Steamy night 15/8/13

So like I said I would fill you in if that older babe was at the steam and sauna rooms. Well she was :-))). Saw her first in the steam room, and dam was it steamy in there last night,. She had on the same swim costume. It has a lovely low cut top which still showed off them ample size lovely shaped boobs, I could even make out where her nipples were at times and let me tell you the were nice and high in a good position, none of your pointing down saggy old boobs there. And when she got up that bikini was right up her ass again, I just couldn't of course help but stare at that ass. She has got a peachy butt with some lovely hips and legs. She popped out I guess to grab a drink of water but soon she was back in, She tucked her self back in the corner of the steam room which was next to me, she could have gone on the other side but I was sooooo happy she sat next to me. She pulled her legs up to her chest and cuddled them. I was leaning forward at the time getting a sneaky look between her legs every time she looked away or closed her eyes. I sat back and for a while just stared at her fine body while she had her eyes closed relaxing. I was looking every part of that body up and down from her lovely legs to them boobs. I leant forward a few times to get a better look in the low cut top area at her cleavage, and the side boob was teriffic. My cock was starting to get a bit hard but I was trying so hard to keep it under control. As I was leaning forward she decided to get up again, and this was the best bit, because of the angle she was sitting she had to face her body towards me and slide off seat to stand up. As I was looking in her direction that low cut bikin top and cleavage came to within an inch of my face. Normally I would have got a bit shy and leaned back but I held my ground, she just left her tits literally in my face for a few secs while she got her flip flops back on WOWWWWW is all I can say, and she knew all tooo well what she was doing. She went out and the steam room was all mine. I did lay down and play with myself a bit hoping she would come back in and catch me or see that my cock was hard and maybe it could have lead to something, heres to hoping, but alas she didn't come back in. She was in the sauna room when I got out so of course I had a rinse off and went in, she must know that I am perving over her and following her from room to room. We did have a little laugh over some old farts in the sauna chatting their heads off. I love Thursdays. Roll on next week. I hope she sits in the right chair that's near the gents showers. I f use the right on she can just see between the staggered wall carck at whoever is at that shower. Fuck it I will get naked and have a quick soap up for her. and if she is looking I might have a little play with myself and see where that goes. Laters all
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