Birthday Celebration

Birthday celebration

To give you some background, Kate and I married 3 years ago, she is a very sexy 33 year old curvy blond, 5ft 7, looks wise she is stunning and has always had a lot of attention, 38g breasts that create a cleavage to die for and a lovely tight ass She always dresses very smartly and sexy. I am 32, 6ft 2, quite muscular build dark brown hair, I don’t think a lot of my looks but Kate says other wise. We met about eight years ago and a one night stand later here we are, she has a bit of a past that would brand Kate a slut, to be honest that is one of the things that turns me on most about her and by her own admission she was a complete slut before we met, she says that I tamed her, and until her 31st birthday I probably would have agreed with that.

We live in Bristol and my work takes me to central London about once a month, It was the weekend of Kate’s birthday and I had managed to get my employer to pay for my wife to come with me to London, the Friday I would be working until 8.30pm and the plan was to meet Kate in the hotel bar and have dinner together and then spend the rest of the weekend celebrating her birthday, taking in a west end show and some of the sights.
I arrived back at the hotel to find my wife sat at the bar talking to the two barmen, you can hear her laugh easily from the other side of the bar, she looked stunning, a light purple dress that showed her breasts off to their full potential with the help of a patent thick black belt, the dress fell just above her knee and as she was sitting on a tall bar stool it rose up revealing her black fishnet covered leg, which was finished off with brown knee high platform boots with 6inch heel, she looked hot, I knew it, she knew it and the 2 barmen certainly knew it. As I approached the barmen disappeared to the other end of the bar to pretend to do some work, she turned and greeted me with a sexy smile that lit up the room enhanced with her bright red lipstick. “hey sweetie I’ve been waiting for you” I wanted to go and change but she was having non of it, she told me that she liked that suit on me and she was hungry, there was no way I was going to win this so I took her by the hand and headed over to the restaurant where they seated us very promptly (I stay in this hotel all the time) over dinner we played a game where one of us would pick a table and the other would make up some interesting facts about the people who were sat at it, I think there was an old smart looking couple sat in the corner nearest the door who’s interesting facts were something like she was a mistress and he was her slave and under his corduroy suit he was wearing frilly pink underwear, when it was Kate’s turn I picked a gentleman in his late 30s sat alone. Kate told me that he was a guy she had met online and when dinner was finished she had pre arranged to go back to his room and I was going to watch him fuck her, she had already sent him naked pictures of herself and he had masturbated over them and sent pictures back. I was in a state of uncertain, I wasn’t sure if my wife was being serious or not, she was certainly capable of doing something this dirty but had she actually done it?

