I need a new hat for the beach
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I'm:Kostas, 35
From:Athens, Greece
Personal Information
Kids:No, but may be want some
Education:High School graduate
Star sign:Virgo
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Body type:Athletic
Height:5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Hair length:Short
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Green
About Me

I have a much different aspect now than the the time I first registered. I am interested in real people with whom we can at least talk honestly. I like knowing people , playing and being dirty if there is a chemistry for that , that is all. I am just a simple kind of man with a bit different and more open view , nothing more and nothing else. Please , keep in mind that I am straight , but still can be friends with anyone who respects that.
I don't really care to have a big friend list , what matters for me is mentioned above.I will try to contact you , get to know you better or play dirty with you and I am not feeling bad about that. But please tell me , what is the reason to have friends that don't show their selves ?????
All be good and healthy , more info inbox.

p.s. I like to use a variety of avatar pictures.This sometimes leads to the misunderstanding that I have no pictures of me here. The albums "not an artist" and "amateur attempt" are mine.Please spend some time to check them before telling me that I have no pictures of my own.

I must also say that all other galleries (except the ones that I say above that are mine and show me) are random pictures that I like and found on the net.I write that just to make things clear

it is better to respect and not underestimate and mistreat a slim guy
that usually has a smile curved on his face
because you really don't want to mess up with the creature that lies behind the curtain

sometimes individuals don't value the circumstances as they should and stupid things can happen ......

and when something stupid happens most people usually laugh .....

I am probably the best example of that , loool
so what??? I laugh at my fate and keep on going
and I am always trying to keep the music playing , LOOOOL

The (X)Hamsters are usually smart and lovely animals

generally I like a lot of things and have a lot to do and to look after

but at the end of the day , I reach the conclusion that life is much more simple .......xxxxxx

before leaving I will say for once something serious in my lousy presentation

Υ.Γ. 1 Αυτες τις δηθεν συμπατριωτισσες "καμερομοντελες" που εχουν μπλοκαρει τη χωρα τους δεν τις καταλαβαινω , ντρεπονται????
ευτυχως που καποτε εδω υπηρχε η "Κολαση" που εκανε το κεφι της και λογαριασμο δεν εδινε , ομοιως και η Ρια. Α ρε κοριτσια , που εισαστε παναθεμα την τυχη?????
Υ.Γ. 2 Θα ηθελα να επισημανω οτι αρκετες φορες εχω πιαστει κοροιδο απο ψευτικα προφιλ , δεν μετανιωνω για αυτο , ουτε και νιωθω μειονεκτικα , απλα θυμωνω.Δεν ειμαι εδω για να κανω τον ντετεκτιβ Κλουζω και καλα θα κανετε διαφοροι που λετε οτι ειστε διαφορες να μην μπαινετε στο ρολο του ροζ πανθηρα , διοτι ο κλεφτης και ο ψευτης τον πρωτο χρονο ναιρονται, σε καποια φαση με τον Α 'η Β τροπο αποκαλυπτεται το ψεμα.
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3 days ago
lool!!!! μπαλονια??? γιατι οχι :)
αν και θα ηθελα επισης λαστιχα και κουβαδες ...
4 days ago
@ Status
ειμαι μεσα...
4 days ago
4 days ago
ειμαι ρουφιανος και γλειφτης ... :P
4 days ago
Stop to 'lick me' Κώστα !
Be serious.... :D
4 days ago
Hamster is better when ever you are here!
4 days ago
Hell hamster is better today. :D
Very good the new photos ;-)
1 month ago
It is a great day today!!!!! Let's hope we keep the spirit!!!!!!
1 month ago
yes my friend!!!! Freedom is much more important than other things!!!!! Have a nice day as well!!!!
1 month ago
What a wonderful day.....:)
1 month ago
FREEDOM , is the most important thing !
1 month ago
το σχολιο μου ειχε περισσοτερο χιουμοριστικο παρα πολιτικο χαρακτηρα , ωστοσο δε νομιζω οτι ειναι κουμουνιστες και σιγουρα ο χαρακτηρισμος αποβρασματα δικαιωματικα ανηκει αλλου
1 month ago
ma ine dynaton file mou na eklegoun tetia kommounistika apovrasmata?
1 month ago
απλες φιλικες κουβεντες φιλη :)))
ουτε καψουρες , ουτε θαυμαστριες
1 month ago
Α ρε κοστας36 στην καψουρα τις εχεις όλες τις θαυμαστριες ...παναθεμα την τυχη
1 month ago
heavy weight lifting hahahahahahaaha... love it !!!!!!!! great avatar
2 months ago
LOOOOL!!! πως δε βαριεσαι ... να μετρας!!!
2 months ago
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17 ....
δεν βαριέσαι ρε kostas36
2 months ago
Your comments on my video separating the buttocks makes me really horny, my butterfly wings are ready to receive all your affection
2 months ago
Thank u sweety. Glad to know u
2 months ago
τα παντα ειναι καλα ('η σχεδον καλα) , καλη μου φιλη , οποτε αστα τα κακα νεα να πανε απο οπου ηρθανε :)))
2 months ago
bad news !!
2 months ago
Δεν περιμενα ποτε απο εσενα να σβησεις το σχολιο!!!
2 months ago
Ελα ρε κοστας36 και έχω εναν ενοχλητικο τυπο
2 months ago
σ'ευχαριστω να σαι καλα , και εσυ και οι δικοι σου ανθρωποι :)
2 months ago
Thanks for comment and favorizing
2 months ago
κοστας36 χρονια πολλα!
εσυ τραβας τα μαλλια σου εγω δεν θελω να σου πω τι τραβαω!!!!!
2 months ago
I will :))
2 months ago
stay focus!
2 months ago
το εκτιμω αφανταστα!!!!