Hotel Stranger Pt. 1

This is another true story from early this year that occurred in Nashville, TN. After this my husband Andreas told me he had set the whole encounter up for me on one of the swinger sites we belong to. When it was happening I had no idea it had been pre-arranged but these are the type of things we do for each other from time to time. So, here is the recount of this hot time.

We left Miami on a Friday afternoon and traveled to Nashville, TN to spend a long weekend and checked into a very upscale and great five star hotel. Our room was spectacular on a high floor with wonderful windows overlooking the magnificent Downtown area. The room had separate living space, a small wet bar area, a gorgeous bedroom with full windows overlooking the city and complete with a hot tub. There was a bottle of Champagne and a plate of fresh fruit waiting for us when we checked in.

I had packed very light with only selecting an evening dress that was both elegant and provocative, some casual outfits and several pieces of lingerie and thongs that Andreas liked along with one of my favorite toys and a pack of condoms. The bellman who brought our bags up was a very polite and cute guy in his early twenties. Once we arrived into our room he gave us the tour and told us about the hotel services and then handed Andreas the key and asked if he wanted him to unpack for us. Andreas said yes and I blushed with knowing how I had packed. As he emptied my bag I noticed him looking at me several times and I wondered what went through his head. I got a little turned on as he delicately handled my lingerie and thongs placing them into the drawer space and then asked where I would like my toy. Once he was finished and had stored our bags in the closet Andreas tipped him well and we enjoyed the bottle of Champagne. We ended up using the hot tub and having some amazing sex together before starting to get ready for our evening out.

I had on a black cocktail dress that was cut extremely short and if I was not careful the dress would reveal much more than I was intending. I paired it with a pair of Cheetah Print 5” stiletto heels and my favorite fishnet flesh colored pantie hose and red lace thong. The outfit came together perfectly and I thought I looked stunning. Andreas had called for a car and as we walked through the lobby I got a lot of stares which I really enjoyed. Our car was waiting for us outside and we got inside. Our driver was a great guy with a real sense of humor telling us about the Nashville area and making recommendations as he drove us to a fantastic restaurant where we had an awesome meal before being taken to the theatre for the evening. We had a perfect evening and on the return to our hotel I made sure to sit so that our driver got a close up view of my pussy when he would look in his mirror. I think he was looking in the mirror more on the way back than he was forward with several close calls. Once back at the hotel Andreas tipped him and we went inside and decided to have a Martini in the piano bar before heading upstairs.

We ordered a second drink and Andreas said he needed to run upstairs and use the restroom and would join me back in the piano bar. As soon as he walked out a very well dressed gentleman approached me and complimented my dress. He was one of the most respectful and courteous guys I had met in a long time and was really pouring on the charm as he asked if he could join me. He was so hot looking at about 35 years old and standing about 6’ tall and thin with nice hair and perfect teeth that I really wanted him to sit with us so I told him yes. He continued to ask about what I did and where we were from all the while flattering me with great compliments. I finally decided to tell him I was married and he told me my husband was a really lucky guy. Andreas returned a few moments later and introduced himself to our guest and when he got up Andreas invited him to stay. I was really happy. We sat in the bar area for about an hour as I got to know Charles, he was a doctor who had recently relocated to Nashville from Arlington, VA. He was single and had spent a lot of time overseas in both France and England. He was one of the most generous and gracious men we have met and weather he was an skilled pick up artist or was really this nice I don’t know but he was very smooth. He bought a round of drinks and we had a fantastic time together. As the night continued I asked Charles if he would like to return to our room with us and then leaned over and gave him a big open mouth kiss so that he would know what I was looking forward to. He returned the kiss and was an excellent passionate kisser running his hand up my leg as we kissed and gently barely touched my now wet pussy sending a quiver through me. He finally said he would love to join us as we parted our kiss.

We rode up the elevator and laughed making small talk and finally reached the top floor and walked into our room. The windows were all open and the skyline was beautiful. Andreas turned on some music and Charles walked up behind me running his hands around my chest and kissing my neck and behind my ears which is one of my turn on places. Andreas came up in the front of me and embraced me sandwiching me between two men dressed in tuxedos as they both ran their hands over my body exploring me and both kissing me. I thought I was going to melt. They did not rush this and took a long time seductively and slowly undressing me. My dress was unzipped and then gently pulled over my head as the kissing and hand work continued and I was left standing in front of the open window in my thong, lace bra, hose and pumps, between two very hot men. As Charles pressed up against me from behind I could feel his cock straining through his pants. I wanted to taste it so incredibly bad but I did not want what was happening to stop. I don’t know when but as we kissed I realized my bra was now removed and my nipples were being fondled. These two gentlemen worked in unison as they caressed every inch of my body and kissed me from head to toe removing my garments slowly one by one until I was standing completely naked in front of the skyline being kissed all over by two men still in their full formal wear. This all ended up with me bent forward with my hands on the glass window in front of me looking over the skyline while Andreas licked my aching pussy from the front and Charles licked me from behind spending a lot of time circling and making sure my backdoor was fully satisfied. As they licked and darted their tongues simultaneously into each of my holes I was rocked with an incredible orgasm,

