The Body Shaper

My wife was always ragging on me about my posture. She said I slouched
and needed to stand up straighter and pull my shoulders back. I tried
to do that, but as soon as I stopped thinking about it I guess my
posture reverted back to what, for me, was 'normal' and then she would
get on me again about it.

We had been married for five years and I think her good cooking got the
best of me as I had gained about 20 pounds since the wedding. My
weight was her other pet peeve. If she wasn't nagging me about my poor
posture, she was on my ass about needing to diet and to start
exercising. I even joined a health club for a while but I only went
about three times. It was boring and besides, I felt too self
conscious about my own condition since it seemed like everyone else at
the club was buff and seriously into fitness, while I found exercising
to be totally boring.

One night I got home from work about 5 pm. Sherry wouldn't get home
for another hour, so I figured I would have a couple beers and relax
and watch some television. There was a UPS package at the front door.
Sherry was always buying stuff on line so I figured it was something
for her. As I was putting the package on the kitchen table, I noticed
that it was addressed to me. The return address was some company I'd
never heard of before. I got a knife and cut the package open. There
were two identical smaller boxes in the package. I picked up one of
the boxes. It was labeled as a 'semi-vest thermal body shaper with
latex to reduce inches and correct posture'. On the packaging there
was a picture of an attractive woman wearing the product. I figured
the order had to be for Sherry, even though my name was on the shipping

I heard the front door open about six as Sherry arrived. "I'm in the
den honey. Bring me another beer please."

Out of the corner of my eye I saw my wife walk into the den. She was
carrying the packages, but no beer. "Your body shapers have arrived
Brad. Take off your shirt and we can see how they fit."

"My body shapers? I thought they were something for you Sherry."

"No Brad dear, I ordered them for you. It's high time we did something
about your poor posture, and I think they will help you loose some
weight too."

"Those things are made for girls, not for men."

"What makes you say that Brad?"

"I looked at the package. There's a picture on the box of a girl
wearing one."

"They're unisex Brad. They're worn by both men and women. I suppose
more are sold to women than men since we tend to be more concerned
about our appearance, but I can assure you that lots of men wear them
too. Now, take your shirt off and let's see how this fits you."

I decided Sherry was not in the mood to argue about this, so I shrugged
my shoulders, stood up and took off the checkered flannel shirt I had
worn to work that day.

"Take off your undershirt too Bradley. Your body shaper must be worn
next to your skin."

I kind of sighed but went ahead and took off my undershirt. Sherry
handed me the body shaper. It was beige; flesh toned. The garment was
made of heavy rubber with what felt like a cotton lining. I put it on
kind of like a vest. There were thin shoulder straps and the body
shaper fastened in front with about twenty pair of hooks and eyes. It
ran from just above the wide part of my hips up to just under my
breasts. I tried pulling the two sides together to fasten them but the
garment seemed way too small. "I don't think this is the right size
Sherry. It's too small."

Sherry walked up to me with a disgusted look on her face. "Your body
shapers are made of rubber Brad. They stretch. Let me do it, but pay

Sherry took a firm grasp on the bottom corners of the garment and
pulled them together, fastening the bottom hook in the bottom eye. She
began to work her way up, slowly stretching the rubber and closing the
front hooks. I could feel my stomach being compressed. It was like
putting on a really wide belt and pulling it way too tight. Where the
body shaper ran up over the bottom of my rib cage it felt even tighter.
I could no longer take as deep a breath; the shaper was compressing my
rib cage as well as my stomach.

"How does that feel Brad?"

"It feels awful tight honey."

"It feels 'awfully' tight dear. That means it's doing the job. Now I
just need to adjust your shoulder straps."

It really pisses me off when she corrects my grammar like that, but I
suppose I should have said awfully instead of awful. The shoulder
straps are just like the ones on Sherry's bras. They have these slider
things that can lengthen or shorten the straps. She shortened mine
until I could feel more pressure on my shoulders and the body shaper
seemed to be pulled up higher.

"Turn around Brad. Let's have a look at you. Oh yes that's so much
better. Your waist actually has some definition again. That spare
tire has been nicely compressed. And you're standing much straighter
now. The body shaper and shoulder straps will keep you from slouching.
I should have put you into one of these years ago."

I looked down at my chest. It looked like I had breasts. The body
shaper seemed to push my flesh up and it stuck out over the top of the
garment. I ran my hands up and down the smooth rubber sides of the
body shaper. I could feel how my belly curved in now instead of
sticking out. I started to feel the heat building up under the
garment. "Sherry, I'm feeling really warm in this thing."

"Yes dear. Unlike normal fabrics, rubber doesn't breathe, so your body
heat will build up. But that's a good thing. It will help you burn
off some of that belly fat. Your tummy has become a less hospitable
place for fat to deposit, so over time your weight will redistribute to
places that aren't hot and tightly compressed, like your butt and your
upper chest."

"This thing is making me look like I have breasts Sherry. Look how the
flesh around my nipples is sticking out more."

"Well naturally Brad. That flab you used to have under your body
shaper had to go somewhere. By redefining your waistline, your top and
bottom will look a little larger. I ordered the braless style shaper
especially for you Brad. I suppose I could have ordered one with a
built in bra, but I know that a man like you wouldn't want to wear a
garment designed for women. Look at the package. The model is wearing
a bra with her braless body shaper. For you, bras are optional. If
you think your breasts aren't adequately supported I'll be happy to
order you some nice bras, but for now I'm willing to let you go

Sherry has a way of twisting things around so that whatever she wants
seems perfectly logical and reasonable. When she put the body shaper
on me that first time, I was convinced that it was a women's
undergarment and that I would never wear anything like that. Five
minutes later it's like she was being extra nice to me by ordering me a
braless shaper and giving me a break by not making me wear a bra with

"Put your shirt back on Brad. Let's go out for dinner tonight."

"Let me take the body shaper off first Sherry."

"Bradley Lee Thoman, you will do no such thing. I didn't buy these to
hang in your closet. You are going to wear your new body shapers. You
will wear one all day, every day. Do I make myself clear?"

"Fine, I'll leave the damn thing on. I guess under a shirt it won't be
that noticeable."

We went to a "f****y" style restaurant. Sherry was unusually assertive
and insisted on ordering for both of us. She ordered a strip steak for
herself and a small dinner salad for me. When I told her I wanted more
to eat than just a salad, her reply was "Your new diet starts as of

Of course I was still hungry after eating my salad, but Sherry refused
to even consider ordering deserts. We drove home, watched a movie and
got ready for bed. In our bedroom I took off my shirt, shoes, socks
and pants. I was about to take off my underpants when Sherry
approached me. She put her hands at my waist and ran them up and down
over the tightly stretched rubber garment. She looked me in the eye
and began to kiss me. I was pleasantly surprised because Sherry had
never been one to initiate sex. In the past it was always me who would
make the first move which she would more often than not ignore. Our
sex life had frankly become boring. It was always the missionary
position, with me on top and Sherry passively fulfilling my needs. We
never talked about it, but I often wondered if she ever had orgasms
during sex. If she did, she sure didn't make a lot of noise about it.

