Fun with the PC repair man

By now if you have been reading my last few posts you have probably figured out that we are a very fun and kinky couple. We love to have fun with each other as well as with others when we can and when both our professional and personal life allows. We still discuss each other’s fantasy and continue to enjoy helping each other fulfill these fantasies as we go through life. So to continue with stories of our life of sexual fun with each other and others after our first full threesome I continued to talk to my wife about how I would like to see her do more kinky things. I also told my wife that I would love to take her out to a bar or invite a complete stranger over to the house and watch her have her way with him before I joined in to help him with making her cum. At first my wife said I was crazy, but after I shared this fantasy with her a few times she began to think more about it and began talking about how hot it would knowing I was watching her fuck a stranger.
After we had a few of these talks about a week or so went by and we began not thinking about this fantasy. Then out of nowhere whether it was just good timing or the luck of the draw my computer began to act up and became a real headache trying to use. Then as computer frustration began to set in my wife and I then began discussing whether or not we should get the computer repaired or if it would be best just to buy another. However, since at the particular time we did not have the extra money to buy a new one, so we decided to contact a pc repair man we found on our towns local web page. The ad on the site was quick and to the point. The ad read “If you have a crashed or troubled computer or laptop let me have a look spend the money for another.” This ad also said “that individual would work with your schedule to resolve all of your computer needs.” So at the middle of the week on Wednesday I called the repair man up, where he and I began discussing his web page ad and what might be wrong with my computer. I also explained to him that my wife and I both worked during the day, and asked him when and what time would be best for me to bring the computer to him.
Then as sat there and listened to the repair man talking I noticed that he sounded like he was in his early thirty’s or younger. Then almost immediately with me being the horny devil I am, I began thinking about the fantasy of mine I had recently spoken to my wife about. The repair man then told me that if it was better for our schedule he could come over to our home and fix our computer. So I told him that Friday around 7:00 pm would be best for us, because the k**s would be gone to their grandmothers for the weekend and he would not be interrupted while he worked on our computer and ended the call. Shortly after hanging up the phone my wife came into the living room and asks me what the repair man had was wrong with our computer. I didn’t have anything to tell my wife because from the conversation with the repair man the only part I remembered was that he could come to our home Saturday if that would be better for us. So, I told my wife that I schedule him to come to our home Friday evening around 7:00 pm to work on and hopefully fix out computer.
After I got the computer repair scheduled to come to our home the main thing I had on my mind the rest of the evening was the fantasy I had shared with my wife. This fantasy seemed to be stuck in my head, and as my wife and I began to make love that night took the opportunity to bring this fantasy back up to her to see if she still thought it would be a hot fantasy to fulfill. However, this time when I discussed this fantasy with my wife I used the pc repair man to fill the stranger part and I began to tell her how I would like to watch her tease him and then take advantage of him while I was sitting on the couch watching and enjoying the show. She immediately began talking dirty to me and telling me what she would do to him as I was sinking my cock deep inside of her pussy. She knew that this turned me on and would make me fuck her extremely hard. I pounded that sweet hot pussy so hard and the load I shot completely filled her little pussy up. After we were done making love I continue to discuss this and told her that I wanted to see this in real life this weekend when the repair man showed up. Then to no surprise my wife looked at me asked me if I was crazy and said we don’t even know this guy. I then looked at her and said ok, and told her that was the whole fantasy and what was making the thought so hot. She then said you don’t even know how old this guy is. I then told the wife to think about it, and I told her that on the phone it sounded like he was around our age or younger and we both fell asl**p as usual.
Over the next few days every time I called home from work I would ensure to take a couple of minutes to remind her how fun the upcoming weekend would be. I knew if I done this it would keep my plans fresh in her mind, which would also increase the chances of her taking part in my sweet plan. Then as planned when I got home from work my Mother was at my house to pick up the k**s for the weekend. We sat around the house and talked to my mother until her and the k**s left around about 6 pm or a little after. Once we kissed the k**s good bye and my Mother and the k**s left I began telling my wife that the repair man would be there around 7:00 pm and asked her if she was going to have some fun. My wife then looked at me and told me that we would see, and told me she was going to go take a hot bath and shave her legs. When my wife told me this I pretty much without a doubt knew that I was going to have some fun tonight. Then as my wife was taking a bath I sat down and began to watch some TV, and before I knew it I heard a door slam in the Drive way, and I saw a man walking toward our front porch. This man was about 6’ medium build with short brown hair, and about 180 lbs. I then heard my wife yell and asked me if someone was outside, and I replied that it was the repair man as I heard him began to knock on the door. As I opened the door I also heard my wife say “oh god,” and I told her not to be nervous as I laughed and opened the door introducing myself to the man. The repair man then told me that his name was Travis and asked me if I was the guy that had the computer he was supposed to work on and I replied yes and asked told him to come in and have a seat as I got him the computer he was going to fix.