Despite this amazing orgasm I was still ready to go and wanted even more. I took a moment to recover as I sipped on a drink that Charles had prepared for me at the wet bar and we talked until I got on my knees and unfastened the pants of both Charles and Andreas removing their raging cocks and taking them into my mouth alternating between the two. Charles was nicely endowed with a nice set of balls. He was shaven completely smooth just like I like and had absolutely no trouble staying hard as a rock. His cock was probably 8.5” long and tipped with a great circumcised large head, and big enough around that it filled my entire hand. His balls were also cleanly shaved and hung below his cock nicely but not saggy with two very pronounced balls that I gently messaged and sucked on. Both men were moaning in complete pleasure as I sucked one and jerked the other. Each time I would return to the other they would have a huge drop of pre-cum on the head of their cock so I knew they were both really enjoying themselves. Charles had an amazing smell of manly musk that drove me wild as I sucked him. I finally brought him to the edge feeling his cock begin to twitch like men do right before they cum and I wanted to taste his cum so bad so I took him as deeply into my mouth as I could while I cupped and messaged his balls. He grabbed the back of my head and I felt his first jet of cum hit the back of my mouth with a f***e that almost took me by surprise. He continued erupting shots of hot cum into the back of my throat as I worked feverishly to swallow all I could. As soon as Charles was finished I immediately moved over to Andreas and gave him the same treatment until both cocks had filled me with their cum and were now flaccid and full limp. I told them both to get undressed as they stood weak in the knees and we all got into the hot tub and shared another drink and both guys rubbed on me.

After being in the tub for about 30 minutes I was wanting to feel Charles wonderful cock inside me so I got both guys to sit on the side of the hot tub out of the water and and did my best to suck them back to full hardness. Both did not take much effort both being semi hard to start off with and after about 5 minutes they were both fully hard and ready to go. They picked me up out of the tub and dried me off kissing my entire body before carrying me over to the bed and lying me down on my back. They both continued kissing me from my feet to my lips and spent time ensuring no part of my body was missed until I could not take it any longer and I muttered “Charles please fuck me with your magnificent cock.” He did not need to be told twice and I got up and got on all fours so he could take me from behind doggy style. He slowly pushed his hard cock into my waiting pussy and then began picking up his tempo as I pulled Andreas in front of me and ran my tongue over his shaft and took his balls into my mouth. Charles was really getting into a groove behind me as he reached up and pinched my nipples and I could hear his balls slapping against my skin as he drove deeply inside me before pulling back and repeating his motion. Volts of energy were shooting through my body from the wonderful fucking I was receiving as I pushed Andreas back and ran my tongue over the area between his balls and his anus before licking his ass and pushing my tongue slightly into him making him squirm and moan out in ecstasy.

Charles pulled out of me and Andreas moved behind me to pick up where Charles had left off. It felt so incredible when he pushed his beautiful cock into me and started fucking me fast and hard. I took Charles and started sucking his gorgeous cock that was covered in my sweet pussy juice cleaning him off before moving down to his tiny puckered anus and teasing it with my tongue. Guys love to have this area worked and I could tell his eyes were rolled back in his head and he was really enjoying the sensations. I made sure to keep him on the edge and not to let him cum since I wanted him to finish inside me. Andreas went on for about 10 minutes before pulling out and getting me off the bed and carrying me over to a plush pillow top chair in front of the window. He bent me over the back of the chair and then Charles entered me from behind this time picking up his pace and fucking me fast and hard while occasionally slapping my ass cheeks with a stinging blow increasing the sensations his cock was delivering with each thrust and making me moan out in pure pleasure. Andreas was in front of me sucking on my rock hard nipples and also my mouth as I was in complete bliss from the hot action and had several back to back climaxes that rattled my body and subsided into the next climax. I heard Charles grunt and cold feel his tremendous cock twitch inside me and knew we has about to blow his load. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed himself as deep inside me as he could manage and then held me there as his body jerked and spasmed shooting a huge load of cum deep inside me. He stayed in this position leaning on my back until I felt his cock shrink and fall out of me. I got up and led him to the bed and laid him down and gave his cock a lick tasting our mixed juices and cum before moving up and kissing him deeply and passionately letting him taste our cum from my mouth. Andreas moved behind me as I lay on top of Charles kissing him and pushed into my pussy and fucked me hard and fast for another 10 minutes making me again experience progressive climaxes until my body went into a frenzied orgasm that seemed to engulf my entire body as I felt Andreas empty a deep load of cum into my pussy.

Totally spent, we all three laid in the bed with me sandwiched between my two hot men and we fell asl**p together. It was about 7 the next morning when we woke up and Charles said he had to leave to make some hospital visits. We kissed and petted each other before he got into the shower and got dressed. It was Saturday morning and he asked if we had plans for the evening and we told him no. We agreed to meet up again around 8 here at our hotel and go out and grab a dinner and have some fun on the town.

I kissed him at the door still naked and he left. I then went into the shower and jumped in with Andreas.

I will write about Saturday’s meeting with Charles in my next part.
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