But tonight was different. Sherry was being the aggressor. She rubbed
her body against my rubber clad torso. She bent and began to kiss my
nipples, sucking on them; nibbling at them with her teeth. I quickly
became erect and then she pulled down my underpants. Holding me
tightly Sherry walked me backwards toward our bed. She pushed me onto
my back and climbed on top of me. It was wild. I had never
experienced sex from the bottom before. It was like she did all the
work for a change and I just soaked in the pleasure. Of course nothing
lasts forever and before long I shot my load. Sherry rose up, still
straddling me with my deflating penis still in her vagina. She grasped
a nipple in each hand and began to pinch and twist them. It hurt, but
it was like a good hurt. Before long I could feel the start of another
erection. This time I lasted a lot longer and I'm almost certain that
Sherry had at least one orgasm if not two.

By the time we finished we were both sweat soaked and my body shaper
felt particularly warm. We went to the bathroom to clean up. She
turned to me.

"You are so sexy in your new body shaper Brad. I really got turned on
by you tonight."

"You're pretty sexy yourself Sherry. I don't think I've ever had sex
this good before."

"You may take your body shaper off for the night Brad."

"Yes I sure will. It may make me look sexy in your eyes, but it sure
is hot and uncomfortable wearing this thing."

I began to unfasten the hooks and eyes. It took time; imagine
unbuttoning a shirt with twenty buttons down the front. When I
finished unfastening it I peeled the rubber garment off my sweat soaked
torso. My chest hair was wet and matted.

"I think I better take a shower Sherry. I'm kind of a wet mess under
the body shaper."

"Yes I can see that Brad. I think you'll find your body shaper will be
much more comfortable if you get rid of all the ugly body hair before
you wear it again."

"You mean shave my chest and stomach?"

"Yes darling. Since you'll be wearing body shapers full time, I'm sure
you will find it easier if you keep your torso hair free."

"I suppose you're right Sherry. I guess I can shave it in the

"Why wait till morning love? I'm so looking forward to seeing you with
a nice smooth chest instead of all that nasty body hair."

So I took my shower and got out my razor and shaved my torso. In the
mirror it looked so different to be hair free. I ran my hands over my
smooth stomach and chest. I kind of liked the feeling. I returned to
our bed. Sherry was reading, but put her book down and turned to me.
She ran her hands over my smooth skin.

"Oh Brad, that's so much nicer."

Her hands ran down my chest, around my hips and down my still hairy

"You should shave your legs too Brad. Then you'll be nice and smooth
all over. I'm really turned on by the idea of you being soft and
smooth and hair free."

"I guess if that's what you want I can shave my legs too Sherry. It's
not that big a deal. The hair will always grow back if you change your

Sherry rolled up next to me and kissed me again. "I know we'll both
love your new look Brad. You can wait until morning to finish shaving.
I love you Brad. Good night."

In the morning I shaved my legs. I even got rid of most of my pubic
hair, leaving just a small patch at the root of my penis. Sherry
expressed her approval and even ran her hands up and down my shaved
legs. Had it not been a work day, I think we would have wound up in
bed again. But the clock was ticking, so both of us got dressed for
work, had a quick bite of breakfast and were off to our jobs.

Sherry works as a marketing executive for a consumer goods company.
It's a high pressure job but she seems to like the challenge. She gets
a good salary and annual bonus so winds up making quite a lot more
money that I do.

I'm a stockbroker, but not the kind of broker who wears suits and takes
customers out to play golf. I work for an on-line broker and spend my
work days sitting in a cubical with a telephone headset, keyboard and
computer screen. Most customer trades are fully automated and take
place without any human intervention. I'm there to deal with the
exceptions rather than the rule. My job is a lot like working on a
computer help desk, as many of the calls are from customers having
questions or problems getting trades done on line. There are also some
transactions which aren't automated and in those cases I transmit
orders from the customer to the appropriate trading desk or stock

I enjoy the work; the customers are mostly nice though occasionally
someone will beat me up about something I have no control over. There
is very little need to interact with the other brokers. We mostly just
keep our heads down and answer our phones when they ring. Of course
the company monitors and records everything so they can measure our
'productivity' and for 'quality control purposes.' But aside from
that, my supervisor pretty much leaves me alone. I like it that I
don't have to wear a suit and tie. There really isn't a dress code, so
if a guy wants to come to work in shorts and flip-flops it's ok. I
usually just wear jeans and a flannel shirt to work, though
occasionally will wear a pair of dress slacks and a nicer shirt like if
I'm meeting Sherry after work.

My first day at work wearing a body shaper was pretty uneventful. No
one seemed to notice and there weren't any comments about my
appearance. I know the body shaper gave me a more defined waistline,
but since I was still wearing the same old shirts and jeans, it wasn't
that obvious. I found that I was sitting up much straighter now.
Before I would sort of slouch back in my chair, but with the body
shaper the most comfortable position seemed to be to sit up straight on
the front half of my chair and not even touch the chair back. I liked
the image of that. I liked that people would see this young
stockbroker sitting ramrod straight and focusing on his job. Not that
it would get me a raise or anything, but I figured it couldn't hurt to
convey a better image at work.

When I got home from the office that night, Sherry was already home.
That's unusual since she normally works later than I do. She greeted
me warmly. She wrapped her arms around my waist and I sensed that she
was checking to make sure I was still wearing my body shaper.

"How was your first day in a body shaper Brad?"

"It was ok. Other than feeling so tightly compressed and hot, it was
ok. I think I'm sitting up a lot straighter now, and I figure that
makes a better impression on my supervisor."

"I'm very pleased to hear that Brad. Appearances can be so important
to a person's career. I'm sure your transformation will be very
rewarding longer term."

"My transformation?"

"Yes dear, I intend to transform you into a person with a much more
pleasing continence. Your body shaper is just phase one. I'll also be
working on your wardrobe and a number of other aspects of your personal

"My wardrobe Sherry?"

"Yes dear. As soon as we get your waist down to an acceptable
circumference I'll be buying you a whole new wardrobe. No more of
those baggy flannel shirts and loose fitting jeans for you my love."

Sherry slid her hand between my shirt and the top of my jeans. "These
jeans are already too big in the waist Brad. And you just started your
diet. Think how much smaller your waist will be in a couple of months.
You will need all new pants and shirts and some nicer underwear too.
But there is no point in spending money now on new clothing. We will
wait until you have dropped some weight first. How does that sound?"

"Um ... yes I guess if I am able to loose enough weight I would need
some new clothes. But I'm not sure I'll be able to loose that much."

Over the next two months Sherry took total control of my diet and I was
surviving on about 900 calories a day. I had to weigh myself every
morning and record my progress on a spreadsheet. Knowing that I didn't
want to exercise at a health club in front of a lot of other people,
Sherry bought a treadmill and had it installed in the den. Every night
after work but before dinner I had to work out on the treadmill. She
started me out slow, walking for about twenty minutes at like 3 miles
per hour. But over the course of a couple of months both the duration
and speed of my workouts increased until I was doing a full hour at a
jogging speed of 5.5 miles per hour.

My weight steadily dropped. I'm five foot seven inches tall. When
this started I weighed 155 pounds. After nine weeks of diet, exercise,
and full time wearing my body shapers I was down to 140. Sherry
eliminated beer from my diet and I was only allowed an occasional glass
of white wine for special occasions. Our sex life was much better.
Sherry continued to take the initiative; continued to be on top and in
control. When I first started wearing my body shapers she seemed to
have a hard time keeping her hands off me, but as time passed, the
frequency with which we had sex slowed down from almost every night to
once or twice a week.

