My Dirty s****r

So it was 2 months after my first s****r encounter. I got home from school and went to sit in the tub and masturbate and think of the girls at my school in the tight pants. I was sitting in the bath tub with a massive boner. All of the sudden I heard the door knob clack around. I knew it was my s****r because my parents were not home. I said " someones in here" I got no answer the door still kept clacking. all of the sudden the door opened. My s****r had picked the bathroom door lock and opened the door. She was naked but covered with a towel. She closed the door behind her and locked it. I was just looking at her. My cock was soo hard at this point. She dropped her towel on the ground and stepped in the tub. She got straight to the point she sat straight on my lap. As she sat down my cock when so hard and slip right into her tight asshole. She moaned a bit then quieted down. My cock was deep in her ass now. She turned around to face me in the bath. she lifted her legs up and was sitting on me like a horse. We were face to face now. She went in to kiss me, I felt her juicy lips touch mine and her tongue go in to my mouth. We made out for a while then she started to grind against me while my cock was in her ass. We started to fuck she turned around so I could fuck her in the ass easier I was pumping very hard she was screaming "UHH HARDER HARDER" I put all my effort in fucking her with my cock and rubbing her pussy with my fingers. In a minute I felt liquid splash on my fingers. She squirt all over my hand. She was moaning like crazy. A second later I felt the cum go shooting out of me straight in to her asshole. (It was the best orgasm I have had to date). After we sat and talked for a bit to calm down. Then we got out dried off and went to our rooms and waited for the next adventure. The End
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1 year ago
Very good start indeed,,,thanks
1 year ago
good but short