e****t series..chapter 1- heather

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and does not relate to any people dead or alive directly or indirectly. All the characters descried in the stories are fictions and resemblance is merely an unexpected and unintended coincidence

Intro: This is Chris from Rochester. I am from Rochester NY and i have been in the US for the last 3 years. I have seen several women mostly mature through several e****ting agencies and also through personals. I am starting this series where i will be describing my adventures over the last 3 years in detail. I am not in a relationship and would love to hang out with any mature woman. only 30+ please.

Chapter I: Heather
This the first e****t i have seen in the united states. This was on my 3rd day in the US.I have done my research online on the various e****t agencies in rochester. I waited until 10 PM and then picked one the e****t agencies and called. A guy named Jack was running that agency. He told me he had some nice young girls 18-22 yrs old. I asked if he had any mature e****ts and he said he had a 39 year old e****t named heather. I told him my address and he said she will be there in an hour.

I waited and almost after an hour i got a call from jack. He told me to go to the parking lot of my apartment as she was waiting there. I went down to meet a nice blond milf. she was really slim and had a very firm ass. Her boobs were tiny but she had large nipples. I was a bit worried as this was my first time in US and was trying to have a conversation to ease my nerves.Once we got into my apartment she just took her top off and was standing before me half naked.she came closer kissed me on the lips, then got on her knees and started sucking my member hard. She was deepthroating me so hard that i blew my load right into her mouth.

She cleaned up in the restroom and came back to the room to see me lying on the bed all naked.She started massaging me and kissed me on my nipples. Within a couple of minutes i was ready to go again. I put the rubber on and mounted her missionary and started fucking her hard.She started squealing loud as i rammed my thick 8 " cock all the way into her.I fucked her missionary until she had her first orgasm. Then i turned her and let her ride me as i spanked her ass and tasted her nipples. I held her on top of me and fucked with all my might until she had her second orgasm and collapsed on me.After that we went into the shower and i fucked her in standing doggy style. I really wanted to fuck her int the ass but she said she was too tired that day and promised me i can have that next time.she had her third orgasm after which she was too tired to stand. I pulled the condom off and fucked her mouth until i blasted my 2nd load into her mouth. After that we cleaned up and i helped her in walking back to her car.

Heather quit e****ting soon and obviously i was her first and last client. But still that was the starting point of our relationship. she was my sex slave, i showed her the extreme pleasures, but more about that in the next chapter.

footnote: feel free to leave your comments and if ladies wanna have fun contact me. any race but 30+. I always use safety and nowadays don't even do bareback oral. I like to play but also keep it safe.
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