After finishing my workout I took a shower. Feeling a little stubble,
I got out the razor and shaved my chest and legs again. Sherry was
very insistent about that, telling me she had a phobia about body hair
and that she was very pleased that I kept myself smooth. After
shaving, I put on a clean body shaper and hand laundered the one I had
worked out in, hanging it to drip dry. I put on a clean shirt and
pants and went back to the den where Sherry was working on our
computer. Ravel's Bolero was playing on our stereo. I walked over and
gave her a kiss.

"Sherry it's been a week since we ... since we had sex. I was
wondering if maybe you were in the mood for a little fun."

"I might consider it. Take your clothes off, but leave your body
shaper on."

She remained seated at the computer desk but turned in her chair to
watch me. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, trying move with the music and
draw things out sort of like a dancer would at a strip club. She
smiled. I tried to look sexy as I peeled off my shirt and slowly undid
my pants, letting them fall around my ankles. Then I stepped out of my
pants and kicked them aside. Using both hands I inserted my thumbs in
the waist band of my boxer shorts and pulled them down and off as well.
I stood facing her, swaying to the music. It was obvious to us both
that I was getting an erection.

"Bend forward at the waist Brad."

I stood about three feet from her chair and bent at the waist. She
reached out, putting a hand on each of my smooth, hair free breasts.
"You have awfully small breasts for a stripper. I doubt that anyone
would hire you for that job my love."

She started to massage my breasts with her fingers. Since I was
wearing my body shaper and was bent forward my breasts did seem to hang
down a little, almost like a girl's breasts would. Deciding to play
along I said, "I'm real sorry my little breasts disappoint you Miss
Sherry. Some girls are just better endowed than others."

"You mean really sorry don't you Brad?"

Yes Miss Sherry I meant really sorry."

There are some things a girl can do to enhance her breasts when they're
too small. When I was younger I used to wear padded bras to create the
illusion of a fuller chest. Of course that won't work for a stripper
girl like you, since you will eventually have to take your bra off to
show the boys your naked breasts. Shall I buy you a padded bra Brandi

"Gosh Miss Sherry, I'd like that, but as you said, when I take my bra
off the men will all know the truth."

I remained bent at the waist swaying to the music and she continued to
play with my breasts. Then she released one breast and wrapped her
fingers around my now fully erect penis.

"I suppose you're right Brandi. A padded bra will be fine when you're
wearing clothes, but not when you're naked. Fortunately there are
medications that could help you; medications to stimulate your breast

She started to slowly stroke my penis with her hand. We were in this
fantasy land where in my mind my role was that of the girl.

"Oh Miss Sherry, you mean all I would have to do is take a pill and my
breasts would get bigger?"

"Yes Brandi. There are pills and injections to help small breasted
girls like you to blossom."

"Oh Miss Sherry, that would be ever so grand!"

"And if the pills don't give you enough breast development there are
surgical procedures. You could get breast implants. How big do you
want your breasts to be Brandi darling?"

"I'm not sure Miss Sherry. What do you think?"

She continued to stroke me taking me near the edge. "I think a girl of
your height and frame could easily carry a D cup bust. How does that
sound to you Brandie?"

"That sounds wonderful Miss Sherry. Having D cup breasts would be
every so nice I think."

Suddenly Sherry stopped the role play. She let go of my breast and
penis, leaned back and looked me straight in the eye. I stood there,
right on the edge with my penis flopping. "I agree Brandi. D cups
would be perfect for you."

I stepped back a couple paces. "Are you serious Sherry? Do you
actually want me to have real breasts; D cup breasts?"

"I'm absolutely serious about this Brandi. I would love it. I can't
imagine anything sexier for my girlfriend than having real breasts.
Now let's go to bed. It looks like you have something I need to take
care of."

She took my hand and led me to our bedroom. She pushed me back on the
covers and mounted me. She rode me hard and fast. As she fucked me
she played with my nipples, tugging and twisting them as if she was
encouraging them to grow larger. It was wonderful. She took me right
to the edge again; but then she stopped. "Will you agree to this
Brandi? Will you agree to let me give you breasts?"

At moments like this I think most men will agree to almost anything. I
was so close to an orgasm and my need was so overwhelming. "Yes
Sherry, if you want me to have breasts I agree to it. I love you
Sherry. I'll do anything for you."

She resumed fucking me as she kissed me, pushing her tongue into my
mouth. My whole body shuddered as I erupted. Sherry got up and went
to the bathroom. She returned with a washcloth and wiped me clean. I
heard the shower running but fell asl**p before she returned to our
bed. I had dreams that night. In my dreams I was a girl; a girl with
D cup breasts.

Neither of us spoke about it for the next few days. I fell back into
my routine of work, diet and exercise. I was on the treadmill one
evening and Sherry was next to me at the computer. "Brandi, I've
scheduled you for a physical for the day after tomorrow. You will need
to take a vacation day."

"What kind of physical Sherry?"

"It is a medical examination. Your new doctor requires that before
putting you on your medications."

"What new doctor? What medications?"

"You have an appointment with Doctor Myerson. She's your new

"Why do I need to see an endocrinologist? I don't even know what an
endocrinologist does."

"She specializes in glandular secretions; hormones."

"I feel fine. I'm not aware of any glandular problems."

"The problem isn't your glands Brandi dear; it's your breasts. They
aren't going to grow spontaneously. We need to fool your body into
thinking you're a girl. You need female hormones for your breasts to
develop. Hence, you need to see Doctor Myerson."

"Sherry, I don't want breasts. I'm a guy. Guys don't have breasts."

"Brandi dear, there are males, there are females, and there are all
sorts of people in between. I want you to be one of those in betweens.
I want you to be a girl with a penis; or if you prefer, a guy with
breasts. I want this, and as I'm sure you recall, you agreed to this a
few nights ago."

"Yes but ..."

"But what Brandi? Are you saying that things you agree to when you are
horny no longer count. Are you saying you lied to me when you agreed
to let me give you D cup breasts?"

"I know I agreed to it Sherry, but I didn't really think you were

"Think back Brandi. You asked me that night if I was serious. I
believe my response was that I was absolutely serious. And you said
that if I wanted you to have breasts you agreed to it. It's time
Brandi. You will see Doctor Myerson in two days. You will agree to
take whatever medications she prescribes. You will have breasts. It
won't happen overnight, but I can assure you that it will happen. If
you really do love me as you say, you will do this for me. It will
make me very happy and it will strengthen the bonds between us. Is
that understood?"

"Yes ok, fine. I understand. I made a promise and I need to keep it.
I'll do whatever you and this doctor want. I hope that makes you

"It makes me very happy Brandi my love; very happy indeed."

At the appointed hour Sherry drove me to Doctor Sue Myerson's office.
The examination was very comprehensive. My weight was down to 137
pounds on the doctor's scale. She drew bl**d and urine samples and I
even had to jack off into a cup so she could get a sample of my semen.
Prior to the exam I had to fill out a lot of legal forms and a health
history. That was pretty routine as I basically checked the NO boxes
for like a hundred diseases I've never had. There were a couple of
consent forms and a medical power of attorney form which gave my wife
legal authority to make medical decisions on my behalf like if there
was an emergency and I was u*********s or something. After all the
testing and probing was finished, we made an appointment for the next
afternoon when she said the results of the lab tests would be

Sherry met me at Doctor Myerson's office for the follow up appointment.
We were e****ted by the receptionist into the doctor's private office.
Doctor Myerson embraced Sherry and shook my hand. "Brandi, I'm happy
to report that you are in excellent health. There were no adverse
indications from any of our tests. I'm sure you will be pleased that
we can start you on your hormone therapy immediately. Sherry has told
me about your diet and exercise program and that must continue until
you have achieved your target weight."

