A day for our special time together.

You wake, suddenly a smile crosses your face and you realize today is the day I'm coming to town.
You get up, have some breakfast and images of our last visit keep coming to mind. You run out and do some errands. You stop by the mall wanting to pick up a few special things for our visit. As you stroll around the ladies section you spot some lacy undergarments you just know I'll enjoy seeing you in and you'll surly love wearing for me. You quickly make your selection and head home with your purchase.
Your cell phone goes off and it's a message from me. I'm just cross into WV and your body tingles knowing the hour is growing near.
You pick up the back you have packed and jump into your car and rush off to the place we've agreed to meet.
Once you've checked into our room and gotten settled, you reach in your bag and pull out your favorite bath oils.
Just then your cell rings again and it's me saying that I'm just about to get off at the exit. You quickly send me back a smile and turn hurry up to start filing the tub with hot water. You go to the door and use the room key to slide into the lock so I'll be able to enter without you having to let me in. The bubbles are filing the tub and you quickly turn out the lights and light a few candles then undress and slip into the hot water letting the sensation just melt you away.
You lay there heart racing looking forward to me getting there when suddenly you hear the door click then slam shut, as the door opens to the bathroom you see me and the big smile that seeing you brings to my face. Without saying a word I walk in, kneel beside the tub and take your face in my hands and give you a good long deep passionate kiss. The sensation just makes us both melt as we feel our life long passion between us.
"Finally after all these years I get to help wash your back" I say with a smile. You fish around in the water to locate the wash cloth and hand it to me with a smile. With some small talk I take the wash cloth from you and help you lean forward so I can take time washing your back. The sensation of having your back and neck washed must makes you melt. O the feeling of being pampered. I spend a lot of time washing you from head to toe stopping to give you long kisses. The sensation of me kissing and washing you has you very aroused and wanting more.
As you prop up a leg to give me access you just lay back and close your eyes and enjoy the sensation of my hands exploring every inch of you. As my fingers slowly trace up your thighs you breath heavy and wish I'd just touch you. But we agreed that we'd take it nice and slow and make the afternoon last.
Finally the tension is to much to bear so you tell me it's time you get out of the tub and that I'm to leave the room. I follow your direction and close the door behind me as I leave.
You get out of the tub quickly drying off and slipping into your new pretties and a short silky gown to peak my reaction. After a little pampering you exit the bathroom to find that I've lowered the lights, lit a few candles and turned on some music for us. There I lay on the bed, just a thin sheet pulled up over me waiting for you. The sexual tension between us is almost to much to bear and it's hard to just not **** one another but you've been looking forward to that massage that I promised you. You crawl up on top of me making sure the thin sheet between us barely covers my waste and the kissing and caressing begins. We're so good together that we know each others bodies and just the right way to really heat up the moment. As you straddle me sense my arousal growing, knowing we can't take much more before losing control. Our kisses are so intense and it really makes our desire boil. You leaning in to kiss me you keep teasing me with quick glance down your gown to see the smile on my face knowing I approve of the days purchases. Your grinding at me through the sheets has you so wound up you know that much more of this and you'll be getting yourself off so you remember the promise of a massage and grab for the oil that you left beside the bed. You hand it to me with a smile just enjoy how we can playfully be with one another.
I reach to the other side of the bed and produce a couple of silky neck ties. The sight makes your heart skip a beat. Quickly I use one to blindfold you with. The sensation is rather stimulating. I move to help you off and to one side of me. We're both kneeling on the bed and I slowly help you out of that night gown. You hear a suttle moan and know I approve of your days purchase. I gently help you lay down across the bed getting you comfortable then begin to apply the massage oil in my hands to warm it up. I begin at the top of your neck, slowly working the oil into your skin and massage your tight muscles. The sensation just makes you melt away into the moment. As my hands continue to apply the oil and work down your back you feel the stress and tension just melt away from you. I spend a lot of time on your legs, you didn't know the muscles there were actually so tense. The constant massage has you so relaxed your fighting off sl**p. Once I get to your feet and I'm using the pressure of my thumb to work your arches you have no desire to sl**p but you can feel the sensation all the way up your legs. Suddenly I stop and straddle you and take both your wrist and use another of my neck ties to gently bind your wrist together. The sensation of not being to do as you wish is not like you but you totally trust me and want more of what's to come. After a bit more massaging I gently help you roll over to your back so I can complete the other side.
