My Hot Neighbour

I've been living in my house now for a few years and my next door neighbour Kim is a bit of a hottie. I have seen her out in the back garden a fair bit doing some gardening in some skimpy shorts and top or even sunbathing on her pation in a little bikini, she has a beautiful figure for her age wow.

Anyway recently i was down the bottom of my garden just locking up the garage late on night after putting the car away and decided to have a smoke before i went up the garden and indoor when i saw her bedroom light come on. I never really take any notice of things like that till now because she came in with just a towel on, i'm guessing fresh from the shower, and just started doing stuff around the bedroom like sorting out some clothes etc. Like i said i never really pay much attention but this night was soon to become much better.

As many of you may know if your in a room with the light on you cant really see outside, which in this case was a bonus, because as i continued with my fag she dropped her towel off and started to dry her damp body, Wow being my immediate though, there she was but naked and me down the garden with a growing cock.

The windows arnt too high up luckly so i could pretty much see everything she had to offer from her fine boobs down to her nicely trimmed pussy.

My immediate though was to get me cock out and start wanking but i was worried about if anyone could see me but after a while i just dropped me shorts and started to play with my now hard cock. After drying herself off she then proceeded to moisturise, omg what a great view, my sexy naked oiled up neighbour. At a few points i am sure she got close enough to the glass to see if anyone was outside, she may even have clocked me at the end of my garden wanking but this didnt stop her.

I had a lovely wank and cum all over my rose bush, being careful of the thorns of course hehe.

After a while she got into her night top and the light went out and off to bed i take it she went.

All i can say is that was probably one of the most exciting experiences i have ever had and i think it may have changed my view of looking in windows but what can i say im down the garage alot now at night just hoping for a reply.

God i love my nieghbours fine body

75% (10/3)
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2 years ago
Cheers all. Your comments are much appreciated. p.s apologies for the spelling and grammer.
2 years ago
Luck is a great turn on! Thanks!
2 years ago
Had a similar experience with my neighbour. I saw her strip out her work clothes many many times and got a swatch if her tits and bush! I never wanked off in the garden, I went back into the house and either fucked my wife thinking about her or just wanked myself off!
2 years ago
fuck her...fuck her brains out
2 years ago
2 years ago
Nice story