say, "Do you have them inside of you my pet the little toy
I gave you. I want you to be close to cumming every time I see you." I reach up and remove two small
little balls that make you squirm a little. I lick the sweet juice off them and give
you one to taste.. "Clean it off my pet and show me what you are going to do
to me."
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