Hotel Stranger Pt. 2

This is the second part of a true story about my meeting a stranger in a hotel bar and the fun that followed.

Andreas and I were both fully satisfied and content and showered together after Charles left. While Andreas shaved and tended to his grooming I used the bidet and douched to ensure I was clean and fresh for anything that may happen when Charles returned in the evening. Once we were cleaned up we dressed and went out to spend the day shopping at some local shops. We also visited several of the Nashville area adult shoppes where I picked up a few outfits and some new toys as well. We had a great day and returned to the hotel around 5:30 that evening. I showered again and decided I wanted to go to one of the local swingers clubs for the evening to see what they are like in Nashville and got online while Andreas was in the shower.

It was about 7 and I was still naked when there was a knock at the door, I figured it was Charles returning and I was so excited about seeing him again that without thinking I ran to the door and opened it up ready to embrace him to find a stunned looking room service girl bringing a bottle of wine and a cheese tray Andreas had ordered. She came in and set it up but I could tell she was taken back by my complete nudity. I tipped her and she departed with a smile on her face.

My excitement about seeing Charles again continued to grow as I sipped on a glass of wine while throwing on a pair of lace white boy short panties and a tank type top and doing my makeup and hair trying to decide what I wanted to wear for the evening if we were going to try to hit one of the lifestyle clubs. I walked out of the bathroom and bedroom to the living area to find that Charles had shown up and was in the living room sitting on the couch talking to Andreas. I ran over and jumped into his lap and gave him a huge wet kiss and told him how happy I was that he had come back, I told him I had been thinking about him all day and he said he had been thinking of me too. He was still dressed in a nice suit complete with a tie and jacket. Charles had brought over a bottle of Patron and a bottle of Grey Goose along with some wine and both he and Andreas were enjoying a shot. I accepted and had two shots with them and could already feel a nice buzz happening and decided to return to the wine. We all sat around and talked and laughed for about an hour continuing to enjoy some drinks when I asked Charles if we wanted to give me his jacket to hang up. He replied and said he would give me his jacket if he could have my top. I laughed and agreed and soon was sitting topless in his lap loosening his tie and kissing him deeply.

Charles was such a wonderful kisser, he was firm but not hard and used his tongue to drive me wild. I had loosened his tie and proceeded to unbutton his shirt to expose his chest and moved down and began sucking and lightly biting his nipples to which he responded by getting instantly hard. I could feel his cock as I sat in his lap and moved to see a tent had formed in his dress slacks. I laughed and asked if we needed to give it a little air and he said yes so I got up off his lap and pulled him to his feet and removed his pants and shirt leaving Charles clad only in a tight pair of short cut mesh boxer briefs with a perfect outline of his rock hard cock. Charles offered to pour us all another drink so I moved over to Andreas and told him no fair with him being the only one in the room dressed. He did not protest and I pulled his muscle shirt over his head and then stripped him out of his jeans leaving him clad only in his DMK mesh mini boxers that revealed his now hard cock fully. I stood up and gave him a huge wet kiss and asked if he minded if we stayed in tonight as Charles returned with our drinks. He had poured us each a drink and gave us a shot of Patron. We goofed around a little with some great kissing action and some touching but all remained in our undershorts for at least another hour. I asked if we could order some room service in or if the guys wanted to get dressed and go someplace and we decided on the room service option. I called and ordered three filet's to order and we all put on one of the fluffy white robes they had in the bathroom.

It was not long before our dinner was at the door. I was happy to see a really cute guy dressed in his black jacket complete with a towel over his forearm bring our order into the room. The hotel specialized in providing an in-room dining experience and our serve proceeded to prepare a setting for three complete with flowers, candles and a bottle of wine. He stood back as we ate and anytime anything ran low he refilled our classes and offered services. I let my robe fall open slightly to allow him view to my tits and could tell by his look that it did not go un-noticed. Once our dinner was completed we had a cup of coffee and a nice desert. I gave the server a nice tip and before he walked out the door I approached him and told him I really appreciated his wonderful service and asked if I could kiss him before he left. He said yes and I allowed my robe to fall open and embraced him and gave him a big wet open mouth kiss which I know he was not expecting. As I moved away and thanked him his eyes looked directly at my smooth pussy and I could see a nice bulge in the front of his little waiter uniform. He finally looked back up and thanked us and left.