Again I start at your neck and the sensation of my fingers working your tired muscles just makes you drift away. Take a quick break from time to time to kiss you begins to stir arousal within you. I'm very careful working down your chest to make sure I don't stain your new clothes with oil but the sensation of my fingers tracing along the edges heats you up even more. Next I move down your belly and let the oil coat your skin as my finger tips sensually trace along the waste band of your new panties.
Quickly I move down your legs until I'm back at your feet. Only this time I'm working the oil between your toes and the sensation just rolls through your body. As I work back up your legs spending more time on the insides of your calves and thighs your desire builds to an unbearable level. I can quickly sense this with signs of moisture on your panties. My fingers trace along the edges and your hips are raising to meet my touch. Your breathing increases and you begin to beg me to touch you. I love having you this aroused but wanting to make it even more intense I move to lay across you letting my body just slide along yours so you can feel the heat between us and my arousal. When you finally raise your voice and say "GOD would you eat me already" I know you've had about all you can take. Your still blindfolded and can't see the smile on my face but you have a feeling I didn't mind the request. I quickly slide down your body, help part your legs and in no time you feel my breath on your wetness and nibbling at you through your panties.
The feeling of my fingers tracing your panties and my nibbles at you through the material is about all you can stand. Your somewhat helpless being blindfolded and hands bound, but that doesn't stop the sensation boiling within you. And in no time I have you screaming out as the first orgasm of the day rips through your body making you thrash around before clasping in bliss. You drift off for a second to the sense of my sensual touch, but your startled suddenly with the sense of warm flesh pressing at your lips. You smile knowing that I'm letting your lips have a little fun with my very aroused shaft. You try to shift and move so you can take it's length but I playfully keep my distance enough to mess with you. Suddenly you speak up, "I'll show you who's in charge here" and quickly roll yourself to get on your side. With a quick move you manage to get out of your panties and then use your body to position yourself on top of me. Laughing you know I like you in charge and even though still blindfolded and hands tied I know you can take me. You quickly work to guide me into you and in no time you've got your hips grinding and working up and down on my like crazy. You know by my moans that I'm really enjoying this and little effort you're taking all of my shaft and grinding into me like crazy. You just place your hands on my chest to give yourself leverage do your best to make up for lost time that we've not been able to spend together. It's so hot in the room and the heat between us is crazy. Within no time at all your body is tensing up and it's preparing for another crazy strong orgasm to take over you. I can sense this as well and I grab your ass with both my hands, help you up and down on me and suddenly we both scream out and enjoy total bliss together.
You body shakes and it wakes you from a sl**p. Your still blindfolded and hands tied and have lost track of time. You work to remove your blindfold and the clock tells you we've only been there an hour. That's a relief cause we both want lots more of what just happened.
I startle as well and we both laugh that we fucked our self into a c***. In not time flat the kissing begins and things heat up quickly. This time I want your hands free to explore so I quickly help you out of the bounds of my tie. The kissing just winds up both up like crazy and we're already going crazy wanting more. You smile, kiss me and take my face in your hands and guide them back between your thighs. You know what I so enjoy doing to you and you like it just as much. You grunt a bit with the first sensation of my mouth on you and quickly you move to have your legs wrapped around my neck pulling me in close to get a good taste of us both. You let out a yelp as you feel my fingers slip into you and begin to massage that special place. Your hips are raising to meet my licks, you wanting more, you can't get enough of that sensation. The feeling that my tongue gives you is just about more than you can handle, it almost takes over your body where you have no control over it. You feel it building and it's like you have no control over what is happening. With the moans your making it just fuels my desire to please you and I pick up the pace and devouring you. Suddenly you can't take it and your body releases. You loose sight and you feel your body spin out of control as the waves rip through you. You hear the gushing as I eagerly go down on you with such a hunger. Finally we collapse again in total bliss.

To be continued:::
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