I was at my house waiting on a phone call from my girlfriend when I received a call from an old fling... Her name was Candace, and she was my kind of freak, she fucked and sucked me all day when we used to chill... Anyway, I told her to meet me and we could go for a ride or something. She came out to my hood, and we chilled in her Beemer, parked up in my back yard... She wore a short white skirt that I was touching to see what kind of material it was. I asked her if she missed my dick, and she smiled saying she wouldn't have come over if she didn't... I laughed as I caressed her inner thigh with my right hand, while playing in her hair with my left. She had long curly hair, like a Spanish goddess, and a thick pussy that my dick loved... I couldn't wait to go anywhere, I just started playing with her pussy right there in the car. She looked at me with a facial expression only the lust in me could understand... I leaned over, put her right leg on my shoulder and started sucking on her phat wet pussy, but I had to get inside of her, so invited her inside... We went inside, even though I was expecting my girlfriend in the next few hours. When we got to my bedroom, she grabbed my dick and started to kiss me, I picked her up and put her on my bed. I told her she would love my new massages, and she told me she was already in love with the old ones. That's when I pulled out a small container of baby oil, and she began undressing herself... The sight of her bright yellow panties made my dick so hard I couldn't keep it in my pants. I told her to turn around and lay on her stomach... As I massaged her lower back with my left, I massaged her pussy with my right. Eventually, I took off those pretty panties, and put my big dick in her, she asked me to go slow at first, but as soon as she was wet enough, she told me to fuck her faster and harder... I smacked her ass, as she screamed, "I'm coming!" with her legs starting to shake. I let her lay on her back, as I put my dick back into her warm wet pussy, I boasted, "that was kind of quick girl, you must love this thing..." smiling. She replied, "You know I love your dick Keith..." Still smiling, I massaged her golden brown titties with baby oil, while fucking her brains out, she held my hands squeezing them tightly... She screamed "I'm coming again!" as I came with her and left my k**s on her stomach and chest... "Let me go get you a towel" told her, but when I opened the door to my room, my girlfriend was standing right there! I thought, "Damn, I should've waited!!!!!!!!!!!" But to my surprise, she asked me if my friend liked girls. I said, "She likes anything I like...." smiling at her with a slight confused look on. My girl came in the room, and told Candace, "I hope you're hungry, cause you got some eating to do" I grabbed my dick, and pulled my girls shorts down, Candace smiled, and told my girl, as soon as she cleaned up they could team up and freak me something serious.... I ran for the towel and came back with speed. I fucked Candace again from the back while she sucked on my girl's pussy... From the look of my girl's face, i think that was just the beginning of a beautiful friendship...... ;)
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4 years ago
was this a true story?
4 years ago
more detail but a good story