Lets get two black guys and make a night of it

Me and a friend, Brenda, decided to go out to a club. It had been a few years since we went to clubs regularly. It was fun to have the confidence of being older while navigating the sea of young men looking to get fucked. After several drinks, Brenda said to me “I’ve always wanted to fuck a black guy.” We were both pretty d***k but she sure was surprised by my response when I said “Great. Let’s get two of em and make a night of it.”

We scanned the crowd for two fuckable black guys. We spotted them on the dance floor. I said “Let’s go get those two” to Brenda, so we danced our way across the floor. We walked right up to these black guys and suggestively danced while unabashedly rubbing up against them. The song wasn’t even over when I said to them both “You’re with us tonight. Ready to go?”

They had separate cars so we paired off for the ride home and went back to an apartment. One of them lived there. I don’t even remember their names so I guess I will call them Black and Blacker. It was Blacker’s apartment. Blacker took Brenda to his bedroom, while Black and I hit the couch. I had no interest in pretending to have foreplay, or kissing etc. I wanted his black hands all over my body while his thick, black shaft penetrated my eager slit. I stripped down naked, rolled over and arched my back for easy entry. Black crawled on top of me and stuck his hard black cock into my pussy.

There I was, bent over someone’s couch, being used and pounded by a thick black cock. I fondled his balls between my legs while he played with my large, dangling breasts. When I heard the fuck sounds from the bedroom I couldn’t contain myself, and cum exploded from my pussy – drenching Blacker’s couch.
Satisfied, I was done. Black however was not. “What about me?” he prodded. “What about you? I’m done. Why don’t you go fuck Brenda with Blacker?” “Are you sure you won’t mind?” he asked.

Mind, hahahhaa. Hell no. The thought of my petite white blonde friend getting pounded by two huge black guys – one with my pussy juice still on his condom – was a massive turn on. I told him Id wait in the living room. I didn’t of course, I had to see this action. When he slipped into the bedroom, I stopped the door from closing so I could see from the hallway.

Brenda was face down on the bed, completely naked and Blacker balls-deep in between her legs. She wasn’t moving very much, I wondered if she passed out d***k. Black joined them, turned her head to the side and stuck his thick shaft in her mouth. I saw her look at him and smile before she laid her head back down. Black hadn’t bothered to change his condom, so his black dick was wrapped in my pussy juice as his slammed it against the back of her throat.

Watching Brenda get fucked and abused by two black guys, one of which had just fucked me, is a memory I still fuck myself over. One was fucking her pussy, the other her mouth, and I was in the hallway secretly – completely naked and fingering myself at the sight. It was such a turn on I had to retreat to the sofa to finish myself off. When the trio emerged, I asked Black if he got off. While a smile he confirmed he sure did.

Black set next to me and pulled my tits out of the top of my shirt. He said to Blacker – “You have to check these out, they are natural.” I throbbed as these two black guys played with my exposed tits at the same time. Brenda stuck her hand down her pants and started playing with herself. Blacker, the one I didn’t fuck, stuck his hand in my pants and stroked my wet slit. Oh how I wanted to fuck them both and Brenda at the same time, but it was getting late and Brenda is married so we had to leave. Also, my two black guy fantasy involves a older/younger father/son tag team. These guys were the same age. I jerked both cocks at the same time while they both played with my tits and pussy. My way of saying goodbye.

Blacker text messaged me a few times but I didn’t respond. Come to find out, he has also texted Brenda, who did respond. She went back a few times for more black cock. The last time she went over, she was gang fucked but four black guys. I still get off over that visual. I bought a big black dildo after that but, it is so big I have yet been able to get it inside of me. I like to sit on it and try to f***e it into my pussy while I imagine I am a young girl getting fucked for the first time by a big black cock.

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7 months ago
my kind of bitch.
8 months ago
This is so fucking hot you are amazing!!!
2 years ago
Hot!! nice story though.. :)
3 years ago
That is an amzing story, kinky even going out with a married girlfriend to get BBC. I wonder how many BBCs it would take to completely satiate you :)
3 years ago
youre a sexy thing arent you
3 years ago
Great story, wish I was there.
3 years ago
You don't disappoint. Seems a sif they get better as you go. Nice.
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
gr8 story
3 years ago
Very hot
3 years ago
3 years ago
Yummy story!
3 years ago
3 years ago
hot as always