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My wife's first BBC

The Wife’s First BBC

My wife has always been raised not to mix race when it comes to being married or having any type of sexual relationship. During our 16 years of marriage I have always told my wife that I would love to fuck a black girl once time, but of course she had always not like the ideal. Knowing this she also knows that I really enjoying watching interactional porn videos, and think they are very sexy, and recently she has begun watching these videos with me from time to time. So after a few times of watching these videos I began talking to her about how sexy it would be to watch her take about a 10 inch cock from a black guy. However, every time I would talk to her about it she would always laugh and ask me if I was trying to kill her. So as the 2011 year passed I continued to discuss this topic with her several times because I really wanted to watch her do this, and was hoping that I could convince her into doing it. Every time we discussed this topic she would always told me that she really could not see herself fucking a black guy. I would always laugh, and tell her that I have always heard the saying of “once you go black you never come back.” During these discussions I would also tell her that it was just a fuck, and that she was not looking for an individual to marry or anything like that. I also began telling her that I bet if she was d***k and horny she would not really care what cock was in her little pussy. Along with talking dirty to her about fucking a black guy I also began talking to her about personality types for the lucky candidate.
The reason personality type is so important with backing a black candidate for her to fuck is due to our jobs. We both deal with African American individuals every day, and both also have African American co-workers. So in our opinion there are a differences between and African American individual who has a great personality and one who dresses and acts like a Thug who just filmed an episode of COPS. So keeping this in mind I continued to ask questions about the personality and African American would need to have in order for her to consider letting me watcher her take her first BBC. So she told me that the individual would have to have a nice personality and not be pushy or act like a true Thug. She preferred that the individual acted and dressed like a professional and this would be enough to get her to take her first BBC. So finally I asked her if I could find an individual that was respectful, acted and dressed professional would she let me watch her fuck her first BBC. Once she told me that she would then the search was on for the Candidate. Then after searching for several months on different swinger sites, and of course getting past all the picture collectors and fake individuals out there I finally found a Candidate.
The individual that we found lived in the area of Fort Knox, and we came to know him simply as “Saw.” It also turned out that I happened to have an appointment at Fort knox on 5-16-2012. So since this seemed to work out perfect I began giving “Saw” more information about us, and also let him know that the wife and I would be around the area in May due to an appointment I had at Fort Knox. So as we talked we planned out the meet, and Saw agreed gave us his number and told us that if something happened and we ended up not going to Fort Knox that he would drive down our way to see us sometime. We all agreed and after a few more weeks it was time for us to travel to fort Knox. So on the morning of 5-16-2012 the wife and I got up early and began our four hour trip to fort knox where we would be staying in an hotel off base for the next few days. Once our trip began and after stopping for some breakfast the wife sent “Saw” a text letting him know that we had begun our trip to Ratcliff, KY for my business. Then approximately 30 minutes later we receive a text from Saw, which stated “Have a safe trip and I am looking forward to meeting and seeing you once you arrive.” After reading the message my wife stated “well he seems to be nice as she read me the message.” She then sent him another text telling him that we would text him once we arrived to our destination and got settled into our hotel room.
We arrived to our hotel at approximately 12:45 pm, and once we got settled into our room the wife sent Saw a message telling him that we arrived in town. Shortly after we sent Saw a text we also received one back asking us what time we was wanting to meet after my 3:00pm appointment at Fort Knox. I then asked the wife what time she wanted to meet after my appointment, and she replied “anytime will be fine. We just needed enough time to get done with Fort Knox, for us to grab a bite to eat, and for her to come back from to the hotel so she could take a shower. So I sent “Saw” another text letting him know what she said, and told him that 7:00pm would work great for us if it was good for him. Shortly he replied with “this will be a good time, and the wife and I continued with our day and business at Fort Knox. Once we completed our business in Fort Knox we stopped to get us a bite to eat before we returned to the hotel. After returning to the hotel we saw it was only 5:00 pm and we began to relax and watch some TV. I then asked the wife if she was still going to let me watch her fuck “Saw.” My then answered with a little hesitation, and stated “yeah, I am still going to if he will show up.” I then told my wife that I was going to text him and let him know we were still on so he could come earlier if he wanted, and gave him our room number. The wife then said that if he was going to come earlier she would go ahead and take a shower. After texting “Saw” he immediately texted me back and said that he would be on his way in about 30 minutes, and would text us when he got into the parking lot our hotel.
Once the wife was done with her shower and came of the bathroom I let her know that “Saw” would be on his way in about 30 minutes and that he would text us when he pulled into the hotel parking lot. I then told her that when the light on my phone turned green, it would be for some fun, and I was going to enjoy watching. She said ok, and laid back into the bed to relax. I could immediately tell that she was nervous because she was going back and forth to the bathroom. I then asked my wife “are you nervous baby, and she replied yes I am, but at the same time I am excited. I then to the wife to just relax, have fun, and enjoy the new experience, as I went on to talk to her about how horny I would be watching her before I joined in, and also told her “hell I may just completely watch and not even join in.” While we were talking she received a phone call from a friend of hers at work, and they continued to talk while I was watching TV. After about 30 minutes had pasted the light on my phone turned greened, so I went over to my phone to read the texted. The text read “I am on my way, so I replied, okay and reminded “Saw” to text us when he got in the parking lot. When the wife saw me read the text she stopped talking to her friend and said “He is going to be a no show, and I replied no he said he was leaving right now, and I head the wife say shit as continued talking to her friend.” Once the wife hung up I told her that when “Saw” arrived to just relax, have fun, and enjoy the experience, and told her “hell you might even like it enough to do it again.”
