Business Trip Whore

I was spending a lot of time in Costa Rica for a work project. I discovered it is much easier to live out your fantasies on foreign soil. In Costa Rica, so far away, I could be anyone I wanted. I met many people I knew I’d never see again. And so, the indulgence in debauchery began. The first of which was Pale Red.

The work project was of the type to have many employees staying in the same hotel at the same time. This is important, only in that I was not completely free to freewheel it; sneaking around was required. On a typical “Let’s have drinks” night, I spotted a lone business man at the bar of “our hotel.”

I thought I’d offer to spice up his trip and invited him out drinking with the rest of us. After prodding, he came along. After a few questions I learned this pale skinned, tall yet slight build, awkward red head is 52 years old, has been married for 24 years and has three c***dren. My interest in Pale Red was strictly to give this guy a story of his lifetime.

He sat in the background all night, until we were in a dance club. Feeling way too good, if not a bit blurry, I swayed my hips to the beat. Pale Red “danced” directly behind me, not really grinding me… just sort of slapping his hard dick on my ass cheeks. I was so turned on, while trying to act oh so cool because co-workers were there. I announced I was tired and going to take a taxi to the hotel. With that, I walked out alone. Of course, Pale Red was maybe 15 paces behind me.

Getting in the backseat of the taxi with me, it turned out we were in the same hotel which was 25 minutes away. I arched my back and pressed my hip and shoulder into him. I turn my head and we start making out- hungry, demanding yet soft, deep kisses as his arms come around me. I was such a whore, with the freedom of anonymity and relative privacy.

His hands cupped and caressed my heavy, eager tits while my tongue probed deeper and my hand wandered. He pulled my top down and pulled out my full tits, one at a time. Oohh was I wet and throbbing. I grabbed his hand, stuffed it down my pants, and rocked my aching dripping slit as I f***ed his fingers inside of me. As we kissed I saw that he kept opening his eyes.
I then saw the taxi driver angling his rear view mirror and instantly I knew Pale Red pulled my tits out to show the driver while he played with them.

Here was some cabbie getting a full look at my big tits, because some old married suburb dude, whom I also don’t know, gave him permission to do so.
There was no way I was not getting fucked that night. I had to fuck like a dirty shameless whore to ease this kind of ache.

Pale Red did not have condoms so we had the taxi stop at a store. There I sat alone in the backseat of the taxi, outside a busy convenience store, both tits completely hanging out while both hands are busy between my legs. The driver adjusted his mirror again. I felt so dirty and aroused as I fulfilled every whim I had. I lifted my hips up, slid my pants down and off one leg. I braced my legs wide open, then thrust my hips as high as they would go, opened my pussy lips and exposed my clit with one hand, while fingers-fucking myself with the other one. My bare huge tits bounced free as I fucked my hand, throbbing for the driver to turn around and look at my cunt directly while his fingers plunged into fuck me.

When I saw Pale Red come out of the store, I felt caught somehow and quickly covered myself up. My pants, however, remained around one ankle. Once again Red unleashed my breasts from my shirt before spreading my bare legs wide to finger fuck me while he showed the driver my tits “without me knowing.” As my hips rocked on Reds marriage ring plunging the depths of my pussy, I watched the drivers eyes in the rear view mirror. Since Red got off to exposing my tits for others without my consent, I wondered how far he would go in violating me. Alas, I would not find out that evening.

Entering his hotel room, he stepped into the bathroom while I stripped down to my thong underwear. I laid back on the bed, spread my legs wide and pulled my panties tightly together and up, squeezing my swollen pussy lips into a bulge. He quickly got naked, came to the bed and knelt beside my head. His fingers worked my pussy while I sucked his cock – so small and pathetic it turned me on. Just my luck the dude couldn’t maintain a hard on, and kept apologizing for running out of Viagra. Seriously.

I had to get creative so I could get off, so after talking about getting several prostitutes for a big fuck fest (legal there), I “got tired” then went to my room. For about ten minutes. Then I went to the lobby, curious if the cabbie happened to be idling for his next fare. Without a word, the cabbie maneuvered quickly through traffic, down a side street and into a small alley way.

He then got out of the car, opened the back door at my feet, pulled his dick out and started jerking off. I took my pants off and pulled my shirt up. Cabbie, rather than climbing in, grabbed my ankles and pulled my pussy to the edge of the seat. Still standing with the door open, he moves forward and drills his thick, long meat into my waiting lips. Now, I barely know what this guy looks like, or sounds like, never mind who he is. And he is fucking me in the back of his cab. It wasn’t long before I gushed cum all over him, dripping down his balls and legs.

I began to squirm backwards into the cab, but Cabbie grabbed my legs, yanked me hard onto his dick, put his hands on my hips and his weight on my pelvis, and fucked me like a jackhammer. I was putting my hands on his hips to sort of push him off but he’d slam my pussy even harder. When I tried to sit up, he slammed me to the seat, got on top of me and held me down, and said “Fuck You Bitch.” He f***ed my slit to take the girth of that thick cock – using his fingers if needed to pull my pussy lips apart wider to accommodate. Suddenly the pounding stopped – Cabbie pulled out then shot a huge load of cum from my tits to my forehead.

Again without a word, he drove me back to the hotel. Once in my room, I saw my message light on. Then the phone rang. Pale Red. He has a Viagra. “I’m all set thanks. Love to the misses.” Click.

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3 years ago
This is an awesome story! I love how spontaneous you are, creative, wanton and lustful :) Making the little dicked married guy buy condoms then fucking the cabby bareback is beyond hot. Would have been fun travling with you especially if you came back to our hotel room full of and covered with the cum of another man (the cabbie) :)
3 years ago
fucking hilarious
3 years ago
that was hot story, pale red missed out lololololol, did it kinda frighten you that the cabbie that rough?
3 years ago
Memories of long nights in Frankfurt and Berlin. Great story. Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
that is good & hot
3 years ago
Reminds me of a cab ride I had in Cyprus
3 years ago
nice story. I love to expose a chick to a cabbie
3 years ago
Great story, going traveling again i hope
3 years ago
great story babe :-)
3 years ago
Most enjoyable Kushcutie. Thanx for sharing.
3 years ago
Wonderful sexy story:)~ uninhibited business trips! plenty of cocks:)~
3 years ago
a nice one again thx for sharing