First Affair Part II

About a month after Wes and I began our affair he allowed Ken, a friend of his, to move in with him. Ken worked construction and would be out of town more than he would be at the house so it did not present a problem for us. And since he would be letting Wes know when he would be home that gave us a safety zone. When he was in town he came to our restaurant so I knew him but he was not aware that Wes and I were seeing each other. At least until a couple of months later. I occassionally spent the night with Wes and had gone to his house one afternoon planning on just having sex and then going home to my husband. Rain had been in the forecast but as the afternoon ran on the intensity of the storm increased. With no sign of it letting up any time soon I called my husband and told him I would be staying the night. He wished us a good fuck and said he would see me in the morning. Afer dinner we settled down to watch TV and just kill time till we were ready to hit the bed. Aound nine that evening things began to heat up on the couch and since we both we still barely clothed after our showers that is where we began. Wes lowered his shorts and I leaned over to suck his cock. Wes then removed my panties and laid me back on the couch, diving in between my legs. His pussy eating skills were on a level as high as my husband's. Both of us now hot and ready, we did not make it to the bedroom. The first time we had sex was on his pool table and we stopped to hug and kiss as we passed by it. We did not make it any further. Wes lifted me up and sat me on the pool table and I laid back, my legs spread wide apart. His mouth and tongue found their target and he was making me wetter and hornier. Within a few minutes we were both on the pool table and Wes was slowly fucking me. Concerned only with what we were doing and with the storm raging outside we did not hear Ken come in to the house through the kitchen door. He had left a message on the answering machine earlier that day saying he would be home later that night as the storms were also in the area he was working. Unable to work outside, he decided to come back for a couple of days. Wes never bothered to check his messages when we got to his house and with what little rain we get in this area the thought of him not being able to work and coming home early never enterred our minds. After fucking me on my back awhile Wes had me get on all fours to fuck me doggie style. Totally unaware that Ken was there and had seen us, we contined to go at it. Ken stayed in the kitchen but could see us through an opening in the wall Wes had installed to provide easier access to the den. We must have seemed like two young k**s in heat as he heard every word we said, especially when I was urging Wes to fuck me harder. Wes put me on my back again and we heard something. Ken had gotten so excited that he knocked over a glass on the counter. Wes immediately hollered out to see who was there. We stopped fucking and in just a few moments Ken came out of the kitchen. Wes and I had never what we would do if we ever got caught. At that time there was nothing we could say. We had been caught in the act. Ken began to appologize, saying that he had called but Wes must not have gotten the message. Still, he said, he should have just left and returned later. Still on the pool table, naked and with Wes's cock still in my pussy, we accepted his appology but were left wondering what the next step would be. Even as he spoke Ken's hand was still around his crotch area. He had been rubbing himself as he watched us. Neither Wes nor I wanted anyone at work to know we were having sex and Wes ask Ken if he could keep it a secret. Ken, with a sly grin on his face, ask Wes what was in it for him to remain silent. Wes looked down at me and I pretty much knew what the cost was going to be. I smiled up at him and a smile came across my face. "You don't mind?" he asked. I shook my head slowly back and forth and Wes told Ken to join us. I have never seen a man get naked that fast before. Next thing I knew he was on the pool table with us, his cock mere inches from my head. I knew what to do with it. I opened my mouth and took Ken's cock inside it as Wes began to fuck me again. Shortly Ken asked Wes if he would mind sharing what he was getting. Wes politely eased his cock out of my pussy and Ken got in between my legs. Rather than immediately stuffing his cock into my mouth Wes opted to sit back and enjoy watching Ken fucking me. Ken's cock was just a little bigger than Wes's and it turned me on. As Ken fucked me I fucked him back. He must have been extremely horny. While he lasted about ten minutes or so I heard him beginning to moan and grunt then thrust his cock deep inside me. As his cum spewed inside my pussy I had a big orgasm, covering his cock with my pussy juice. Wes had been stroking his cock and as soon as Ken moved out Wes took his place. Five minutes later I had my second orgasm and my second load of cum. Ken tried to appologize again after that but I told him to feel free to catch us at any time. I now had two lovers. Wes made us some drinks while I went in to clean up. For the next couple of hours we continued what we had begun. One at a time and both at the same time I had two cocks for my mouth and pussy. It was actually very erotic being fucked while another man watched, something my husband has always wanted to watch. During that time I was fucked in the den, the kitchen and of course the bedroom. I lost track of how many orgasms I had that night but I fell asl**p in between them on the bed. I was roused out of my sl**p the next morning with two cocks touching my lips. They and I were all satisfied with me just giving them head. During the year of the affair Ken was able to join us again several times. Only on those occassions there would be no surprise. He was welcomed with open legs.
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Very hot story
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Hot story.
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