After talking to the wife for just a few minutes we heard a knock on our hotel room door. I then told the wife that it was him and he must have just forgotten to text us when he got into the parking lot. I told the wife to answer the door, because she was in a tight pair of jeans with a very low sexy top, and I knew that if “Saw” was as horny as I was then he would enjoy her answering the door instead of me. When the wife opened the door I heard the wife and what I assumed was “Saw” beginning to talk. She invited him into our hotel room, and I stood up to greet him. “Saw” was about 6 feet tall, 190lbs, had medium dark skin, with a completely shaved head, and through his clothes he looked muscular. “Saw” was dressed very neat and professional in a dress paints, a button up white shirt and wearing glasses. After greeting him I offered him a chair sit in, so we could talk and further get to know each other. “Saw” immediately began the conversation off by thanking the wife and me for allowing him to meet us. “Saw was very respectful and fun to talk to. After a few minutes of getting to know each other I stated to “Saw” one last question, do you mind if I take pictures and video of this. “Saw” replied no, and I told them they could begin having some fun while I got my camera ready.
While I got my camera out “Saw” began to help my wife with getting undressed. While pulling her clothes off I heard “Saw” say, dam you are a very sexy women. I turned and saw the wife standing in her matching pink boycott panties with the matching bra. I immediately said “She is very sexy, and Saw again agreed.” I sat down in the chair at the foot of the bed and began to watch as my wife pulled “Saw’s” shirt off. Once his shirt was off my wife stated “you do look fit and in shape like in the picture on the site.” The wife then walked over to “Saw” and got down onto her knees. “Saw” immediately began rubbing on her nice 36c firm breast as she began to pull his boxers off. As I continued to film, take pictures, watch and enjoy I could tell that she was still a little nervous. The wife and I both really did not know what to expect as well. At this point “Saw” was slightly turned away from me where I could not really see his cock. However, when the wife pulled his boxers down I could tell from her gasp of breath and facial expression that she seemed to be shocked, and that meant that “Saw” must had not been lacking in cock size. I told them to turn a bit so I could get a bet view of the action, and once they turned I could see his BBC hang down, and it wasn’t even hard.
The wife immediately asked “Saw” what size cock did he have, and he replied that his cock was 9 1/2 inches long when fully hard. Along with being a 9 1/2 inch cock it also looked like it was very thick as well. She then told him that he would have to take it easy on her, because she had never had a cock the size of his before. I stated to him “just so you know, you are the first black guy she has ever been with.” After telling him this he stated to the wife “I will take it easy on you baby.” The wife looked at me with a shocked look as she said “I don’t know if I can take all of that and I replied have fun and enjoy yourself baby, because I am sure going to enjoy watching.” She then stated “well let’s see if we can get it completely hard as placed his large soft cock into her mouth.” As I began to take plenty of pictures and video them together it did not take me long to feel my own 7 inch cock getting hard through my jeans, as my wife continued to watch my wife trying to take all of his black cock into her mouth trying her best to swallow it until she hit his balls with her sexy big lips. Once she tried this a few time, she would lick up and down the steam of his black cock down to his balls where she would lick and suck on his balls. I could tell that “Saw” was truly enjoying her giving him a blow job from his actions, facial expressions, and because I could hear him saying “Oh yeah baby, that feels so good.”
It was very, very sexy, and I took my paints off so I would have room to jack my cock off. After licking and sucking his balls she licked back up the steam of his black cock until she got to the head of his cock. Once at the head of his cock she licked on and around the head of his cock and then again tried to take all of his cock down her throat. Even though she could take all of his cock in her mouth while it was soft, once his cock got to its full hardness and length she could not take all over it anymore. As I watched I can remember thinking that his cock, might be just a little bit bigger than what he said. I could also tell that my wife was getting over her nervousness as she began to fall more into the moment and by how she was pound on his cock with her mouth, like she was trying to get every drop of cum from is black cock. I could also tell that he truly loved her nice firm breast as he continued to rub them the entire time she was sucking his cock.
After she sucked his cock for a few minutes she stood up and I watched as he assisted her with taking of her bra and panties. I then heard my wife tell “Saw” to let her try that big black cock out.” He immediately replied, “Ok.” The wife then laid down on the bed and spread her legs apart. Then once “Saw” seen her sexy little pussy spread he got down on his knees and began to lick on her pussy. As he began to lick and finger her pussy I could see my wife beginning to squirm, could hear her moans of pleasure and could see the wife’s pussy juice on his fingers as he continued to finger her pussy and I knew that her pussy was getting good and wet. As “Saw” continued to lick and finger her pussy for a few minutes, I took a brief break from taking pictures, and leaned back in my chair and began to stroke my cock a bit as I continued to watch my wife lying their enjoying the pleasure he was currently giving her. Once my wife could not take it anymore, she again told stated “let me try that big cock out.”