As Travis and I were sitting on the couch talking, while he was working on my laptop I began to wonder if my wife was going to do anything or chicken out. Then out of knew my wife came into the living room wearing a nighty. This night was a black and green corset complete with matching boycott panties and black stocking. Fuck she was looking good and my cock immediately began to get hard from the sight of her sexy body and the sexy cleavage showing. Then as my wife began to walk through the living room toward the kitchen I then quickly switch from the loveseat over to the recliner, in an attempt to see and watch Travis’s reaction. Travis’s reaction was almost funny as I could see his eyes following my wife’s ass through the living room, and he did not seem to be a bit shy as kept his eyes on her. In fact, he looked so long that it took him almost dropping my laptop before he looked away. At this point I just stretched back in my chair and began to watch my wife tease this man without even touching him. After getting her a quick drink she came back into the living room and sit down in the loveseat and placed her leg over the arm of the chair showing her the panty crease up the lips of her sweet little hot pussy. I then told Travis that I should have warned him that we love doing kinky stuff and it is unfelling what he will see while at our house, as I laughed. Then without missing a beat Travis said that it did not bother him at all and that it was giving him a great view as he finished fixing our laptop.
Then after a few minutes of Travis and I both looking at my wife, my wife told him that she did not want to interrupt him while he was working, and Travis replied that he was almost done anyway. I knew that by us both stirring at her it would make her very horny, because she loves to read good comments when I post her pictures on the web, because she says it makes her feel good knowing that she still has the figure to catch the eye of other men in the world. I then heard my wife tell Travis that since he was almost done let’s see if she could distract him to keep him hear longer. My wife then took her hands and began rubbing her breast on the outside of her corset. My cock was so hard watching her tease him, and immediately saw Travis’s Levis rising as his cock began to get hard. My wife continued to tease us as she undone her corset and began to rub her bar firm 36c breast with her left hand and she began to lick her own nipples. My wife also began to run her right hand downward, and ran her hand down into her panties as she began to rub her pussy. It was almost impossible for me to believe that she was teasing this stranger, but she was definitely was doing and it was making me horny had hell.
Once the wife began to finger her pussy I saw Travis’s shut the lid on my laptop as he leaned back onto the couch to enjoy the show. My wife then asked us if we both like watching her play with her pussy, where we both replied “fuck yeah.” Travis then told my wife that she was hot as hell and that he was sorry, but he had a major hard on. Then my wife got up from the couch, and began to make her way over to Travis. As she got on her knees in front of him she looked over at me and told me to enjoy the show. She then began to rub on Travis’s cock through the out sight of his Jeans, and I could tell by the look on his face that he was nervous and still a little shocked and surprised. I then told asked Travis why he was nervous as my wife continued to rub his cock through his Jeans. Travis replied that he had never fucked a woman while her man was watching, and have never done anything else wild like that either. Then I thought hell what else could I say to a man who was being taken advantage of by my wife. Then I told him that if he wanted her to stop she would, but if not then he should just sit back have fun, and enjoy the ride. Once I told Travis this it sure did not taking him long to make a decision, and he quickly replied that he was going to definitely enjoy himself as began to take his shirt off.
Once his shirt was off my wife continued to rub his cock through his jeans, and began to lick on his nipples, while he was reaching over her back and rubbing his hands on her ass and began to finger her beautiful pussy. She began to moan as she was enjoying his finger massaging the inside of her pussy. I could also see her back beginning to arch as her excitement began to increase, and could even feel my own cock beginning to throb and increase in size as my erections was becoming uncontrollable. What a show my sexy wife was conducting as I continued to enjoy the site of her being pleasured by another man that we had never met. My wife then pulled Travis’s cock from his jeans and began to tease his cock and balls with her tongue. Then I saw Travis lean back on our couch as my wife began to fully suck his cock. It was so hot and began making me so horny watching my wife attempting to take all of Travis’s cock down her throat, as also stroked his cock with her hand as if she was trying to get every drop of cum from his cock. I could tell that Travis’s was enjoying her blow job, because I could see his toes curling up through the top of his tennis shoes. At this point it did not take him long to ask her if he could feel his cock deep inside of her wet pussy.
