My only gay experience (true story) Part 1

WHen I was younger, both in this life and in my marriage, I traveled for training and conferences quite a bit.

Even though I had a young wife, I had always had some fantasies unfulfilled from before marriage. One of them was being with a man. Add that to a non-BJing wife...

So, I was in a hotel bar after an early evening watching porn in the hotel room. I had made up my mind that I was getting laid. It was that whole different area code rule in effect.

I had struck up a conversation with a hot older blonde woman and was having a blast. However, after an hour or so of work, she was suddenly joined by a group of business co-workers that took her to a table to chat for a few minutes and then walked out.

During this time, I had also been chatting with this guy next to me. He was heavy set, but funny as hell and a good talker. We talked about sports, women and lots of other things. I had had quite a bit to drink. So, some of the memories were wiped. So, I don't remember how the idea of homosexuality entered the conversation. I do remember the TV being on and the news about something happening in the gay world being on. Anyway, before I realized what I was saying, I had said something about always having had a gay fantasy. The bartender cut me off and walked away, but my new buddy just stared at me. He said, "Me, too."

Freaking out, I had to get out of there. I made an excuse to go to the bathroom. While taking a leak at the urinal, I hear the door open and look to see my new buddy. He walks up to the urinal next to me and whips out his cock to take a leak. The hetero part of me did the eyes front routine, but at last I couldn't help it. I took a peek, and then I stared. It wasn't the biggest dick I'd seen, but it was so beautiful in my d***kenness. I looked up and realized he was staring at mine, too.

The next words I said surprised me, "Let's go to my room."

80% (9/2)
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3 years ago
You cut it short at the best hope you write the rest thanks
3 years ago
dam i need to here more plzzzzzzzzzz
3 years ago
And, what?
3 years ago
and then it happened,,