The best class session. (continue)

We couldn't wait for the class to end. Even after cumming boy was I still horny. I wanted Jane really bad. She wasn't particularly good looking but there was smth in her that made a guy crazy. Maybe the way that she handled herself, maybe her long lingering looks. I don't know, but she sure as hell made every guy fantasize about her. There were a few times where I remember picturing her naked while pleasuring myself. But even in my wildest dreams I had never imagined all this to happen.
Finally the class ended and the professor decided to let us go. I immediately turned towards her and said:"I want to fuck you right now."
"I would have been upset if you wouldn't have said that" said Jane getting closer to my face. I moved to kiss her but she quickly moved away.
"Not here. We have to go somewhere else."
"Well my house is about 15 min away." I couldn't think of anything else.
"Anything... closer? I don't think I can resist that long." she said while putting a hand on my knee.
My mind was racing frantically to find another place to fuck. The car? No too many people around it. The school bathrooms had a shit ton of people in and out during this time. We could sneak under the baseball bleachers? No to far away. It would still be more then 15 min walking to the baseball field and I had to be back in one hour for the chemistry tutoring class. Stupid fucking job. That would totally ruin everything I thought. Apparently my face had changed expression because Jane noticed it.
"What's wrong? she asked.
"Fuck. I forgot that I have to open the chemistry lab for the tutoring session in one hour." I said really bummed out.
"You tutor other students?" she asked surprised.
"Yes. Twice a week for three hours at a time. Its just a part time job. I needed some extra money these semester."
"So is this going to be it?" she said. Her face had completely changed and now she looked pretty pissed. Maybe she thought I was bullshitting her and after getting my orgasm, I just wanted to get rid of her. Well, any other time she would have probably been right, but I still wanted to fuck her first. In that moment a light turned on in my head. The chemistry lab. The keys in my pocket. One hour before students would start showing up.
"Unless..." that is all that I could say. Both of us jumped in our feet and quickly picked up all our stuff from the table. We started to walk with a fast pace down the main hall and then we turned for the stairs. We were not talking, not even looking at each other. I think I was too nervous at that moment, but excited as hell too. This was really about to happen. By the time we reached the door of the lab I already had the key in my hand. I opened it and pushed the door, grabbed Jane by her hand and stormed inside the room. Before I could push the door behind us, we were already making out. I kicked my bag in a corner and picked her up with one hand. She had both legs and arms wrapped around me holding me tight. Her tongue was down my throat and her hands all over my hair. I pushed the door and turned the lock. Now it is really on I thought to myself and let myself go. Our clothes were flying everywhere and I couldn't stop groping her big ass. Her big tits spilled over her bra in the moment when I pulled her shirt from her head. I immediately started sucking her nipples while squeezing them with both my hands. A deep moan came from somewhere deep inside her chest. She must have been thinking about this for a while too I thought in a fraction of a second. The idea turned me on even more. I pulled her skirt up and her panties down. "Nice thong" I said to her while I was tossing it in a corner.
"Just shut up and fuck me already" she said finally having the best of my jeans belt. Needless to say I was more then hard already. She pulled my pants down and opened her legs up leaning on one of the tables. I picked her up, sit her on the table and opened her legs to get a good view before grabbing my cock with my hand and shaving it deep in her pussy. She gave a soft moan of pleasure and pulled me closer. I started to move in and out like I was being chased. Her moans were louder each time I would thrust my cock into her. I closed her mouth with one of my hands, but she started to suck in my fingers wildly while being even more loud. "We are going to get caught." I said turning her over. Now she was with her stomach on the table, pushing her big ass out. She bend over and while directing my dick inside with her hand told me to stop being a pussy. This bitch is crazy I thought, but no way I was going to stop now. I kept on ramming her from behind, and she was almost screaming now from the pleasure. I looked around and saw her panties. I reached and grab them and before she could say anything I stuffed them in her mouth. "That should do it. I said giving it to her even faster. Now I was pulling her hair with one hand and holding on to her hips with the other. I was covered in sweat and my heart was pounding in my chest. She was still being loud but she didnt spit her underwear out. When I felt her hands clench at my hips and her legs get all shaky I decided to let go. We both came at the same time with a powerful orgasm.
Worn out I almost felt on top of her. My cum started to drip out of her pussy and on the floor. The smell of sex had filled the entire room. I looked around. My bag was in one corner of the room, my belt on the other, I was stepping on top of her bra and her skirt still on was a mess. "Now this is the kind of chemistry that I like." said Jane wiping some cum with her fingers from my cock and licking it. A satisfied smile appeared on her face.
"We need to clean up." I said. "Somehow I need to have a class in here in 20 minutes."
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awesome..wonna read more for that slut !