that interview

I needed to get the job, it was imperative I got it as I needed a place in the city away from my lousy home life.

I was the last applicant of the day and as i walked into the smartly attired office i found myself wondering what the fuck I had let myself into!

But I was there now and i had to get a grip of my nerves.

The guy on the other side of the desk, introduced himself as Mr. Trent and we made polite greetings.

He told me to sit down and I did leaving my 'borrowed from a mate' leather document folder resting against the legs of the cosy office chair.

'So, Simon, may I call you Simon by the way?' he asked.

'yes, sure,' I said catching my throat as it had completely dried out since I had entered the office building.

'so,' he continued, 'I see here that you have good qualifications in I.T. and that you spent a few years working in an office handling the files of some major clients?'

'Yes,' i stammered embarrassingly. I had to tell myself to get a grip of my nerves or this would be soon over.

'you don't say much do you?' he queried

'I'm sorry Mr. Trent, i just so want this job and my throat is so dry, i normally can talk better than this.'

'Here, take this glass and get yourself some water from the bathroom through there'

He offered me a medium sized glass and i went through the door at the side of his office and began to fill the glass. Though nerves got he better of me again and the water sprayed out of the tap as i had turned it on too much. Water sprayed over the side of the basin onto my trousers and the bottom of my jacket. i now looked as though I had pissed myself!

I tried to grab a paper cloth from the dispenser but the bits of paper rubbing against my suit began to stick in little flecks to it.

'Are you ok?' i heard Mr Trent call from the office.

'ERM, yes, i think so. I won't be long.' I murmured.

The next thing i knew was the scr****g back of a chair and his footsteps approaching.

I turned rather nervously to the door to see him walk in, look me up and down once over and then smile and chuckle.

"Well, Simon, if you are trying to impress me with your interview techniques then, this could be a very short meeting!' he said smiling.

'I am so sorry Mr Trent. I'll best be leaving.' i had never felt so embarrassed in the whole of my 23 years.

'No,' he said. 'it's ok. i have a good feeling about you from what I've read. grab a towel, dry yourself off as best you can, then go back into the office. I'm just going to let my secretary go home as it is getting late and we'll start this again.' He was so commanding and assertive that I kind of said 'ok, thanks.'

When he returned I had dried of what I could but it was still uncomfortably wet but I was ready to give him the best interview I had ever given.

As he sat down again he said 'i hope you are dry enough Simon?'

I said I was ok.

'if we are going to get along, I need my employee, whichever one i choose from these interviews, to be honest with me. So I will ask again, I hope you are dry enough?'

'well, I guess i am a little uncomfortable, the jacket is really wet and I made a real mess of my suit trousers.'

'As i noticed.Ok, take your jacket off and hang it over the radiator behind you, and if you need to, do the same with your trousers.'

I was really taken aback by the trousers comment as I understood the jacket idea but I would feel a hell of a lot more weird doing an interview in my black boxers.

'Erm....'. i stammered again.

'it's ok Simon, I know that i a strange thing to suggest, but as I said earlier, I believe in being up-front and honest in business and, i honestly don't want you to feel uncomfortable whilst i interview you.'

'i appreciate that Mr. Trent, but I'll just leave the jacket on the radiator if that is ok.'

'it's ok with me, but if it helps you to relax ....' he then stood up and took his jacket off and placed it over the back of his chair. He then sat back down and raid his foot up onto his knee and began to unlace his shoe. He repeated the process with his other foot and once both shoes were off he stood up again and began to unbuckle his belt. He un-clasped his trousers and slipped them off his legs, before laying them over the back of his chair and then sat down again.

'does that help?' he said.

'Erm, i guess so.' is aid nervously

'Well, get ready and then come back over here so i can get on with this interview.

I took my jacket off near the radiator having walked over to it. I had my back towards Mr. Trent. There was something i found quite sensual about this situation, having a man ten years older than me, taking off his clothes in a room. I had caught a glance of his legs and they were quite smooth as if he were a swimmer or a runner. But I had to suppress the feeling as i wasn't gay and if anything was one of the studs in college having as much pussy as was available to me and in my previous work place i had managed to pick up a couple of the girls who worked there for a couple of months each.

I unbuckled my belt with my back towards him, un did my trousers and let them slide off. Of course i'd forgotten my shoes, which were also laced, so I had a bit of a problem getting them off once my trousers were around my ankles.

i felt stupid.

(this is part one of my interview story .... if you'd like it to continue, please comment ...thank you )

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2 years ago
I like it very much so far. I'm anxious to see where you take it from here.
2 years ago
More please!
2 years ago
Hurry up , please!
2 years ago
Hurry up , please!
2 years ago
and then what happened?
2 years ago
2 years ago
Good start..very real & honest type writting.lets have some more..
2 years ago
Nice Start.....
Look forward to more.
2 years ago
yes do please
2 years ago
Cum on bro please continue
2 years ago
Don't be a tease...
2 years ago
Yes please continue
2 years ago
i cant wait for the next part