My wife then gets up off of her knees and begins to mount his cock with her 36c firm breast in his face and her sexy ass toward me. It was so hot watching her slide her pussy lips down the stem of his cock until his cock was completely buried inside of her. Travis then began sucking her breasts and rubbing her ass as she began to ride his cock like an unbroken horse. I could hear her moans continuing to increase as I could see him attempting to get every inch of his cock into her pussy continued to ride him. Then after a few minutes of watching her riding him, she turned around and laid back against him allowing me to see her beautiful breasts. I then watched her reach down with her hand and grab his cock and f***e it again up in her pussy. As she began to again ride his cock, I was enjoying watching her tit’s bounce and seeing her facial expression of excitement as she was enjoying every inch of his cock inside of her dripping wet pussy. Then Travis stopped and I watched my wife clean her pussy juice from his cock, and then watched him lay her down onto the couch as he began to finger and lick her sweet pussy. This was so fucking hot and my cock continued to throb until I could not take it anymore, and I could not keep myself from joining in any longer.
So while I watched Travis eating my wife’s pussy I leaned back into my recliner and pulled my cock out of my jeans and began to stroke it. Then once my wife open her eyes and saw me stroking my cock she told me to bring it over to her, and of course without any hesitation I took my cock over to her where she began stroking my cock and rubbing my balls while Travis was licking and fingering her pussy. Then while she was enjoying him giving her pussy some tender loving care with his tongue she began to place my cock in her mouth and began sucking it, while stroking my cock with her hands as if she was trying to get every drop of cum from my cock. Then after a few minutes of watching her suck my cock while I rubbed her breasts and listened to her moan from the enjoyment of Travis licking her pussy, I asked her if we could DP her. I knew she didn’t know what this was so I took this opportunity to squeeze another fantasy into the fun know that when my wife is horny she will do almost anything. So when she asked what DP was, I explained to her that it was placing one cock in her ass while the other cock is in her pussy. Then to my surprise she told me to get some lube and to stick my cock in her ass. So knowing that I was taking advantage of her, what kind of a husband would I have been to say no? So being the good husband I am, I quickly went into the bed room and got the astro-glide that I just so happened to have.
I then took the astro-glide and began to rub it on my cock ensuring it was nice and slick for entry LOL….. Once it was ready to I began to rub some of the astro-glide on her sexy little asshole and massaging it as I continued to watch and listen to her moans of pleasure from riding Travis’s cock. Then as I began to finger her tight little asshole I could hear her moans getting louder and louder until she told me to stick my cock in her ass. I knew that her ass was going to feel good on my cock because I have always only been able to get one finger into her ass when she let me finger her ass while fucking her pussy, so my naturally excitement increase as well. Then as I began to place my cock toward her asshole I could see Travis licking and sucking my wife’s breast. Then once I got into position I began slowly entering my 7 1/2 cock into her. Her ass was so tight and warm, and it was very exciting knowing that I had entered new territory LOL……. Then as Travis and I began to work both of our 7 inch cocks in and out of her pussy and ass her moans also began to increase and we both could see her muscles beginning to tighten up, and we knew she was fixing to cum. As she began to quench we continued to work our cock in and out of her pussy and ass as deep and as fast as we could. Then once we both go into the full motion of fucking her pussy and ass it did not take us long to begin hearing her screams of pleasure as she began to cum.
Then as she was screaming of pleasure Travis and I both almost at the same time said “we were fixing to cum.” Then when I asked my wife were she wanted us to cum she told us both to feel both ends of her up. And from the look of Travis’s face I could tell that he had begun to fill his cum deep inside of her sweet little pussy, and I also began to fill her tight little asshole up with my cum as well. Once we had both emptied the cum from our cocks my wife laid down on the couch and let us watch the cum draining from both ends of her as she told us both thank you for the good time and pleasure. Then after enjoying watching her sexy bod lying there on the couch for a few minutes she began to clean herself as Travis and I began to put our clothes on. Then as I walked Travis out of the house he told the wife and I that if we need any computers or anything else repaired not to hesitate to give him a call, because he should would be happy to come and try to fix them no matter if he could fix them or not LOL………… The End……………

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Love it! WIsh my wife would go along with this
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