Steamy night 8/8/13

Well I have just got in from my usual trip to the local swimming baths where me and my bud go for a steam and sauna every week. There was this, from what the guy next to me said, Columbian lady there. WOW. She must have been in her early 40's but what a body. She was wearing a tank top and bikini bottom set. It showed off her awesome cleavage and ample size boobs very well and her ass looked peachy, the later the evening went on the further up her ass her bikini bottoms went, and she didn't even try to pull them back out mmmmm. Me and my bud went in the steam room just after she did, of course it was perv o clock. She was laying to the right on her back with a towel over her face enjoying the hot steam. Luckily my buddy cant stay in the heat too long so he left after a few minutes, there I was just sitting next to her eyeing her fantastic figure up and down just hoping for a good angle to get a better view of them tits. She sat up and proceeded to sit in the opposite corner to me facing my way. I couldn't help but keep glancing over to her. That body was just wow wow wow. She must have known I was eyeing her up, every time she opened her eyes she clocked me looking and I turned my eyes away just to make it look like I wasn't really staring. I had my left leg up and angled and the right stretched out along the bench so I could touch my getting hard cock while I looked. A few time she started to rub the moisture off around her chest and off her legs. I am sure if we hadn't have had that old boy come in and disturb the steamy atmosphere she would have started to get a bit more naughty. as the old git sat down next to me I had to be careful that he didn't see me rubbing my now hard cock through my swim shorts. She pulled both her legs back and put her arms round them still glancing over to me when she opened her eyes. Mmmmm them legs were just lovely. Unfortunatly the old git didn't leave and her friend poked her head in and said something in another language and she got up to leave. She turned round and faced that peachy ass at me and bend over slightly to pick up her face towel. As she left through the door she turned and looked at me, it was a definite look because normally you would be out and the door shut quick behind you. I had angled me leg out a bit while the old git slide away from me to stretch his legs out in her space. Hopefully as she looked at me she clocked my hard cock, I think I gave her the right angle to see. It was sooooooo good. I am hoping she will be there next week, I will let you all know if she is. Im gonna wear my shorter shorts without the netting which if adjusted right you can get a good view of my cock and balls. you never know she may take me up on the flash and give me a little something back.. Heres to hoping eh. Damm I love the steam room tonight. Gonna find me some steamy porn and bang on out
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