The Making of a Gloryhole Gurl Part 3

Making of a Gloryhole Gurl! Part 3
By Kristy

I look back on some of the Pictures from my early days, going to the Adult Bookstores and the Park and can’t believe how bad badly I was at putting my makeup on and some of the things I wore. Although I still like to dress slutty!
I could sneak away for only so long before I had to change back and make it home without a trace. I made a major breakthrough soon and began going into the bookstores completely dressed and I was going more and more to the ABS’s and sucking as many cocks as their were, and if I got real lucky I would find a guy willing to fuck me in the booth!
On one visit I was dressed in my leopard print spandex minidress, black fishnet thighhighs, black shoulder length wig and black 3” pumps.
I walked into the store and started looking at the books and toys, bending down to check out some of the dildos on the bottom row. Of course my dress rode up my legs far enough to give a couple guys inside a good peek at the tops of my thighhighs. After getting my tokens I walked into the back booth area. I strolled around checking which booths were occupied, my heels clicking loud enough that no one inside could miss hearing them. One booth in particular was my favorite. It had the biggest hole between the booths and made it easier to get to the cock on the other side. After a quick trip to the restroom to freshen up my makeup that booth open and I walked in.
In no time I had a semi hard cock come thru the hole and I was sucking on it. As my attention was focused on the cock but I noticed behind me someone had pushed the door partly open and was rubbing their cock watching me. I motioned for him to come in with me and soon had my fingers wrapped around his cock, while continuing to suck on the cock thru the hole. The guy in the booth with me sat on the bench with his pants around his ankles as I was squatting in front of the hole. I felt his hands pull my panties down and then grab my hips. I slowly raised my hips till I was sitting, leaning forward, on his lap. I reached behind me and put some lube on my ass and his cock, then started to slowly work my way down till his cock was all the way inside me. I didn’t move much at first; still sucking and feeling the cock in my mouth start to twitch. I was so horny and was ready to taste my first load of the night.
He was deep into my mouth when the first of several warm streams of cum hit the back of my throat. I gulped down most of it and licked the rest off till he pulled from the hole. I was slowly rocking on the cock in my ass till then and decided to pick up the pace some. Squeezing my ass tighter, I began to ride up and down his rock hard cock, causing him to start moaning. I know we must have been making quite a bit of noise, but it felt so good having that cock inside me I didn’t care. With his legs stretched out and him leaning against the wall, he began to thrust his hips as I rode his cock deep into my ass. I didn’t take too long before he filled me with his sticky juices. I kept riding him, feeling the cum slowly leaking from me as his cock began to go soft.
As he was pulling his pants up he asked me if I’d ever been to the Earle Theater in Baltimore. I told him no and he told me about it and where it was. It’s an old theater on Belair Rd. that shows only porno and gay films and has mostly a gay crowd with all kinds of activity. I need to check that place out sometime!
It wasn’t long before I had to go, but before I left I sucked a few more cocks and had my own clitty sucked. I headed for the restroom to touch up my makeup then headed back to my car. It was always tough, trying to change back and get all the makeup off before getting home so I wouldn’t get caught.
I kept thinking of the place the guy in the bookstore told me about and soon after I got home I found the Theater had a website. I got the address and on one of my trips around town I found it, during the day. I never went in but drove by it a couple times to check out the area. Not the nicest part of town so I was really concerned about going in. It’s right on a stretch of road that’s four lanes wide and the crossroad has a light. No way to get in without walking out on Belair road, but only for a half a block. Finally I drove by it on a Friday night about 10pm. There were people on the street and going in and out of the theater and I did find a lot off the street to park in. I guess I was set.
It took several weeks of planning and setting up my reason for such a long excursion as this trip would take. But after arranging for me to have a computer job on a Friday night at someone’s house she had heard me talk about before I finally had the chance to go.
I changed into my newest outfit. I had on a black Fredrich’s corsette with garters attached to black sheer thigh highs and a black thong over the straps. With a black slip dress over it and my wig and heels on I pulled into the parking lot. It took a while for me to get up my nerve to walk down the street and into the theater. It was about 8 pm and the beauty shop was still open as I walked past, and I heard a few whistles and catcalls. I’m sure they knew I was a guy but I guess they had seen it before and just were having fun.