"What is my target weight Doctor Myerson?"

"Sherry told me she wants you to be at the low end of the normal
healthy range; to be thin, but healthy. For a girl of your height,
that computes out to 118 pounds."

"But that's like another twenty pounds from my current weight Doctor."

"Nineteen pounds to be precise. But don't worry. I don't expect you
to loose much more than a pound a week. So you'll have at least four
months to get to your target. By then we should start to see a lot of
weight redistribution as well. Your breasts and your bottom will be
enhanced, while your waist, arms and upper body should be diminished.
You will need to be very patient Brandi. Your transformation will take
time and a lot of discipline on your part. But I'm sure Sherry will be
very supportive and will make sure you do as you are told, won't you

"Absolutely Doctor Myerson. I'll make sure our girl sticks to her diet
and exercise and keeps taking her medications and her follow up
appointments with you."

I was pretty upset that both Doctor Myerson and Sherry were applying
feminine gender references to me. Just because I'm going to get
breasts doesn't mean I'm a girl. I still have a penis that works just
fine thank you. But I didn't want to make waves, so I decided not to
say anything and let it slide.

"So what kind of medications am I going to be getting Doctor?"

"There will be several prescriptions Brandi. First I'm giving you
something to suppress your appetite; to make it easier for you to stay
on your diet."

"That sounds like a good idea Doctor. I'm like always hungry and if a
pill will help take my mind off food that makes it easier."

"I'll also prescribe an anti-anxiety d**g. When people go through a
gender transition they sometimes feel depressed. As your appearance
and apparel change, you might be subjected to some embarrassing
situations at work or in public. The anti-anxiety d**g will make it
easier for you to cope with that; it will help you to become more
accepting of the changes taking place."

"That seems really good too Doctor Myerson. I've been thinking;
wondering what it's going to be like at work once I start having
breasts and all. Anything that will let me cope better with that will
be helpful."

"Yes you are exactly right Brandi. Female hormones are of course
central to your transition. There will be both injections and pills to
increase your estrogen levels which will trigger your breast
development and other bodily changes. And last but certainly not
least, you will be taking an anti-androgen d**g; what laymen call a
testosterone blocker."

"So not only do you give me more female hormones, but I have to take a
d**g that like reduces my male hormones?"

"Yes exactly. The two modes of treatment will compliment each other.
Your female hormones will work more effectively if they don't have to
compete with that nasty testosterone you body keeps making"

"I think I understand. I appreciate you explaining all this to me
Doctor Myerson. It all seems to make sense now."

Doctor Myerson took four prescriptions out of Brandi's folder and
handed them to Sherry. "You can get these filled at any pharmacy
Sherry. Just be sure she takes the prescribed doses at the prescribed
times. Now Brandi, if you will be so kind as to drop your panties,
I'll give you your first two injections and we will be finished for

I drove back home in my car, while Sherry drove hers, stopping at a
pharmacy to fill my prescriptions on the way home. She lined up four
pill bottles on the kitchen counter. Two were to be taken once a day
and two twice a day. Since this was my first day, she gave me one of
all four d**gs and a glass of water. "It's time to take your medicines
Brandie love."

I looked at my wife. I really do love her. "So, it begins."

"Yes darling, this is only the beginning. I am so excited for us. I
love you Brandi dear. And I will love you even more as your
feminization progresses. We can be girlfriends; lesbian lovers. How
does that sound Brandi?"

I took all four pills washing them down with a glass of water. "I
guess if you start to think of me as a girl then when we have sex I
suppose I'll be your lesbian lover in a way won't I Sherry?"

"Yes my love you will indeed."

We fell back into our old routine. I went to work, came home,
exercised and now and then had sex with my wife. The sex was always
initiated by Sherry who continued to be on top. I took pills in the
morning and pills at night. I didn't really feel very much different
than before, but I knew that changes were slowly starting to take
place. It was all so gradual that I couldn't really point to anything
specifically, but my body did seem to be changing. After a couple of
weeks my breasts got kind of puffy and actually looked a little bigger
to me. The diet pills seemed effective as I was no longer very
interested in eating and continued to steadily loose weight. It did
seem like I was becoming more emotional and one time when Sherry was a
little critical of me about some minor thing, I began to cry, which was
very much out of character. I attributed it to the female hormones I
was taking.

About three weeks into my medications I came home from work to see that
a lot of packages had been delivered. They were all addressed to
Brandi Thoman. I figured it was stuff Sherry ordered on line for me
but she must have made a typo when filling out the delivery address. I
thought about opening the packages but decided I should wait till
Sherry got home from work, since it was stuff she ordered.

When she arrived home Sherry was in a bubbly mood. "Oh good, your new
wardrobe has arrived. I can't wait for you to try things on."

"You messed up the address Sherry. These came addressed to Brandi
Thoman, not to me or you."

"Well I can't very well order girls clothing for a guy named Bradley.
Brandi was as close as I could come to your old name and still make it
a girl's name. I do hope you like it."

"Yes Brandi is an ok name. I remember there was an old song I used to
like about a girl named Brandi."

"I'm glad you like it Brandi. It is much more suitable than your old

"My old name? What do you mean?"

"Your old name was Bradley. Your new name is Brandi. That should be
obvious even to a bimbo like you."

A bimbo? Now she thinks I'm a bimbo? Cripes. Just because I'm going
to grow breasts doesn't make me a bimbo. Yes I know Sherry is a lot
smarter than me, but she doesn't need to call me a bimbo. "So you're
serious about the name change thing. You want to call me Brandi all
the time now?"

"Yes Brandi. I'm going to have your name legally changed to Brandi."

"Brandi Thoman. That will take some getting used to."

"Not Brandi Thoman. I'll petition the courts to change your name to
Brandi Sue Schwartz."

"Schwartz? That's your maiden name."

"Yes Brandi. I'll be using my maiden name from now on, and I want you
to assume my last name as well. It is quite common for lesbian couples
to do that."

"So what you're saying is that I'm like becoming your wife instead of
your husband so I should take your last name instead of you taking my
last name?"

"Yes Brandi Sue. That's very good. My little bimbo figured that out
all by herself."

I just gritted my teeth, but I didn't say anything about her
condescending comment. Just because she is smarter than me doesn't
give her the right to make fun of me about it. I sat while Sherry
started to open the packages; the packages of girl's clothing for
Brandi Sue Schwartz.

"I got you two new body shapers Brandi. You've lost so much weight
that we need to go down a size. Try one on."

I took off my shirt and pants and began to unfasten the twenty hooks
and eyes on the old body shaper I was wearing. It was size 'large'.
The new ones were 'medium'. Sherry was right. My old shapers were
fitting much looser than when I first got them. It took some effort
but I managed to stretch the new rubber garment enough to begin
fastening the hooks and eyes. Like my old ones, the new body shaper
was braless but there were a series of garter straps that dangled down
from the bottom of the garment. It was designed not only to compress
my waist to an unnaturally small circumference, but to hold up a pair
of girl's nylon stockings as well.

