Mom’s black “friend” Charles two


A routine of sorts eventually shaped itself, where Charles would have his way with me in the mornings while everyone was still asl**p. When mid-afternoon rolled around, I would always need a nap if C, Charles son, was also at our house. I especially enjoyed those afternoons when we were the only ones home. I was one of those k**s that liked building forts with blankets, and I would climb in there for “my nap.” C would wait a short while before he approached me. He would try to wake me up but I wouldn’t budge. My bare lips would swell with anticipation and I remained motionless.

His breathing would increase as he gathered the courage to cross that line. He’d take his small cock out of the front of his pants and stroke it the exact same way his father did. I began to wonder if Charles was coaching C on how to touch himself; and if he told C to play with my sl**ping body. C’s free hand would slip down the front of my pants. The heat of his hand on my belly made me slick with wetness. He’d work his black fingers up and down my bare, wet slit while he pumped his shaft inches from my head.

I didn’t have the words for what I was feeling, but I was aroused almost all the time. I tried just about everything in the house to rub up against. The rounded tips of my bed posts were my favorite at that time. I ached for penetration but did not know it at the time. One afternoon I recall with C, we were inches away from being caught. Our tiny living room was right next to the kitchen, where my mother, Charles, and a couple friends were drinking it up. I was wearing royal blue corduroys that were a bit too tight around the waist. This is the day C went for it.

He unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. I had never felt such anticipation and excitement. He pulled his pants down and stroked himself while looking at my bare pussy. I parted my knees slightly with a rush of desire to feel his eyes on my most private place. He laid on top of me, and stuck his small black cock inside my glistening wet pussy lips. He was as clueless as I as what to do next.

I continued to pretend I was asl**p as the head of his developing black cock slid up and down my slit, feeling unbelievably good when it bumped against my tiny clit.

“Yo C!” his father called from the other room, which my mother repeated. Shit! Shit shit shit! C starts freaking out as he tugs my pants up as fast as he can. But, there is a problem – he can’t get them buttoned. I could barely contain my laughter as I continued to “sl**p” while he kept saying “button your pants man! Button your pants man!” He left me unbuttoned and left the room.

He did not close the door behind him and while I could not hear what was being said, I knew he was whispering with Charles, his father. At one point they both looked into where I was lying, then more excited whispering. Once again I was left with an insatiable ache between my legs.

The adults drank into the early morning hours. Late at night I hear the familiar sounds of banging and lustful screaming upstairs. I knew Charles was fucking my mother, but I did not know what fucking meant. None of my friends in 3rd grade did either. I had to know what they were doing. I quietly stepped up the stairs, one step at a time, holding my breath and listening. I realized there were more than two people in the room. I heard Kim, our downstairs neighbor and occasional babysitter, Charles, my mother, and C! On the top step, I peered down the hall and had a clear view of the bed in the mirror over the dresser.

Kim was on the bed. Charles held her arms down with his knee and arm, his other hand holding her skull still, while he f***ed fucked her young, white face with his huge black cock. My mother was on the floor, holding Kim’s ankles apart with her tongue working young C’s black asshole. I stood there stunned. I had never seen so many naked people, never mind people having sex, never mind so many people having sex together. I was mesmerized and instinctively began stroking my wet, swollen slit as I learned what “fucking” meant.

Charles suddenly slapped C across the face and told him he has to learn how to fuck. He motioned my mother from the floor, and she rose and went to him. He spun her around and sat her on Kim’s face and put her knees on Kim’s arms. My mother grinded her pussy in Kim’s face while facing C. C leaned forwards and started sucking my mother’s tits while Charles came up from behind C. “I will teach you how to fuck, son.”

Charles put his hips against his sons and reached around to grab his young cock. Charles put his sons cock in Kim’s pussy, and then held his hips as he thrust in and out, his cock sliding up and down C’s ass crack with each push. For the first time ever, my fingers plunged deep inside my aching pussy. I plunged in and out to the rhythm of Charles sliding C’s cock in and out of Kim. I took my nightie off and spread my legs wide, working my stiffening clit as I watched…

Suddenly, former mysteries made sense. When Kim watched me and my s****r shed have her boyfriend over. He would sit in the wooding rocking chair while Kim stood up and straddled his face. Now I knew, he liked to fuck too. Maybe he would stroke my slit, I thought. I had the impression all black men liked to fool around with young white girls, so, every adult black man I was around was a potential play mate.

Suddenly, my big black weird gym teacher wasn’t just odd. His ball sack and cock tip would hang out the side of his shorts as he sat there talking to us young girls. Now I knew why. He liked to fuck. When I had gym that Tuesday, I didn’t wear undies like he doesn’t. And when he spread his legs with his growing cock reaching further out of his shorts, I sat down “indian style” and pulled my shorts to the side to give him a full view. Before long, I was usually asked to stay after class to help put things away. He would take me to the supply closet and sit me in his lap and tell my how pretty I am. He would pull my shorts aside himself and press his bare shaft against my tiny slit. He’d rock me back and forth and it felt so good, but he did not go inside me. He would slide up and down my wet slit and leave me aching for more.

(As a side note, I ran into this teacher when I was 23 at a bar. A few shots later he was standing behind me, fingering me with one hand and pulling my top down with the other, so his friends got a good look at my tits. There were only 3 other old dudes at the bar, but they got a good long look too, watching me get finger fucked and my breasts exposed for all to see. He took me to his place and fucked me all night long, while telling me stories of all the young girls he had a special relationship with like we did.)

TBC ;)

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3 years ago
Sounds like you were incredibly sexual from a very young age and that kinky, taboo cravings for huge cocks run in the family. I know the feeling :)
3 years ago
so hot!
3 years ago
Loved it.
3 years ago
Hot story. Thanks.
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Lovely story.
3 years ago
Whether true or not this hot. From the innocent child parts to the hedonistic orgy teaching session.Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Needs more. If it was me in ur position i would have went in and started fucking one of the women
3 years ago
Perfect story! Please continue with more if you have them!
3 years ago
Moving right along way to go girl
3 years ago
DAMN! hot story.