A Fantasy Realised

I have a great many fantasies and have been lucky enough to realise some of them. This has been a very mixed blessing. Some have been fantastic, even better than the mental image but others have been disapointing, for various reasons and did in fact turn me off from the fantasy altogether. The following is one of the succesful attempts.

I'd been chatting to a guy on the internet over the course of a couple of weeks. He was quite dominant, which I liked and the chat was very erotic.

He asked me if I had any fantasises and when I said yes, he asked me to tell him one.

I'd had a recurring one at that time, one that turned me on tremendously, mainly because it was very risky and so I related that one to him.

It made me feel very sexy relating it to him and he loved it, saying it made him very hard. He then asked me if I'd ever thought of enacting it. I said no, because of the risk involved and he didn't push it but the seed was planted.

A couple of weeks later he contacted me to say that he would be in my area the following day and would I like to meet up. I was feeling exceptionally horny, it had been a while since I'd had a meeting with a guy so I agreed straight away. Then he asked me if I'd like to act out my fantasy. My stomach flipped over but my cock hardened immediately. I'd thought about it a lot since he'd first suggested it and so after a bit of persuasion, I agreed.

The next day I was up early. I felt scared but extremely horny. I showered and douched, making sure I was clean. Then got my uniform ready, I was to be a little schoolgirl, my favourite outfit. You can see pics on my profile page but a brief description is, white stockings and suspender belt, white bra and knickers, a very short pleated skirt and a white blouse with a school tie.

I was very nervous as the time for the meeting got near, wondering if I were doing the right thing but I was very excited as well at the thought that I would soon be used by a stranger.

My hand was actually shaking when my phone beeped with an incoming message. I checked the inbox, the message was brief `I'm outside'.

Still trembling slightly, I opened the front door and left it ajar then went back into the lounge and knelt down on the rug by the items I'd placed there earlier. A pack of condoms, a tube of lubricant, four manacles and a black blindfold. I took the latter and tied it behind my head then lowered myself so that my head rested on the floor and my rear was pushed high up in the air.

What a sight he would have when he entered!

I trembled when I heard the door open and then close. Heard the soft footfall as he stepped into the room. A quiet "Mmmm lovely" as he stopped to admire the view I was presenting then my hands were drawn behind my back and manacled together. Even though it was planned out, it still came as a shock as the first slap landed on my rear. I gasped, my mouth very dry.

He spanked me hard, alternating the blows to my cheeks making me squirm and pant breathlessly. My bottom was warming up.

He then attached the second pair of manacles to my ankles, separated the ones on my wrists, pulled them backed and attached them to the corresponding ones on my ankles. Now I was completely helpless and at his mercy! And I was scared!

He pushed my little skirt up to my waist and then slid my knickers down to the tops of my stockings so that I was completely on display. I could almost feel his eyes rivetted to the tight opening between my spread cheeks. I felt like a complete slut and wriggled my little bottom at him.

He spanked me again, hard. After ten slaps, I broke my silence for the first time, begging him to stop. "No more, please stop. I'll do anything you want" but as arranged, he continued spanking me untill my bottom was hot and I was close to tears. He still hadn't said a word.

I was gasping for breath when he finally finished and my bottom was writhing in the air but I froze at the sound of a zip being unfastened. Oh god yes, this was what I wanted. There was a rustling sound beside me, a condom pack being opened. A coldness at my entrance and a finger rubbing gently, slipping inside, sliding in oh so easily. I sighed "Oh please, no you mustn't" but I wanted it so bad as his finger went deeper.

The finger was removed and I waited breathlessly for his cock, but what was this! My balls were being drawn back between my spread thighs and something, string or twine was being wrpped tightly around them and around the base of my cock. My balls were split and bound seperately and then were pulled back with a sharp jerk and the string was tied off to my ankles. Oh god this wasn't part of the plan but I didn't dare move, my srotum was stretched too tightly. "What are you doing" I almost screeched but there was no reply. Instead, his hands gripped my hips and I felt his cock nudge against my hole. Fear and excitement combined, making me want it more than ever. "Yes take me, take me hard". He f***ed his way in. One moment there was a gentle pressure at my opening, the next he was sliding right up me. God it hurt but it was that stange kind of hurt that made me want more. It made me feel debased and humiliated and used. it made me feel a slut, a whore and a plaything as the pain and pleasure mixed, one no good without the other.

He took me hard and fast, slamming into me full depth, stretching me wide. And every time he f***ed it in, it rocked me forwards and the twine stretched my balls painfully. But I was begging him not to stop. I was almost incoherent as I urged him to fuck me hard, to stretch and defile me, to use me as his slut.

I'd like to say he fucked me for hours but it wouldn't, couldn't be true. I don't know how long it lasted, time was immaterial but I did feel the head of his cock swell, did feel himm push in that little bit deeper as he shot his come into me.

Finally he withdrew from me. I was till panting heavily as I heard him remove the condom and zip himself up. He untied my balls and unclamped my wrists from my ankles and I slumped down feeling totally exhausted. There were soft footfalls and a door opening. "Thanks slut" he said, just before closing the door.
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that was kind of rough but very erotic