I have to admit it, I was turned on like hell, I held her hand and very quietly asked her if she was serious? She gave me that cheeky sexy little smile and after making me wait she slowly said no! but what would you have said if I was?
My answer surprised us both “my dick is hard thinking about it, and after all it is your birthday”
Her smile spread across her face, she seemed a little taken aback but at the same time it was the answer that she was looking for. We finished dinner and I told her to go the bar and see if she could get a free drink by chatting up the barmen and I would go shower and change. I wasn’t long and about 15 minutes later I returned to the bar to find Kate sat at the bar actually talking to the lone gentleman from the restaurant, their body language was very close and open, I approached them, she was laughing and he saw me and suddenly looked quite sheepish, “hey baby, meet Rob” he must have been 38 and I suppose tall dark and handsome, he shook my hand and I jokingly said “are you ok mate” he apologised, obviously felt a bit stupid being caught chatting up my wife, I said don’t worry let me get you another drink, this seemed to calm him down. We spent the next hour or so just chatting and in Kate’s case flirting like mad with us both, her fishnets would brush up against us both and her heels would often rub Robs ankle, I would catch him every so often looking directly at her tits and she knew it to.
Rob was married, spent a lot of time away from home with work and what I could tell didn’t have a great marriage. At about 1am Kate said she was getting tired and wanted to return to our room, Rob was tired also and said he would head up to his room too. We walked to the lift and when inside I pressed floor 5 and Rob pressed floor 6, as the doors closed shut Kate turned to Rob grabbed him by his tie and passionately kissed him, not sure who was more shocked him or me!
She then fumbled to her side for my tie, pulled me in close and let go of his lips and carried on with mine, she started to giggle as she kissed me and pulled away slightly, she said “is this ok with you?” I simply nodded my approval. Kate pulled up her dress slightly to show us both that her fishnet tights were in fact crotch less and she was wearing no underwear, her shaved pussy was in full display, she looked to Rob and as the lift got to our floor she said “do you want to come and wish me a happy birthday?” this guy couldn’t believe his ears, he gave a very uncertain “yes” clearly speaking from is dick and not his head.
Kate turned and walked off up the corridor and we followed, her ass looked amazing and her boots finished off the sexy look. Once inside our hotel room she waited for the door to close and went straight for my zip, then my belt and trouser button, eventually revealing my rock hard cock, she said to me “get them off” and turned and did exactly the same to Rob, his dick was just as hard and we both fumbled to take our clothes off until we were both standing in front of her naked, she fell to her knees taking a hard cock in each hand and started wanking us off, then her red lips Taking Robs cock deep into her mouth. I was looking down at my wife sucking off another man while playing with my dick, I had never been so turned on in my entire life as I was at that moment. She swapped and changed sucking me and wanking him and vice versa, she stopped for a minute while she undid her belt and pulled her dress up over her head, then undoing her bra her huge tits were rubbed against our cocks in turn. Keeping on her boots and crotch less fishnets she dived back in and sucked us harder until rob made the noise that we all knew meant he was about to cum, she let go of me completely and concentrated on Rob putting the tip of his cock in her mouth and moved her hand vigorously up and down his shaft, her tits bounced up and down faster and faster until his body jolted and his hand went to the wall for support, I could see semen ooze across her red lips, her hand still moving she pulled her face away and caught a load on her chin which dripped onto her breasts where Rob shot the rest of his load, she smiled that dirty smile that first attracted me to her and without wiping her lips or chin she opened her mouth and dived straight onto my hard dick hoping for a similar result and it wasn’t long before she got it, she knew when I was about to explode and pulled her cum covered lips away a moment before but kept her face within inches and I shot cum all over her face which again would dribble down to her tits. She looked like such a dirty little slut covered in two loads of cum with a huge smile across her face, she leaned back to look at us both standing in front her now with cum dripping from our cocks. She gave a little laugh and said “its been a while since I’ve done that” she got up and headed for the bathroom calling over her shoulder “I’m going to sort my self out I wont be long and when I get back I want to see some hard dicks ready for fucking”
I walked over to the mini bar, poured 2 glasses of straight Jack Daniels handing one to rob who was now perched on the edge of the chest of draws, I sat on the bed thinking how strange this situation was, I had never had a drink before with a naked bloke, let alone one that was about to fuck my wife. Rob broke the awkward silence “my wife wouldn’t dream of doing anything like this, you’re a lucky bloke” just then the bathroom door opened and Kate was standing there, she had cleaned her face and tits and reapplied her makeup, her lushus red lips stood out, scanning her from head to foot her tits sat there nipples hard and pointy, her pussy was smooth revealing her lips and a glint of wetness, surrounded by black fishnet material running from either side of her hips down into her brown knee high stiletto boots, the boots were really high and showed her legs off perfectly.