When I got inside I paid the seven dollars to get in and walked thru the lobby. It was really dark inside after coming off the street and I couldn’t see too well. I stood in the back for a few minutes letting my eyes adjust until I could make out some people in different places around the theater. It had three seating sections and near the front several rows of seats had been removed. I sat in the back and just watched, noticing that the front was where most of the action was taking place.
I decided to take a stroll around and started walking down the right side aisle. In the front was a group of 5 or 6 guy with one on his knees sucking each guy around him for a bit then taking another. I was leaning on the wall about 10 feet away when a guy came up behind me and put his hands on my body. He started kissing my neck, which really turned me on. Soon I was leaning back into him and rubbing my ass into his crotch. My hand found its way back to his growing cock and I began to rub it through his pants. When he asked me if he could fuck me I pushed my ass into his hips and gave him a quiet yes.
I pulled my dress of and stuffed it in my bag, leaving me in my corsette, stockings and thong, which he soon had off too. His cock was a little bigger than I had ever had in me so I asked him to sit so I could control how fast and deep he entered me. It took a little but his 7” cock was fully in me and I was feeling pretty good. It seemed that several other guys around had started to gather and soon were stroking their cocks. My lover and I decided to have me get on my knees on the seat facing backwards so he could fuck me better. It didn’t take long before a line had formed in the row behind me with guys sticking their cocks up to my mouth to suck.
I’m not really sure how many cocks I sucked, but I know I got fucked by three, and must have sucked six or seven before I needed a break! I felt a little bad as there were still a couple guys waiting, but I needed to clean up a little and smoke a cigarette. I still hadn’t put on my dress or thong and was walking back from the restroom when I saw a couple enter and hear down the other aisle.
They walked all the way down to the front row on the left and she proceeded to remove most of her clothes. I walked down to where I could see and took a seat a row behind and to the right. She had several guys interested and when the guy with her motioned for some of the guys to come over she began sucking their cocks and letting them play with her breast and pussy. It was a real turn on and I was starting to get aroused myself. I decided I wanted to have some more fun and walked down to the next row and sat a few seats down from her. Soon I had another cock wanting my attention and had my lips sucking him into my mouth.
I noticed she had turned to look at me, still sucking on a very nice black cock. She was naked except for a waist cincher with garters, attached to sheer thighhighs. As the cock in my mouth began to cum I noticed she was at the same point with her guy. My mouth was filled with warm sticky cum as she leaned over and started to kiss me. Wow we were swapping cum from two guys during our kiss! Her boyfriend never got involved the whole time they were there, but did give a big smile when we were kissing. My hand found her very wet pussy and hers found my growing clit. When she asked if I wanted to fuck her of course I told her yes. Just as I had earlier, she knelt on the chair and put her ass up so I could enter her from behind. I wasn’t long before we had a crowd of at least a dozen guys around watching us!
I came in her pussy after fucking her for several minutes and thanked her for my first time with a woman when dressed. We had several hard cocks around after our show and both of us went back to sucking some more, taking time to comment on the size of this and that.
All good things must end and I knew I had to get going. After a quick check of my makeup I headed back to my car for the ride home. It was almost midnight when I got home and I went straight to the shower.
This was a place I was going to have to go back to!
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2 years ago
Very, very hot!
2 years ago
I'vealways loved theaters there so much moore to do and see
2 years ago
You're a naughty little slut
3 years ago
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEATER PLAY IS THE BEST!!!!!!!
3 years ago
Wow i would have loved tobe there thanks
3 years ago
Love your creative stories!
4 years ago
im a gloryhole slut love several cocks at once
4 years ago
I've been to places like that here in San Diego, Ca. and they are fun thanks for your story
4 years ago
hottt story thanks for posting
4 years ago
I loved this story. I want more
4 years ago
Love the story, you write very well - and sexy!
4 years ago
Great story hun, so hot and sexy. Thanks for sharing.