Fun in the Barracks: Part One

Fun in the Barracks, Part One

By: KS444

This story takes place in Alaska in the late 70s’.
After finishing my Army basic training I was sent to my first duty station in Alaska. The first few months were rough. Being the new guy and having no rank, I caught most of the shit details, but that was Army life. I didn’t take it too personal, I knew the next new guy to come along would experience the same thing. It also helped having a room mate that had been there awhile and knew the ropes so to speak. My room mates name was Dave. He was a shorter guy from the Philly area. He had a kick-ass stereo and a nice record collection. He knew of all the hot strip bars down in Anchorage, and most important of all he knew where to get the good weed.

One evening Dave and I went downtown to check out a favorite strip club of his. It was the usual prick tease scenario which usually left you broke and with a bad case of blue balls. After a few hours were both running low on cash so we decided to call it a night. We pooled our remaining funds and caught a taxi back to base. We each had a nice alcohol buzz going and decided to add to the mix with a little weed. Dave went to the bathroom while I twisted a fat one. When he got back I fired it up and we smoked it all the way down. We were buzzing hard. Getting up, Dave turned on his stereo, but didn’t crank it up so as not to draw any attention to our now smoke filled room. Sitting back down he grabbed up a Hustlr magazine and began flipping through the pages. “Man, that one bitch had me hard as hell, and she wanted me bad too,” he said as he scanned the pictures in the magazine. “Which one?” I asked. “You know, that one blond with the big tits,“ he replied. “I think there were about four or five of those,“ I returned. “You know, the one that was wearing the black bikini,“ he said. “Oh yeah, that one, she was pretty hot, but all she wanted was your cash, and she got most of it too.” I said laughing. “No, she said she wanted to hook up with me really bad but that she had a boyfriend,” he returned. “O.k. Dave, whatever,” I said as I looked around trying to find my cigarettes and a magazine to look at too.

The weed was good and it was hitting us pretty hard. That combined with the hot images in the magazines and the images of the strippers we had been watching still dancing in our minds, had our dicks as hard as rock.
Being semi modest, I tried to position myself so it wouldn’t be noticeable, but not Dave. He sat there on the couch across from me with his legs spread, steady rubbing the bulge in his pants. Looking up from his magazine he looked at me and said, “I’m not even going to ask you if you jack off because you’d be lying if you said no.” “Yeah, I jack off, every guy jacks off, so what about it?” I asked. Dave put his magazine down and said, “fuck it.” With that he stood up, undid his pants and pulled them along with his underwear down to his ankles and sat back down. He then picked up his magazine with one hand and took his cock in the other and began stroking away.

I was in total shock, but trying to maintain “cool” I just looked at him with my eyebrows raised and said, “O.k..” I watched him for a bit as he focused on the pictures and moved his hand up and down the length of his shaft, stopping at the head occasionally to smear it with the pre cum that was steady flowing from the tip. He had an average dick, about five or six inches, kind of fat with a big head. Well, I figured it was average considering I had never seen another guys erect cock.

My first instinct was to casually get up and leave the room and give him the privacy to finish his business, but at the same time I found myself getting turned on in a weird sort of way. It wasn’t a gay way but more of a feeling of privilege in that he was willing to share with me something that I considered a very private and personal thing.

“Well, are you going to just sit there watching me, forcing me to do it alone?” he asked. With a chuckle I answered, “well, I’m certainly not going to help,” “No, dumb ass, take your cock out,” he returned glancing down at my crotch. In a hesitant tone I replied, “I don’t know man, I’ve never done it in front of anyone else before,” “Like you said, every guy jacks off, so it’s no big deal, right?” he asked. The thought of stroking my dick in front of another guy was kind of exciting, plus the turned on feeling I was getting watching him pushed me to throwing caution to the wind.

“Fuck it,“ I said as I stood up, pulled my t-shirt off then undoing my pants, pulled them and my underwear all the way down and off. Totally naked I sat back down, took up my magazine and began stroking my throbbing tool. “Cool, see it’s no big deal, right?” he asked. “No, I guess not,” I answered. “Damn man, you really have a big dick,” he said looking down at my exposed cock. “How big is it?” he asked. “I don’t know, nine or ten inches I guess,” I replied looking down at it. Now I was really getting hot knowing someone was looking at my dick and admiring it while I jacked it.

As I sat there, my legs spread out wide stroking my hard cock I found myself not looking at the magazine so much as I was watching Dave working his tool. Glancing up I saw that Dave was also watching me. Seeing that was all it took, my balls pulled up tight, my legs came together. “oh god, oh god, oh shit, oh fuck, fuck, fuck,” I groaned as huge white globs of cum began pumping out of the head of my shiny hard cock. I have never been a cum shooter, just a glob monster. It doesn’t shoot, but there’s a ton of it. I moved my hand up over the head and with my other hand, pushed my cock down so I could catch all my cum in my open palm. It must have been a f******n or fifteen shot load. My palm was full and I have big hands. Looking over I noticed that Dave had stopped stroking and was sitting up watching the show I was putting on. With a smile on my face, “did you like that?” I asked. “Yeah man, that was a huge load, that was cool,” he replied.