Sherry stood next to me and ran her hands up and down the sides of the
body shaper. "That's much better Brandi. It must be taking at least a
couple more inches off your waist line. Stay here, I'll be right

She went into the utility room, returning momentarily with a cloth tape
measure. She wrapped it around newly compressed waist. "You're down
to a 27 inch waist Brandi. Isn't that wonderful?"

"Wow. My old jeans have a 33 inch waist. They aren't going to fit at
all now."

"No Brandi dear. Your old male clothing no longer fits properly. I
suppose I should just give everything to a thrift store so some needy
person can benefit from them."

Sherry handed me a small package; a pair of nylon stockings. "Put
these on next Brandi."

Having watched my wife put on stockings and pantyhose for five years I
had a pretty good idea how to go about it. I rolled the stockings down
to the toe and then slipped them on my bare feet, rolling them up to
mid thigh. Sherry had to show me how to fasten the metal and rubber
garter tabs. Like the rest of my body shaper, the garters were rubber
and stretched down to attach to my stocking tops. Once fastened, the
garters put a downward pull on my garment. Sherry compensated for this
by shortening the shoulder straps until a sort of equilibrium was

"Your pretty breasts are becoming much more prominent now Brandi.
Shall we see how your new bras fit?"

I looked down at my chest. The smaller body shaper definitely made my
breasts more defined. "Wow, it's really happening isn't it Sherry? I
actually do look like I need a bra."

She opened another package. "I ordered 34 A bras to start, although it
looks like you may need a B cup before much longer."

She handed me my very first bra. I slid my arms through the shoulder
straps and pulled it up and over my breasts. It took some fumbling to
get the hooks fastened behind my back but I managed. I started to
laugh. "I used to be pretty good at unhooking a girl's bra on a date,
but I never thought I'd need to be able to hook one up again."

Sherry stood facing me and gave me a deep wet kiss. "Oh Brandi you
look so cute in your new bra and stockings. I love this." She reached
between my legs. My penis was starting to get hard. She took me right
there on the kitchen floor. I lasted a surprisingly long time before I
finally had a climax. I wondered if the d**gs I was taking might have
anything to do with my new staying power.

After we untangled ourselves and cleaned up, Sherry resumed opening
packages. The next item was a pair of girl's panties. They were white
bikini cut panties made of a stretchy nylon fabric. I stepped into
them and pulled them up over the outside of my stockings and garters,
tucking my now deflated penis down between my legs.

Then she handed me a white shirt to put on. It was tailored with much
more of a taper; a smaller waist and a more ample top. The buttons
were backwards and I realized it was actually a girl's blouse and not a
man's shirt. But the fact is it fit me much better than my old shirts.
The fabric was soft and silky and had a shine to it. If felt much
nicer than my old flannel shirts.

Next was a new pair of pants. They were black and had the feel of a
polyester blend. The fit was good. They were a little tight at the
waist but widened out to accommodate my growing butt. They zipped on
the left side rather than in front.

"Are my new pants a 27 Sherry?"

"No Brandi, they are a Misses size 8. But that does work out to about
a 27 inch waist."

"They fit pretty good at my waist and butt, but they're too long. The
cuffs are dragging on the floor."

"Brandi you are such a bimbo. You're barefoot. Once you put your new
shoes on the length should be fine."

Sherry handed me a shoe box. Inside was a pair of black leather slip
on shoes with a really tall stacked heel. "Sherry I can't wear these.
These are girl's shoes; high heels no less."

I was startled when Sherry gave me a hard slap on the face. "You can
and you will wear them Brandi. Yes they are girl's shoes. Yes they
have high heels. But look at yourself. You're wearing a girl's
blouse, a girl's bra and body shaper, girl's nylon stockings, girl's
panties and pants. And you have the gall to stand there and tell me
you can't wear these pretty new shoes that I bought as a gift for you
and paid for with my money? I swear sometimes I wonder if you are
really worth all the effort."

I started to cry. I just burst into tears. "I'm sorry Sherry. I
didn't mean that. I'll wear the new shoes. I'll wear whatever you
want me to wear Sherry. I love you so much. Please forgive me."

She wrapped her arms around me to comfort me. "There, there Brandi.
It will be ok. Mistress Sherry is here for you. Mistress Sherry will
take care of you. You just have to be a good girl and obey Mistress
Sherry and everything will be fine. Mistress Sherry loves you Brandi.
She loves you very much."

Still sobbing I said, "How ... how high are the heels on my new shoes
Mistress Sherry?"

"They are only four inches Brandi; just the right height for a girl
wearing high heels for the first time. Now why don't you sit down and
put them on like a good little bimbo."

It was a day of firsts; my first bra, my first panties, my first high
heels and my first nylon stockings. Sherry had me parade around the
room in my new high heels, modeling my outfit for her enjoyment. I was
quite unsteady in the heels initially but soon got the hang of them.
Sherry was right; the pant length was perfect as long as I wore shoes
with a four inch heel.

The next gift from my loving wife was a makeup kit. She took me into
our bedroom and seated me at her makeup table with the brightly lit
mirror. She carefully instructed me in the art of makeup, starting
with foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, blush, lip liner and lipstick.
I was amazed at the change that a little makeup could make. I really
felt that I had the face of a girl when I looked at my reflected image,
but of course I still had a man's haircut. That conflict was resolved
when Sherry put a wig on my head. I was transformed from a guy with
short brown hair into a girl with long blond hair. I couldn't help but
smile at the changes Sherry had wrought.

"I think blond hair suits you well Brandi. You really do look my
little blond bimbo now."

I wish she wouldn't keep calling me a bimbo. It's not like I'm that
dumb. But I guess its all relative. Sherry has like this rocket
scientist IQ, and I flunked out after one semester of college. I guess
to her I really am a bimbo. I might as well accept that and get used
to it.

"I think you are ready Brandi. Let's go out."

"Out, as in out in public?"

"Yes Brandi dear. Inside our house is private; outside is public. You
got that? In equals private, out equals public. Surely even a bimbo
like you can comprehend that"

"But I can't go out like this Sherry. What will people think? What
will they say?"

"People will think we are two attractive girls out on a date. They
might even think we are lesbian lovers Brandi."

"But everyone will know I'm a guy. Just cause I'm wearing girl's
clothes doesn't make me a girl; I'm still a guy."

"No Brandi my love; you are not still a guy. You are a girl with a
penis. But as long as you keep your panties on, no one will know that.
They will just see you as another girl like me. Although I suggest
that you let me do the talking; your voice male is a bit of a

"You really think I can pass as a girl in public Sherry?"

"Yes Brandi, as long as you behave and keep your little mouth shut no
one is going to know. Now, I'm starved. There is a new restaurant I
want us to try. Grab your keys and wallet."

I got my keys and wallet from the table. I started to put them in my
pocket when I realized my new pants didn't have pockets. "What am I
supposed to do with my stuff Sherry? I don't have any pockets."

"I almost forgot Brandi. Here is your new purse. Just put those
things in your purse and carry it over your shoulder."

