Jordanian cheating wife

I am sorry if this is a long story, but i wanted to share this karma experience. I think i have a cheating wife. I met this married woman long time ago, when online chats were new on the internet. We chatted online for several months and later over the phone before i finally met her. In our online chats, she told me a lot of things about her life and she lived in a loveless marriage, and how bad her husband treats her.

Our first meeting was kind of awkward (in a hotel room). We have discussed sex few time online and what we would do if we meet. When i first met her we joked about how crazy we are to do this. She was married with two k**s. We stayed in the hotel room talking for an hour or so, then i moved on to touch her and kiss her, not that i f***ed myself on her, i was gentle and didn't want her to feel uncomfortable. Then she left and promised to come back the next day. I told her she doesn't have to come back if she feels it is in appropriate or if she is uncomfortable. She came the next day, we talked more, touched each other, then i tried to sl**p with her, she moved away from me, and said that cannot believe she is here with me and she has never done this before, she couldn't believe that she was cheating on her husband....
I believed her and didn't f***e her to do anything (although at that point i was very horny). I just controlled myself and we sat and continued to talk. When I left (we live in different states) we agreed to keep chatting online and i wanted to stay just friends and chat online occasionally, no more than that. But i couldn't stop thinking about her, she is very beautiful, sexy woman.

Our online and phone chats continued. Then we decided to meet again. In our second meeting we both were more comfortable and touched her and kissed her and she was okay with it, so i ended up sl**ping with her, was the best sex i ever had. I stayed in her city for 3 days, and slept with her many times in that short period of time, our meetings and sex became more frequent, i felt more attached to her and we were in love. The meetings moved to her house and we had sex on her couch and in her bedroom, she sucked and fucked in her husbands bed. I promised to support her and help her with all her problems whatever they are.

Then after one year of our first meeting, she had a fight with her husband, he found a log of our chats online where she talked about our sex and how she enjoyed it and yada yada,, he called her a bitch, a whore, a cheater, she called the police and he was arrested. Fearing that he will get out and get after her and hurt her, she called me, she was panicking and asked if she could come to live with me until she gets a divorce. I agreed, so she packed all her belongings in one day and moved with her k**s to my two bedroom apartment. I didn't everything I could to help her get a divorce, but it was difficult, given that she moved her k**s without her husbands consent (according to her state's law). So we decided that it was impossible to stay together, her husband was still calling her and trying to take her back with the k**s.

She finally agreed to have him come and help her pack and move back. He came and stayed with her for two days in my apartment ( i moved out and let her stay with her k**s). When she went back to her home, she was very depressed, and couldn't chat regularly but she told me that she cannot live with him anymore. In the meantime her husband got into a chat room that was public and started sending me private messages, cursing and telling me how stupid I was to get involved with a married woman. He said that he had sex with her in my bed and laughed and felt proud of himself that he did that, not knowing that I also fucked her in his bed, but I couldn't tell him that because I feared that he would hurt her.

After she went back to her home her husband noticed that she wrote on a piece of paper that she still loves me. They had a fight and she left her home and drove all the way back (a thousand mile between us) and came back to my apartment, this time alone. She stayed with me for 10 days, we had sex all the time anytime of day, it was great. Her husband let her daughter call my house and ask if she came to me, I said no, she was not there and I don't have any contact with her. After 10 days she left and went back to her home because she couldn't stay away from her k**s any longer. We continued to have phone chats and emails everyday. She would had fight with her husband and tell me the next day that she is leaving and she wants a divorce, and other time she would tell me that things are sort of going back to normal. I supported her either way.

Then they finally agreed to get a divorce and she moved out and lived with her friends for 3 months until the divorce was final. I visited her twice when she was staying with her friends and we spent a lot of times fucking in the hotel. I was in love with her and I wanted to help her anyway I could. I went back to my apartment and started to get everything ready for her and her k**s when they move with me finally. In the early 2000's she moved with me and we got married. We were happy and i did everything I could to make her and her k**s comfortable. I also had no problem with her husband calling his k**s. Things were great for the first three years, we had our first daughter together, we were happy even though we occasionally argued and fought (the usual husband and wife fights).

She started working in retail, she would tell me all the details about her job day to day. Then she started telling me about this guy she works with, and it sounded like she likes him. I ignored it, and thought to myself she couldn't be cheating on me or even considering it after what we have went through to get married.
We move to a new house, things were great but she started telling me that she is BORED whenever she is off from work, and how she is mad at girls that come on to the guy that works with her. She was jealous, and it sounded that the guy is just having fun with all the girls he works with. I didn't put much into that, she quit her job and started a new job closer to home, our life was okay, until she found another job. Then she started acting weird, talking about her boss all the time, then another guy joined the company and she also started talking about him all the time anytime, even when we are in bed and few times while i was trying to have sex with her, lying naked on my the bed with her legs open and she is still telling me about her job and this guy and that guy. I told her more than once to stop this bullshit, I confronted her about all that interest she is showing with guys she works with. She denied everything and told me it's just working relationship, nothing going on. In the 3 years that followed she got pregnant 5 times and had miscarriages for no reason and one time she was pregnant and her daughter had the flu, she kept getting close to her daughter and kissing her and hugging her, then she got the cold and miscarried. She later told me that flu can cause miscarriage, huh, i thought it was intentional. I suspected that she was cheating and got pregnant from one of the guys she worked with. Then I started rewinding and remembering all the chats we had before we got married and, darn, I was stupid, i never questioned her about alot of things, including her abortion and a miscarriage she had in her first marriage after she told me about some encounters she had with other guys. It seemed that she had relationships before with every guy she worked with. The one time when she worked with a guy and was wearing short skirt she got up on a ladder to pick some papers from a cabinet, the guy saw her from below, things heated up, then she would stop the conversation, wouldn't tell me if she had sex or not, and I didn't ask. The repair man who came to her apartment work on the bathroom and she refused to talk to me that day because she was busy. Then the guy at the University where she studied (while she was married) touched her and kissed her and she only admitted to him putting his dick between her legs on her underwear, but didn't go all the way. How naive I was , there were many more similar stories she told me that I didn't think much of and didn't question her either, i was in love with her. STUPID ME.