Then as “Saw” went to get his condom, I walked over to the wife and told her to suck my cock. The wife then stated you know I will take care of you baby as she began to place my hard 7 inch cock in her mouth. She began to pound on my cock going all the way down until her sexy lips touched my balls. Once her lips touched my balls a few times she pulled my cock out of her mouth and began to lick the steam of my cock down to my balls. Once she got to my balls she began to lick and suck on my balls, and it was feeling so fucking good. After licking and sucking my balls for a few minutes I could see that “Saw” had put his condom on and began walking back toward the bed. So I took my hand and pointed my cock to my wife’s mouth where she again began to suck my cock as I could feel her sexy lips hitting my balls with every stroke. Then once “Saw” made it back to the bed I told the wife that I was not joining in and was going back to sit down and watch the rest of the show. Completely shocked and knowing that I have never been able to just watch before my wife stated “are you sure, and I replied yes I am sure, and told her to enjoy as I watch.
I made my way over to my chair as “Saw” made his way back over to the bed, and as my wife scooted her sexy as to the edge of the bed. He then place his large black cock at the outer edge of her pussy lips, were I could take a good picture before he slide his large cock inside of my wife. Once the picture was taken I sat back down and heard my wife again tell him that she didn’t know if she could take all of his big cock. He again told her that he was start slow as he slowly slides his large black cock into her pussy. I could immediately tell from her facial expressions that his cock was feeling good going inside of her. Once “Saw” slowly got every inch of his cock into her pussy he began to slowly pull it back out. I could hear my wife continuing to moan as she was taking all of his cock in and out of her pussy has he began to pick up the paces of how fast his cock was entering and exiting from my wife’s pussy. As he continued to speed up he really began hitting the wife’s spot with his large cock, and I heard her telling him that his big cock was feeling good in her pussy, and continued to tell him to pound her pussy with his cock. Then after about five minutes of watching him pound on her pussy with his BBC they decided to switch positions.
“Saw” then got off over her and laid down in the bed on his back. My wife then walked onto the bed until she got over his cock. She then turned toward me and began to squat down. Once she got almost to his cock she reached down and place her hand onto his BBC. She then guided the head of his cock into the entrance of her still hot and wet pussy. Once the head of his cock was in the entrance of her pussy she began to slowly squat down until every inch of his large cock disappeared into her pussy. She began to work her sexy ass, like a true whore as she began to slide her pussy up and down on his cock. She began to moan again from as she continued to enjoy every inch of his large cock. I could also hear “Saw” almost immediately telling her that her pussy felt good on his big cock. After a few minutes of working her pussy on his cock he then reached up and pulled her back until she were laying on him as his cock fell out of her pussy. Once she was leaned all the way back he began to again rub her breast as she reached down with her hand and guided his big cock back into her pussy. After a few minutes of riding his cock in this position she turned facing him and again slides back onto his large cock. However, as she began fucking his cock this time she also began to lick his nipples, and I could hear him saying “Oh yeah, I like that baby, that feels good.” As she continues to ride his cock and lick his nipples I hear her state “cum for her baby, and he replies ladies first.”
After saying this they again switched positions, and “Saw” then turned her back over and again got on top of her. After he placed his large cock back into her pussy I saw her raise her legs and wrap them around his back, as she began to run her finger nails down his back all the way down to his ass cheeks. I then say him begin to lick and kiss on her neck and from being married to her for 16 years I knew this would get her close to getting ready to cum. After only a few minutes of him licking and kissing on her neck I began to see her legs tightening up, and from experience I knew her pussy was beginning to also tighten, from getting close to climax. He then stopped pumping my wife’s pussy and while his cock was still in her pussy he told her to close her legs. After her legs were closed he again began pound hard on her pussy, as he began to make louder and louder moaning and groaning sounds. My wife also began to moan and groan louder as she began to tighten her muscles as she came all over her first BBC. The after she cummed I knew from his continuing loud moaning and groaning that he was fixing to cum as well. Then everything stopped as the both finished cumming. Then after laying there for a few seconds “Saw” removed his cock from my wife and I could see the huge load he had shot in the condom as he removed if from his cock.
What a wonderful trip this turned out to be as everyone including me got to cum. Afterwards we sat around and talked for a bit more before “Saw” left. Then after he left I asked my wife if it was good, and would she do it again. The wife then stated “it was good, and she would for sure probably do it again.” I then stated to her “do you know what is better than one BBC, and I immediately answered two BBC.” She then stated “I don’t know, but we will see some time.” So as always we will have to see what our next kinky adventure will bring and where it will take us. However, not matter what or where it takes us I am always ready. The End…………………….

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11 months ago
A really great blog pos. it sounds like you chose your man well and all had a great time but that was a year ago and I'd love to know how things progressed from there.
1 year ago
great story
2 years ago
Great story. My wife really wants to try a BBC.
2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
this was a great story!!! even GREATER IF IT ITS TRUE!!!