I opened the purse to put my keys and wallet inside. There was already
some stuff in my purse. There was a tube of lipstick, a little makeup
kit, two tampons, a package of Virginia Slims cigarettes and a gold
cigarette lighter.

"I understand about the makeup and lipstick Sherry, but I don't smoke
and I sure don't have any need for tampons."

"Girls must always carry tampons in their purse Brandi. Now let's go.
I'll drive."

She was right of course. No one seemed to pay much attention to us and
I'm pretty sure no one knew of my true gender. We had a lovely meal at
a French restaurant. Sherry actually let me eat an entire entrée. I
wasn't allowed any bread or potatoes, but I had some lamb which was
excellent. Sherry ordered for us both and I kept silent. We split a
bottle of white wine. I would rather have had a couple of beers, but
that's no longer on my diet and besides Sherry says white wine is a
more feminine beverage than beer.

Between courses Sherry said, "Take your purse and go into the bathroom;
the ladies bathroom. Sit on a stool and insert one of your tampons
into your rectum. Then wash your hands like a good girl and return to
the table. Do you understand?"

I silently nodded my head in the affirmative and walked into a public
ladies restroom for the first time in my life. I took down my pants
and panties and tore the wrapper off one of the tampons. I had seen
Sherry use them at home often enough that I knew how the applicator
worked. I carefully pushed the tampon up into my rectum and then
pulled out the applicator. The tampon was fully inside me leaving only
the little string dangling between my butt cheeks. I got my pants back
on, washed my hands and returned to our table. My face felt flush with
embarrassment, but I doubted it that would show through all the makeup
I was wearing.

"Did you do as instructed Brandi?"

Sitting in the chair I was very aware of the tampon filling my rectum.
I slowly nodded yes.

"Good girl. You are becoming such a nice obedient bimbo. I am so
pleased with you Brandi."

I smiled. What else could I do? She wants me to be her bimbo; her
obedient bimbo. I remember something in our wedding vows about love,
honor and obey. I really do love her. I honor her. And I guess I
must obey her as well.

Sherry paid the tab and we walked back to her car. She took my hand
and we walked like two girls on a date; like lesbian lovers. Once in
the car Sherry said, "Light me a cigarette Brandi."

"But Sherry, you don't smoke. You quit smoking before we got married."

"I still smoke on special occasions Brandi, and tonight is a very
special occasion. Now open your package of cigarettes, take one and
light it for me."

I did as instructed. I put the cigarette between my lips and lit it,
drawing some smoke into my mouth which made me cough. Then I handed it
to Sherry. I watched as she took a deep drag on the slender feminine
cigarette. She turned to me and smiled. "Light one for yourself too

I hesitated, then opened my purse and pulled out another one, lighting
it as I had done for Sherry. I coughed again. I was sort of puffing
on it but not inhaling any smoke into my lungs.

"You need to inhale Brandi. Draw smoke into your lungs and then exhale
it. That will give you a nicotine hit. It may seem unpleasant at
first but you'll get used to it, and eventually look forward to smoking
as I do."

So I started to inhale tobacco smoke. I coughed a little but
eventually got the hang of it. My head seemed to be buzzing which I
attributed to the narcotic effect of the nicotine. Sherry started the
car. Instead of heading back home she drove to a nearby shopping mall
and parked in the lot. We finished our cigarettes and she took me by
the hand, steering me into the mall. I had no clue about our
destination but Sherry seemed to know exactly where she was headed.

We walked into a jewelry store called Claire's. In a matter of minutes
my ears were double pierced and we left with me sporting two four
millimeter stainless steel ball studs in each ear. The piercing stung
some but it really wasn't that painful. As we wandered through the
mall I was aware of the foreign objects now embedded in my flesh, just
as I was aware of the tampon filling my ass. We stopped in another
jewelry store and Sherry picked out some costume jewelry for me. She
gave me a choker necklace, a couple of bracelets, three finger rings,
and an ankle chain.

There is a saying about how clothes make the man. I guess clothes make
the girl too. With my new clothes, jewelry, makeup, wig and high heels
I almost felt like a girl. I felt so feminine. I suppose that's
unnatural, and maybe it was linked to all the hormones I was taking,
but I really was starting to like my feminine look. I remembered
Doctor Myerson talking about how the anti-anxiety d**g I was on would
make it easier for me to accept and embrace the changes taking place.
I guess she was right.

On the drive home from the mall we each smoked another cigarette.

"Brandi dear did you know that smoking will help suppress your appetite
and make dieting easier? I think in the future when you feel hungry
instead of having a snack you should just smoke a cigarette. I know
they pose some health risks, but I am certain that more people die from
obesity that from tobacco and you know prone you are to gain weight."

"I ... I guess I can try that Sherry, if you really think it will help
me get to my target weight."

"Good girl. Besides, I think most blond bimbos smoke, so smoking will
sort of help reinf***e your bimbo image."

"Is that what you want Sherry? You want me to convey the image of a
blond bimbo?"

"Yes my darling. That is exactly the image I have in mind for you.
Perhaps you should start chewing gum too. That's another classic bimbo

When we arrived home we undressed and Sherry took me straight to bed.
My penis didn't seem to get very hard but she was able to mount me and
eventually I had a little climax. I guess all the excitement of my
feminine debut took some of the starch out of my penis.

I forgot all about the tampon in my bottom until the next morning when
I went to use the toilet. It came out with my morning bowel movement.
Then I showered and started to get dressed for work. I had my body
shaper on and was starting to put on an old pair of jeans when Sherry
woke up.

"What the hell are you doing Brandi?"

"I'm getting dressed to go to work."

"Not in those old jeans Brandi. You know that your old male clothing
no longer fits properly. Today you'll wear your new clothes to work."

"But everyone knows me at work. They know I'm a guy. I can't go to
work wearing girl's clothing."

"You can and you will Brandi. From this day forward there will be no
more sloppy male clothing on your body. Is that understood?"

"But it will be humiliating. I'll be totally embarrassed. Everyone
will know."

"I don't recall you complaining about being embarrassed or humiliated
last night Brandi. You seemed quite happy to be out in public in your
pretty new clothes. I'm not going to let you lead two lives Brandi.
You will dress and live as a female at home and at work from this day
forward. You will wear makeup and your new jewelry. You will wear
stockings and high heels. You will wear a bra."

"But what am I supposed to say to people. What should I tell my

"Tell them the truth Brandi. Tell them you are transitioning your
gender from male to female. Tell them that from now on your name is
Brandi Sue Schwartz and you are in the process of becoming a girl. Do
you understand?"

"Yes Sherry. Yes Mistress Sherry. I understand. I'll wear the same
outfit I wore last night. I'll go to work dressed as a girl from now

"Good girl Brandi. You make me so proud. Now, you better get busy
with your makeup. You will soon discover that getting dressed as a
girl is considerably more time consuming that what you are used to."

And so it began. I was "out". From that day onward I never wore
another stitch of male clothing. Sherry disposed of all my old clothes
and underwear and footwear. She bought me more new outfits. More
Misses size 8 pants. In a couple weeks I started wearing skirts and
dresses. My new shoes and boots all had high heels.

Things went surprisingly well for me at work. Once people got over the
initial shock they more or less accepted me. Well, most of the men
kept their distance and a couple of them made unpleasant comments,
calling me names like queer or fag or pervert. But the girls at work
actually drew closer to me. I guess they thought of me as a member of
their s****rhood and they often included me in conversations about
their boyfriends and such. There was some initial confusion about
which bathroom I should use at work but the girls all agreed that it
would be better for me to use their bathroom than the men's room.