Without a second thought I brought my jizz filled hand to my mouth, tipped my head back and poured it in. I held it in my mouth for a few seconds to take in the wonderful, warm flavor then swallowed it down. “HOLY SHIT… WHAT THE FUCK!!!!” Dave exclaimed, his mouth hanging open, his eyes wide. “What?” I asked with a puzzled look on my face. “You just ate your fucking cum!!!” “Yeah, so what, don’t you?” I asked, shaking my head. “Oh hell no, that’s sick man.” “Why’s it sick, I’ve always done it,” I said with the puzzled look still on my face as I licked my palm and fingers clean. “It just is man, that’s cum, you shoot it you wipe it off, you’re done.” “I don’t know man, like I said, I’ve always done it and I love the taste and smell, especially when it’s still nice and warm,” “Have you ever eaten anybody else’s cum?” he asked, eyes still wide. “Oh hell no, I’ve never even seen another dude’s hard cock much less see cum shooting out of one,” I replied shaking my head.

Dave sat back on the couch with a slight smile on his face and asked, “could you eat my cum?” “I don’t know, I guess if I was horny enough I could,” I replied shrugging my shoulders. “You want to try it now?” he asked with an even bigger smile on his face. “I’m not horny right now, I just got off,” I said frowning. “Oh well, maybe another time,” he said as he picked up his magazine and resumed stroking his still hard dick.

I watched him as he worked his hand up and down. He saw me watching him and slowed his pace considerably. I watched as he once again smeared his pre cum over his fat, swollen cock head. He was teasing me, and I was starting to get that turned on feeling again. I could feel the juices starting to move in my cock as I began to slowly get hard again. “Am I making you horny?” Dave asked with a huge grin. “Yeah, I guess,” I replied feeling a little embarrassed. “You want to try eating my cum now?” he pleaded nodding his head. I sat there for a minute trying to gather my thoughts enough to comprehend what was really going on here, but the weed and the mood were keeping my mind from focusing on anything but Dave’s cock, and the thought of seeing it shoot it’s load for me to eat down. “O.k., how do you want to do this, I’m not going to lick it out of your hand or off your belly or anything,” I said matter of fact. “I don’t know, this is new for me too,” he said with a look of excitement on his face. “Can you jack off standing up?” I asked. “Man, I could jack off hanging by my heels if I had to,” he answered laughingly. Laughing back I replied, “I’d like to see that.”

Regaining my composure, ”O.k., you stand and I’ll kneel in front of you and you can shoot it right in my mouth,” I said as I knelt down on the floor in front of him and sat back on my heels. Without a word, Dave stood up over me and began to vigorously pump his dick. It was weird, but I felt more excited right then and there than I ever had in my life. Here I had Dave’s fat cock just inches from my face, about to blow a huge load of cum into my mouth, and my hard cock in my hand stroking it like there was no tomorrow, and it all felt so natural, so right, so fucking hot!!!

“I’m getting close,” Dave groaned as he bent his dick down aiming it at my open mouth. Leaning forward I opened my mouth wider and not even thinking, with my free hand, reached up and cupped his tightly drawn up balls. The second my hand touched his balls I heard him gasp and the first stream of cum shot into my mouth. Still not thinking about it I closed my mouth over the head and reaching around behind him with both hands grabbed his ass and pulled him to me as stream after stream of hot thick cum pumped into my mouth. I couldn’t believe how much cum he was shooting out. I tried to swallow, but with half his dick in my mouth I couldn’t make it work. Not wanting to choke, I leaned back taking his cock from my mouth and quickly swallowed only to lean back in and close my mouth around him so as no not miss a drop of his sweet nectar.

Dave’s ejaculations finally ceased. I could feel his muscles relax as he stood over me, panting. Grabbing his cock at the base, I took him fully into my mouth and sucked hard, trying to get every last bit out of him. Satisfied he was empty, I leaned back and with my finger wiped my chin of the little bit that had made its’ way out during all the excitement then licked it clean.

Without a word, Dave reached down and pulled his underwear and pants back up and sat back down on the couch. I got up and sat back in my chair. A few minutes went by before I finally spoke. “So, what did you think?” I asked. He sat there for a bit before answering. “Well, I think I came harder than I ever have, but I never thought I would have my dick in a guy’s mouth,” he replied bluntly. “Yeah, I never ever thought I would suck a dude’s dick much less eat his cum,” I responded. Again we sat there through a long silent pause. I watched Dave and I could tell his brain was going a mile a minute. “You want to order a pizza?” he asked. “I thought you were broke, I know I am,” I said. “Man, I’m never broke,” he responded with a smile. “O.k., but I’ll get it next time,” I returned. “O.k., you call it in and I’m going to take a shower, but before you call, I think you need to take care of that thing,” he said looking down at my still mostly hard cock.

To Be Continued

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7 months ago
Nice exploratory story!
8 months ago
not bad... wanting more