She walked over to me still sat on the bed and slowly kissed me, taking my hand she led me over to the arm chair and pushed down so I was seated, she looked me in the eyes and placing my hand on my again hard dick, she said “I want you to sit here and play” kissed me again and then turned to Rob and held out her hand inviting him to come close, he immediately jumped up and took her hand, facing each other they started to kiss, her walking slowly backwards leading him to the bed, as her legs came in contact with the bed she unlocked lips and sat on the edge before her legs raised and her heels dug into the mattress as she pushed further up the bed. Rob stood over her cock hard, just staring at her as she rubbed her hands over her tits before slowly brushing over her hips and reaching her pussy parting her lips with both index fingers. “come and fuck me” Rob very nervously crawled onto the bed and between her legs, as their bodies made contact she took hold of his dick and guided its tip to her wet pussy lips allowing it to slowly part them, she took a deep breath as he slowly pushed his shaft all the way inside her and then held it deep for a few seconds before retracting it and then slamming it deep again, Kate let out a quiet moan, her hands holding Robs buttocks tightly pulling his body into her each time he thrusted inside her. I sat there happily stroking my cock watching another mans erection penetrate my wife’s soaking wet pussy, every time he would slowly pull out and slam back into her, from where I was sat I could see the wetness oozing from her as it glazed this hard dick, his balls slamming against her each time he pushed deep inside, after a few minutes a squelch sound could be heard from each thrust and a faint moan from Kate. She pushed him out fully with her hands on his chest and turned her body over drawing her knees close to her arching her back allowing Rob to re enter her pussy from behind, I could see it all so clearly as this stranger pushed his throbbing cock into her again, her chest was against the bed and with her arm spread out wide gripping the sheets tightly, they had gained some rhythm and I could hear his balls slapping against her clit with each thrust which was driving her wild. I stood up and walked to the pillow end of the bed and Kate reached for my dick dragging me onto the bed as she guided me to her mouth, her pussy was getting fucked hard and she now had a hard cock between her red lips, it was such an intense feeling, I was so turned on, the throbbing sensation in my cock actually hurt slightly. I leaned back in order to take in the full view of my wife taking two cocks when a moan came from Rob and slightly out of breath he said “where do you want me to cum?” Kate also in the same sate of slight breathlessness allowed her mouth to let me go and told him “cum inside me, I love it when men cum inside me” with that he picked up the pace, I quickly returned to the chair just in time to see both their bodies convulse as he ejaculated hot sperm inside Kate’s roar pussy and she cried out with pleasure, as the thrusts slowed I could see the white cum trying to escape around his shaft until he fully pulled out and left her pussy lips covered in cum. I have never felt my dick so hard before.
She turned over on the bed a little sweaty and breathing heavily, her pussy was dripping Robs thick cum onto the sheet, she took a few moments to gather herself and then looked at me “you going to finish me off?” she was sitting upright on the bed knees up and leaning back with her hands to support her. Now believe me when I say if you were to ever ask me if I would touch another mans cum the honest answer would be not a chance but when you’re in this situation with your dick pointing out in front of you and your wife dripping with another mans cum, all logic goes out the window.
I moved towards her and she rolled back pointing her legs into the air, as I crawled onto the bed her boots rested on my shoulders, I moved in close and with one hand guided my cock into her cum filled vagina and leaned forward, it felt amazing, a little strange, very wet and looking down I could see cum pouring out around my shaft where it entered her. I looked her in the eyes “when exactly was the last time you did this?” a huge grin spread across her face and her eyes looked away for a few moments, then she giggled “about 18 hours before we first met, it was two best friends I met in the same bar that I met you” I didn’t let her say another word, I just started to fuck her hard, my cock slid through her lips so easily with the added lube from Rob, I moved my hands up her legs to the bottom of her boots and took hold of the 6inch heels giving me a better pivot to fuck her harder, she was moaning louder and louder, she was breathless again and called over to Rob “play with that dick for me” she looked up into my eyes “fuck my slutty cunt” and with that I pushed as hard as could into her and her moans turned into pleasurable screams letting everybody know that she was about to cum and as she did her legs clamped around my neck my hands still holding the spikes of her heels and her body juddered as her ass cheeks clenched together, I slowed down “cum in me baby please cum in me” and only a few thrusts later I exploded slowly into her already cum filled pussy and as I did I held it deep inside her. I pulled out and looking down at her pussy, cum was literally running from her onto the bed sheets, then she quickly turned around “I want to taste that cock” and her open mouth took me deep into her throat sucking all the cum from my shaft. I had to pull away as it was too sensitive and collapsed on the bed while Rob and I watched Kate play with the cum allowing it to drip through her fingers. After a few minutes she clambered to her feet and walked into the bathroom, I put on a robe and Rob got him self dressed, all he could say was “wow”. Kate emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later and walked over to Rob giving him a closed mouthed kiss on the lips “well thank you, I wont forget this birthday” Rob thanked us both and opened the door and disappeared into the hallway.
I was laying on the bed as Kate came over and sat besides me. She leaned over and kissed me and told me that she loved me, we lay in each others arms and that’s how we fell asl**p. We never did see Rob again.

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7 months ago
Blimey mate, what a situation.. Not entirely sure id be happy with sharing my wife but bravo on going with the flow!
9 months ago
great story,got hard the more I read