I wore wigs to work for about two months. By then my hair had grown
long enough to be styled. For my first trip to the salon Sherry had
them trim my hair and color it a very light blond; almost white. I got
my first manicure and came home with long red nails. It took a while
to adapt to long nails, especially when using a computer keyboard, but
I managed and with time and practice became proficient. The girls at
work were very complimentary about my nails and my new hairstyle.

We got two fifteen minute breaks a day at work. I used to go to the
break room and usually have a coke or a snack. Now I went outside with
the other smokers and had a cigarette. It really did help curb my
appetite and most of the other girls smoked too, so it gave us a chance
to socialize.

I had follow up appointments every month with Doctor Myerson. She
would draw a bl**d sample to make sure my hormones were at the right
balance. I continued to get hormone injections as well as taking all
the pills at home. The changes were so slow and gradual that they were
hard to notice, but I could tell by how my bras fit that my breasts
were growing. I had to go from an A cup to a B cup. Mistress Sherry
was very pleased with that. My bottom also seemed to be growing as my
waistline shrank. I was getting curves; feminine curves. Sherry
reinf***ed my desire to be more feminine by complimenting me on my
looks; my progress in my transition.

Mistress Sherry continued to be the sexually aggressive one. I began
to associate my sexual pleasure with the fact that I was dressing as a
girl. I was pretty sure Sherry intended for me to make that link; to
connect my feminization with my sexuality.

My waist was not the only thing shrinking. It seemed that my penis and
balls were shrinking as well. It became increasingly difficult for me
to achieve an erection, and when I was able to penetrate my wife I had
trouble reaching a climax.

At my next appointment I asked Doctor Myerson about my 'problem'.

"It's a common side effect of the d**gs you are taking Brandi. It is
perfectly normal and nothing to worry about."

"Yes but I'm having trouble in bed Doctor Myerson. I'm not able to
satisfy my wife sexually like I used to."

"You used to function sexually as a male Brandi. But those functions
are in a state of permanent decline. You need to start satisfying
Mistress Sherry as a female."

"What do you mean Doctor?"

"God you really are dense Brandi. When two girls make love what do
they do Brandi?"

"I ... I guess they like lick each other or maybe use a dildo?"

"Yes my dear. As a girl you need to make love to Mistress Sherry with
your lips and your tongue; not your penis. Girls don't have penises do
they Brandi?"

"No Doctor, girls don't have penises."

"So girls use their mouths, or they buy a cock at an adult store. They
buy nice big hard rubber cocks and use them to pleasure their

"Yes I get it Doctor Myerson. If my penis doesn't work anymore, I
guess I just have to do like you said; use my mouth, or maybe buy a
dildo. But couldn't I just stop taking the pills Doctor? If I stop
taking the testosterone blocker won't my penis start to work better

"Brandi, the effects of the d**gs you are taking are largely
irreversible. Some people refer to the process as chemical castration.
If I take you off your meds, the castration process will stop, but I
doubt it you will ever achieve full penile functionality."

"You doubt it, but it sounds like there is at least a chance I could
get my penis working again if I stop taking the testosterone blocker?"

"Brandi dear, the only way I would ever take you off the testosterone
blocker is if you were physically castrated."

"But Doctor Myerson, it's my body we're talking about here. If I want
to stop taking some pills, that's my decision, not yours."

"On the contrary Brandi, the decision is neither yours nor mine. You
gave Mistress Sherry medical power of attorney. It is solely her
decision as to whether you remain on your current medications or not.
If you really wish to stop taking the testosterone blocker I can
suggest that to your wife, but the final decision is hers, not yours."

"Well I really would appreciate it if you would talk to her then
Doctor. I guess it's ultimately up to her like you said, but I sure
would appreciate it if you could give me a chance to have a functioning
penis again."

"I can call her right now if you wish Brandi."

That would be super Doctor Myerson. I really appreciate it."

My endocrinologist made the phone call to Sherry. Of course I could
only hear one side of the conversation.

"Hi Mistress Sherry. This is Doctor Myerson. I have Brandi here."

"No everything is fine. She tells me that her male equipment isn't
functioning like it used to. I tried explaining to her that this was
to be expected given her d**g regimen."

"I know. She's such a bimbo it's hard to her to comprehend these

"Yes I could take her off the Spironolactone if you like. But if I do,
I highly recommend that we do an orchiectomy."

"I can leave it empty or if you prefer I will insert a two

"Yes I can do it in my office as an outpatient procedure. You'll need
to sign the consent forms, and I want you here to drive her home after
the procedure."

"My calendar is open this afternoon after 4 pm."

"Yes that will be great. I'll see you at four."

Doctor Myerson hung up the phone. "Well Brandi, I talked to Mistress
Sherry and she agrees that we should take you off the testosterone
blocker. Be back here at four this afternoon and we'll take care of
the details. That gives you a couple of hours to kill. Why don't you
go shopping? They're having a shoe sale at Bakers. Just be sure to be
back in my office by four, ok?"

"Yes Doctor Myerson. Thanks so much. That sounds great. I'll see you
in a couple of hours then."

I took my doctor's advice and ran over to the mall. I found the cutest
pair of stilettos on sale at Bakers. They had a five and a half inch
spike heel and about a half inch platform sole. I liked them so much
that I decided to wear them and put my old heels in the shoebox. I
wandered around the mall a little more just to kill time. Then I drove
back to Doctor Myerson's office.

I was early so I smoked a couple of cigarettes while I waited. I was
starting to really like smoking and I suppose I was becoming addicted
to it like they say. I was still in my car in the parking lot when I
saw Mistress Sherry pull in. I got out and greeted her. We embraced
and kissed. We went inside and I went to the ladies room to repair my
lipstick. When I came out Mistress Sherry was signing some medical
form. Then the receptionist e****ted us both back to an examination
room. Doctor Myerson walked in pushing a cart with some medical stuff
on it. She embraced Mistress Sherry and then turned to me.

"Hop up on the table Brandi. This won't take long."

I sat on the side of the exam table.

"Undress, lie down and put your feet in the stirrups Brandi."

I did as instructed. There were heavy leather straps at the sides of
the exam table. She buckled one to each of my wrists. More straps
were buckled at my chest and waist. My ankles were buckled to the
stirrups. She opened the table and spread my legs wide apart, fully
exposing my male anatomy. She turned to Mistress Sherry.

"Shall I give her an anesthetic, or would you prefer that she fully
experience the procedure?"

"Well considering this is a once in a lifetime thing, I think she
should enjoy the full experience. Don't use any anesthetic."

"Is she a screamer Sherry? I can gag her if you like."

"Yes that would be a good idea. I would hate to disturb your
receptionist or others in the building."

Doctor Myerson left the room briefly and returned carrying something
consisting of a red rubber ball about the size of a golf ball, with a
bunch of leather straps fastened to it. "Open you mouth nice and wide

I was confused to say the least, but being all strapped down with my
privates totally exposed I knew better than to argue. So I opened wide
and she stuffed the ball in my mouth, buckling the leather straps
behind my neck and under my chin.

"How does that feel Brandi?"

