Mom’s black “friend” Charles tau

My parents divorced when I was a toddler and I lived with my young, single Mom. She liked to party, a lot. Often times, she would not even be home until 3AM. Usually, she was d***k and not alone. She had her one night stands; then she had her “friends.” In other words, her “friends” were regulars at our place. They were just as d***k and rowdy as she was.

Charles would come over often. He was a tall, dark black man with yellowed eyes and a lounge singer. My mother would hang her d***ken self all over him, demanding “Fuck me Charles!” while I fiddled with the hem of my nightie.

I would try to sl**p, but she was a screamer and all I could hear was pounding and my mother screaming “Fuck me! Fuck me!” and he would fuck her, hard, all night long.

Mom was useless the next morning, passed out and hung over. I would make myself a bowl of cereal and watch early morning cartoons. Charles would come and sit with me. Soon after he would massage my bare legs, slowly working up from my ankles, and then stop near my thighs. It wasn’t long before he was caressing my inner-thighs and bottom, accidentally brushing his hand against my cotton panties as his hands move from my left thigh to the right.

I did not know what was happening, except that it felt really, really good. I wanted him to linger there longer, but was afraid if I moved he would stop.
I began wearing my nightie without panties. When I heard Charles come down the stairs, I would roll on my tummy and pretend to sl**p. I ached for his hands to touch me and would swell with anticipation.

Charles began coming downstairs wearing nothing but my mother’s bathrobe. As he massaged my young thighs, his robe would fall open and he would stroke his big, thick hard black cock as his fingers reached for my waiting pussy. He’d gently slide his fingers between my lips as he worked his cock that he fucked my mother with an hour earlier.

I looked forward to his visits and he came over more often. Charles had part time custody of his twelve year old son and he began bringing C along for weekend visits. I had just turned eight when I met C for the first time. C was a year older than my older s****r, so to me he was practically an adult. One afternoon, I announced I was taking a nap. I went to my bed and hoped C would sneak in like his dad does. In my nightie without panties and pretending to sl**p, C slipped into the room. He tried to wake me up but I fake slept with my legs slightly parted. My plan worked. C did not have the skills his father did, and his hand went straight into my bare, puffy pussy lips and fiddled around while tugging at his pants. TBC…

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1 year ago
I have fucked a few moms and daughters and there is nothing like it! :-)
3 years ago
Hot story !!!
3 years ago
Sounds great, looking forward to part II!
3 years ago
Wow!So is there a part two? Enjoyed this.....thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Great story. I cant wait for more.
3 years ago
Liked it ...... More
3 years ago
sounds hot & naughty
3 years ago
Dam love to hear more. Please write more
3 years ago
very good start cant wait to read more