Andreas teased me about getting the help all worked up and told me I had been naughty and needed a good spanking, I love getting spanked playfully and it really makes me wet so I was more than happy to agree with him. I removed my robe and at the same time both Andreas and Charles took their robes off. I could see my little show had a positive effect on both the guys as their cocks were jetting out of their briefs nicely. Andreas sat on the couch and I walked over and laid over his lap ready to take my spanking. He gave my ass a nice hard slap that stung and sent volts of electricity up my spine. He then pulled my panties off my hips leaving them down around my thighs half way between the bottom of my cheeks and my knees. I knew from the way I was positioned both the guys were seeing a great view of my ass and pussy from behind. I love being in this position knowing I am fully exposed and Andreas would deliver a sharp slap and then message my cheeks pulling them apart to expose my ass and pussy together. I could feel the heat raising from my stinging cheeks and knew I was probably a bright red as I felt my pussy gush with wetness. Andreas offered Charles to spank me and I was happy to hear him agree. I got up and laid over Charles lap and he gave me a light little swat to which I replied to make it harder. It took several rounds before Charles gave me a delightfully hard smack that not only felt so good but that brought a tear in my eye.

Once my spanking was finished the guys send a lot of time messaging me from head to toe and paying attention to my burning stinging cheeks as I lay on my stomach over the bed and each of the guys knelt on either side of me. Andreas pulled me up onto my knees while I rested on my elbows and pushed his cock fully into my sopping wet pussy eliciting a moan of carnal pleasure from me. I kissed Charles in front of me and as Andreas gave me a deliberate f***eful slow fucking from behind I felt Charles crawl beneath me and felt him begin licking my swollen clitoris as Andreas continued to fuck me from behind. This was one of the hottest most erotic combinations I had ever experienced and I began to cum instantly and went on forever from the intense sensations.

I had to finally stop the guys as the intensity of my climax continued to rock my body. We all stopped and laid back for a moment catching our breath and I told the guys how that had to be the hottest thing I had ever experienced. I was still feeling waves of sensation pulse through my body for a good five minutes as we sat and talked. Both Andreas and Charles were still completely hard and were stroking their cocks the entire time we talked, I was really not sure if I could go again but it had been a long time since we had found a guy who was comfortable in doing DP and it is one of my favorite positions so I figured this was an opportunity to experience it done right. It seems so many guys are afraid of contact with another guy that it makes positions like DP more strained than pleasurable but from what had just occurred I did not think Charles would have any issues performing and making this pleasurable. I asked, “You guys up for some DP fun?” and they both responded hell yeah.

Charles was still lying on his back stroking his massive gorgeous cock with his feet toward the head board so I climbed on top of him facing his feet and lowered myself onto his cock in a reverse cowgirl position. The feeling of his large cock inside my pussy was so hot as I slowly began lowering and raising myself on top of him and he was moaning like he was really enjoying the sensations and the view of my ass and his cock invading my smooth pussy. We have never done DP in this position, we have always had all three of us facing the same direction so I was not sure exactly if this would work or not but figured it would give the guy on the bottom a great view. I called to Andreas and told him to fuck me in the ass and he came up behind me. It took a bit of maneuvering on his part to get into a position where he could get his cock pressed up against my back door and not be kneeling on top of Charles but after a few trials and position changes he was pushing into me. As the head of his cock pressed inside me it was amazing, My pussy was already full with the size of Charles cock filling me and now with Andreas beginning to fill my ass it was a rush of mixed sensations. Intense pleasure, fullness and as he advanced making my tight anal sphincter relax shots of pain, not a bad pain but a pain that added pleasure and sent shots of energy and sensations of euphoria through my body and to my brain.

It took a few more minutes before Andreas was able to get his cock inside me fully. I began fucking Charles cock again as I raised and lowered my body over the top of him and Andreas finally got a tempo going that had me in another round of climaxes, as one would subside the next would start. I don’t know if anyone could hear us or not but between the guys grunting and moaning and my screaming in total bliss I am certain the lobby was hearing us. I am not sure how long this action continued but I could feel Charles tighten up and then start to cum which almost immediately caused Andreas to bury himself as deep as he could into my ass. I had two magnificent cocks buried inside me as deeply as possible as all three of us rode out our orgasms and I was filled with loads of hot cum.

Andreas finished and pulled out but I was too exhausted to move and just slumped over onto the bed between Charles legs with his cock still inside me. Charles was breathing deeply and I think we both drifted into a sound sl**p together. I woke up as the sun began shining through our windows that morning and was still on top of Charles with his cock inside me. Before moving I looked over to see Andreas lying in the bed at our side sound asl**p. I began moving and both the guys stirred and started to wake up as well. It took some effort for me and Charles to get moved as we had not moved all night and were both a little stiff and stuck to each other. It was 6:30 on Sunday morning as we all managed to get out of the bed. Andreas had taken some pictures after he had got up the night before and showed them to us. He had several close up shots of Charles cock buried inside me with cum leaking around his cock from my pussy and a river of hot cum running from my ass down on us as well. They were very hot and Charles asked if we could email him the shots as well. After looking at the shots and a cup of coffee we all three jumped into the shower together. I was happy to hear Charles say he did not have any rounds to make today and could stay with us till Monday morning if it was ok with us. Of course we immediately agreed.

Sunday’s adventures continue in part 3
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