I tried answering but was only able to make muted garbled sounds.
Speech was impossible with the ball tightly stuffed in my mouth.

Doctor Myerson walked to the foot of the exam table and put on a pair
of surgical rubber gloves. She swabbed some strong smelling stuff all
over my scrotum. I assumed it was an antiseptic. Then she took a
scalpel from the cart and to my great shock cut an incision down the
center line of my ball sack. There wasn't actually much pain from the
incision. Being strapped down I couldn't really see much of what she
was doing. Then I felt her manipulating my left testicle. In a moment
she pulled it through the incision. I could see my testicle exposed to
the air, with cords still attached running back inside my body. She
took a suture and tied off the cords. Then she took a scissors and cut
the cords as she held my bl**dy testicle in her hand. When finished
she casually tossed my testicle into a stainless steel pan on the tray

I started to scream. I felt tears flowing down my cheeks. I knew what
was happening. I was being castrated! I tried to shake free of my
bonds, but I was fastened tight and unable to do anything to protect
myself. In another couple of minutes my right testicle met the same
fate as my left one. I looked over into the pan on the tray table.
There were my two testicles; the source of my maleness. I knew my life
was changed forever. I knew the procedure was irreversible.

Then Doctor Myerson opened a sealed package and removed a spherical
ball about the same size as one of my recently departed testicles. It
looked to be made of some kind of hard plastic material. She shoved it
through my scrotal incision, partially refilling my empty ball sack. A
second plastic ball followed the first. Then she sutured the incision
closed and sprayed something on the wound.

"We're all done Brandi dear. You will be pleased to know that your
body will no longer produce any testosterone, so you'll no longer need
to take Spironolactone. I am so glad we were able to accommodate your
wishes. You must really thank your Mistress for permitting me to
perform this procedure."

I lay there still tightly gagged. I tossed my head from side to side
trying to say no; trying to convey that this is not what I wanted at
all. At that point both the doctor and Mistress Sherry left me alone,
still strapped to the table, still almost in shock from what they had
done to me. I'm not sure how much time passed as there were no clocks
in the examination room. Finally the door opened and they both came
back to the table. Doctor Myerson removed my gag and unbuckled the
straps, releasing me from my bondage. By this time I had calmed down.
I knew that what was done was done, and that there was absolutely
nothing I could do to get my testicles back. I more or less accepted
the reality of my situation.

Doctor Myerson spoke first. "How are you feeling Brandi dear?"

"I guess I'm ok, but this isn't what I wanted. I didn't want to be

"You still have a lovely set of prosthetic testicles Brandi. They just
don't produce any of that nasty testosterone. You should keep taking
the Spironolactone for another week to clean up any residual
testosterone in your system. Then estrogen will be the only hormone in
your system. There won't be any more hormonal conflicts; you will be
100% girl in a hormonal sense."

"What about sex? What about my penis? Will I still have erections?
Still be able to have sex with Miss Sherry?"

"For a time you may still have some minor erections, but longer term
your penis will only function as an outlet for your urine. It will
cease to function as a sex organ. Going forward you will have to
service your Mistress sexually with your mouth or a dildo, not with
your penis."

"Yes I get that part Doctor, but what about me? How can I have an
orgasm if my penis doesn't work anymore?"

"The same way any other girl does Brandi. Your Mistress will stimulate
you sexually and you will take pleasure from that."

"But I don't have a vagina like other girls Doctor. How can she
stimulate me?"

"With practice and training anal sex can be quite pleasurable Brandi.
Your Mistress can use a dildo on you just as she may permit you to use
one on her."

Within a week my scrotal suture had nicely healed and there were no
signs of infection or other problems. I stopped taking the
testosterone blocker. I also stopped having erections of any kind and
certainly never again had a male orgasm. I learned to pleasure my
Mistress orally. She continued to be on top, essentially sitting on my
face. She bought a strap on dildo. The first time it was used, I wore
it. I was on my back and she rode my artificial cock to what appeared
to be a nice orgasm. I was happy that I was still able to give her
pleasure with my mouth and with this hard rubber cock that never went
soft. But other than the psychological pleasure of pleasing her, my
own sexual pleasure was gone.

The next night Mistress Sherry wore the strap on cock. She had me on
my hands and knees and using ample lubricant was able to penetrate my
bottom hole with this faux penis that I judged to be twice the size of
mine when I was in my prime. My first time being sodomized was quite
painful. I eventually loosened up and the pain diminished but I didn't
have anything resembling an orgasm. I remembered Doctor Myerson saying
something about how it would take practice and training. On her third
attempt Mistress Sherry was successful. I had an anal orgasm. It
wasn't the same as my old male orgasms; it was neither better nor
worse; it was just different. There weren't any eruptions; there was
no shooting of semen or anything like that. I think probably it was a
lot like the kind of vaginal orgasms real girls have, though I can't be
sure of that.

Mistress Sherry, for that is how I now had to refer to her, arranged
for a legal name change and I now have a driver's license and credit
cards that refer to me as Brandi Sue Schwartz. Sherry also changed her
legal name back to her maiden name of Schwartz. The Thoman household
essentially ceased to exist. After I got to my target weight of 118
pounds, Doctor Myerson took me off the diet pills. I was able to
maintain my weight just by being careful about what I ate and
continuing to exercise a lot. Smoking also helped curb my appetite. I
guess I fully adjusted to my new gender. I stopped taking the anti-
anxiety medication as well. The only meds I still have to take are
estrogen, since my formerly male body will never be able to produce
that for me.

After a year on hormones my breasts seemed to stop growing and I was a
34B. Mistress Sherry arranged for me to have breast implants. The
dream or fantasy we talked about when this all started has finally come
true. I'm now a 36D and quite proud of it.

Mistress Sherry got a big promotion at work and is now a Vice President
making something north of $200,000 a year. She made me quit my job at
the brokerage in order to become her full time 'housewife'. I'm
comfortable; content in my new role. It certainly isn't what I
expected out of life, but looking back I now realize that I make a much
better girl than I ever did a man. I love my wife/girlfriend/lesbian
lover/Mistress more than ever, and I am confident that she loves me
just as deeply.

Yes, she is the boss, and I am her ever so obedient servant, but that
is the role I am best suited for. She has introduced discipline ...
corporal punishment into our relationship. When I'm a bad girl, I get
punished, usually with a riding crop. When I'm a good girl I get
rewarded. My reward might be something as simple as a cute new pair of
high heeled shoes or some new earrings. But occasionally I receive the
ultimate reward; an orgasm derived from her strap on dildo. Some might
think our sex life is rather one sided. I serve her orally almost
every night, while my anal orgasms only happen once or twice a month.
But I don't mind. She is, after all, my Superior; my Mistress. I am
just her blond bimbo slave girl. Her pleasure is paramount. Mine is
clearly secondary. I suppose there are those who think I'm pathetic;
those who feel sorry for me. But they don't really understand. This
role fulfills my destiny. I can think of no higher calling that my
service to my Mistress. My life is now complete. I am fulfilled.

70% (17/7)
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HOT transformation!
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This was quite enjoyable~~
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OMGGGGG i totally agree!!!
i never expected the castration part!!
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Had to stop at the day of firsts - it's getting me excited so far, hope it continues to do so. Kisses
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wow whaty a story very different and sad but also veryerotic
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This was kinda fucked up...