She was laid off from her job, she was depressed, she couldn't meet with the "other guy(s)". One time she got a call home from a guy and I told her to stop that and delete the contact, I also told her why is he calling you and I guess the guy heard me and stopped calling.
One time I went with her to the unemployment office so she could apply for unemployment, we had to come back home to get some documents, she then said you can stay here and I will go by myself, and I let her go, she then told me that while she was there she called two of the guys that worked with her, to ask about the unemployment and how to apply, which was an excuse, the clerk had already explained to her what the process was and what was needed.

A year went by and we had a visitor from another state, her b*****r in law. I thought I was friends with that guy, he would stay at our home, I helped him many times including bailing him out for driving on a suspended license. To make an already long story short, she showed interest in that loser and one time she sat next to him while I was there and she was close to him, almost touching her thighs to his, and she started showing sexual jokes she received via email. I was furious and so embarrassed. When he left, I told her how inappropriate that was and only ***** do that. She got upset because she thought she had done nothing wrong, it was only jokes. One time he also visited us for few days. She insisted that we move a mattress and have him sl**p in our living room!!??. He did,,, and on that last night that he stayed there we went out bowling and ate out and had fun, we came back at midnight, she wanted to stay up and not go to bed, so we stayed, she started working with the guy on transferring music from itunes and between her iphone and the guy's iphone. That lasted almost two hours while the guy was laying down on the floor and she is getting close with the lab top to show him music and shit. I was so sl**py and so was the guy, but she kept us up for at least another two hours, it was almost 4 AM. I was exhausted. When we finally went up to our bedroom to sl**p, I had sex with her and went to sl**p I was so tired I just slept fore few hours straight. When I woke up the next day I went downstairs and found her up and in the kitchen and the guy was also up, I was surprised, she loves to sl**p and she has never woke up before me in all our years of being married. The look on her face was kind of sad and I had a gut feeling that something happened. Before the guy left, she said ask him to go and take a shower!! which he had never done in our house before and she had never asked me to ask him that. After he left, has not talked to me or called me in almost a year, we used to talk regularly. She came to me once after few months of that incident and told me that she is depressed and she doesn't know how she feels. I confronted her several times about that night, but she denied everything. I had no proof, i didn't see her, but I had that gut feeling,,, damn If I had only woke up,,, fuck me,, as Ben stiller said in one of his funny movies ( i cannot remember the name of it). So i always think that all her behaviors point to her cheating on me, but I just don't have any hard evidence and my daughter is so attached to her mom, I am sure many guys can relate, k**s are attached to their mom and you want to keep the peace for your k**s sake....
One time a fried of mine told me about a porn site and that there are amateur videos, so I checked it out, there were a lot of homemade clips, watched a few, I felt that it was stupid for guys to fuck their wives and girlfriends then post videos on the web. I browsed through that site and other sites several times out of curiosity, AND I stumbled upon this video that looked like my wife before we got married and she was with another man, not her husband. The video was not that clear, it looked like it was made in the nineties, I am sure it was her, i know her body, her moves how she touches herself and how undresses, after all we have been married over 10 years. I finally confronted her about it and tried to show her the video, she kind of was shocked and started swearing that it's not her, and that guy does not look like her first husband. I insisted that it was her and asked her how could she do this and have herself filmed, damn, she would deny it sometimes and other times would say if that was her and that was her first husband, it was non of my business because it happened before we got married. But the guy does not look like her husband,,, and my understanding was that she has never cheated on her husband before i met her,,, damn, fuck me,,, I still have that video and I am still trying to enhance it to prove 100% that it is her in it. And what made me suspicious is that since we got married she would always ask me to take a video of us fucking, and that it would be fun, I was surprised and never thought of that. So we did few times, but later I destroyed the tape so it wont' get into the wrong hands. Few years later we taped ourselves again at her request...

So this is my story, I don't have 100% proof that she cheated, but i have gut feeling,,, damn, it seems that she had slept with every guy she worked with or liked,,,

99% of the time I think about all this when I have sex with her, I feel like i am sl**ping with a hooker,, When I sl**p with her I always wonder, how stupid I was and how many guys fucked her,, damn it fuck me.
100% (9/0)
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2 months ago
u are lucky man but u dont know
i dram a wife like u wife
6 months ago
Fuck. I'm depressed after reading this.
9 months ago
Thanks, bro, hmmm, I will keep trying to prove it, I want to be 100% sure, in the mean time, I am fucking her, I still need her pussy, (:)
9 months ago