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[Story] Oral the way to London

The Way To Paris

I couldn't wait, I wanted to go to Amsterdam more than anywhere else in Europe. This was my first visit to the city which I imaged was full of enlightened thinkers and freedom from the stodgy American war on d**gs and the cloistered view of prostitution. I couldn't wait to experience it for myself. I was practically vibrating with impatience to be on the coach to London. Miguel said coolly, in no hurry to be off, "Belle, if we get to the station before the bus, we will still be waiting." He was so frustrating sometimes!

Finally we were on the way to London. The bus was ... Continue»
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[Story] Gloryhole turns good girl Gracie into jizz drinkin

There's one fantasy that I Gracie finally let myself live out. The fantasy of being a cock sucking, cum swallowing, gloryhole girl. I’m not sure where my interest came from. I think it has something to do with finding my cousins porn collection on his laptop he let me use when I was visiting them when I was younger. I wrote down a few of my favorite links he had. When I finally convinced my parents that I needed my own personal laptop for school, I finally was able to check those sites out in the privacy of my room. I was always good little Gracie the gift from god. I always had great grades,... Continue»
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[Story] Velvet Ropes

Shivers ran up and down her spine as a cold piece of fruit was pushed into her hotness. Her moans echoed around the walls of her little wooden cabin as she lay on the bare polished hardwood floor. Her fingers were sticky and wet from the rockmelon in her hand as she worked the pseudo-dildo gently in and out of her tightness, its juice dripped between her ass cheeks to the wood. Her free hand reached for another random piece of fruit in the large bowl next to her hips, this time her hand found an apple that has been julienne-cut to a two inch thickness. With determination, she pressed the tip o... Continue»
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[Story] All in a days work

It was a beautiful Melbourne day late in spring, the sun was shining the birds were singing and I would not want to be anywhere in the world right now but here ...
I had to take a walk to the shops top pick a few things up and decided to visit my sexy little friend Mia who worked at a store along the way.
Mia was the kinda girl to die for, beautiful tanned long legs and big natural boobs and a slim hourglass figure, a Mediterranean girl with a killer body killer smile and a personality to match .
I see her every day and she always has such a great smile for me, so today i decided to drop by... Continue»
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[Story] The Training of Jennifer

This story involves slut training.... male domination and a female sub. Helen and I both enjoy the fantasy and the situation.


Graham moved to answer the door even before the faint knocking . He swung the penthouse door fully open, turned his back on the guest and continued speaking on the telephone. He paced as he spoke. "Yes she is here. No, I'm not sure. I have yet to even look at her. Just remain in the lobby this might be all over very quickly ..... Well, me too ..... I'll let you know as soon as I can. Certainly, David. Yes, in that case I'll send her back d... Continue»
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[Story] gloryhole girl

Corwyn was so engaged in having her face fucked, the
hardness sliding past her lips faster and faster,
occasionally touching her throat that she didn't notice
a soft kiss on her pussy lips. She was still twitching
from orgasm, and the man in her mouth was close. His
cock became more and more rigid, throbbing in time with
his heartbeat. He pushed forwards hard, and she was
about to pull off him, not sure if he should cum in her
mouth, when suddenly she felt something warm and hard
slip between her folds, and her eyes widened in shock.

That was a cock!

She was about to cr... Continue»
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[Story] “wondering what he would do…”

“wondering what he would do…”

This post, inspired by a communication from a specific xhamster woman, is purely my fantasy, based upon a remarkably small number of private messages where she shared what she liked about my writing.

Chapter 1: Shake something at them...
SHE (starting from her perspective):
I can’t believe that I’m actually flying to Atlanta to check out this kinky “Emorymed” guy from xhamster (Wonder what his real name is?). What started as a passing curiosity, evolved to email exchanges, 'make me blush' photos, skype and now, finally, “in the flesh”. Although w... Continue»
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[Story] Master makes his new sub his slut

The day has finally arrived. I walk into the museum trying to stay calm. I make my way to the painting and the bench we agreed to meet at near some large doors through which my future will soon be arriving. I quickly check the time on my mobile phone and realise i still have a good ten minutes before you are due to arrive.

I take a deep breath against the stares of the other people visiting the gallery. I seat myself slowly, feeling my skirt ride up a little i try to pull it down over my bare arse that is touching the bench from the rear spilt in my skirt feeling exposed. I imagine everyo... Continue»
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[Story] The time I met my online friend... (First night)

We talked off and on for a few years. She was much younger than any other girl I'd ever thought about hooking up with, so at first it was a little weird for me. I don't know how to describe her without making it offensive. A freak? A whore? A complete and utter submissive slut? Yeah, I guess that works. She was going to be my slave for a few days and do anything my dirty mind could come up with. The only fetish we decided neither of us was interested in was s**t and sounding. Everything else was fair game.

So, we decided to finally meet. I knew it was going to be fun way before she... Continue»
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[Story] First hard session.

The room contains a very large rectangular wooden table. You can easily seat 16 people around it. I have prepared the table ready for its subject. There is a mirrored ceiling above it and recessed lighting around the mirror all on a dimmer circuit. The table is covered with a rough woollen blanket. There are ropes coming up at the corners which are coiled in loops on the blanket awaiting the wrists and ankles of the subject soon to be bound to them. The other furniture in the room is a couple of dining chairs, a comfortable leather arm chair, a cabinet and refrigerator. The lighting is low.
... Continue»
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[Story] The Exhibitionist and the Epicurean

The Exhibitionist and the Epicurean

In the BCM club the dancer gyrated listlessly to the rhythm of the baseline. Ignored and despised by some and simply leered at by others she moved he body for the few Euros it earned. She felt ignored and was unhappy at being ignored. She craved attention, she always had done, she had to be the centre of attention but here while she should be, she was not. Her body was sexy; she knew it and wanted to show it off.

Then one evening while the pissed teenagers wandered by ignoring her sexuality a man arrived. The first time he just walked by and wa... Continue»
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[Story] Exposure


I know her fears, the irrational terrors that lie deep within her third heart. Today I will exploit them to the full to test her will, to see if the steel is hardened enough so she can survive her ultimate test. She only knows that she is to meet me and to expect a night to pass before she returns to the real world. Today is a game day.

I have told her to meet me on the bridge over the motorway at 8:30 in the evening. I will collect her at 9:00. She does not know that I will be deliberately late, leaving her alone and vulnerable standing in the middle of nowhere. Just a t... Continue»
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[Story] The Final Task

The Final Task

It is Tuesday; I will meet Gabriella today for the first time. She does not know this. She has been my cyber-sub for almost a year now, her in America I in the UK. She thinks I am on a business trip to India and out of touch for a few days.

I have booked the Parkside Residence at The Inn & Spa at Parkside, Sacramento. The residence is separate to the main hotel complex and ideal for my purposes. Special and expensive arrangements have been made with the owner who understands my particular requirements. Through various ruses I have ensured that Gabriella has no meetings to... Continue»
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[Story] Will she or won't she? What would you do?

Having been married and untouched for many years, there was a day, not long ago, when I made a decision. Ror me, it was a very big decision. I am not certain if it was due to spring, hearing the new birds in the neighborhood trees, chirping for food as their parents neared, or watching the backyard squirrels as they explored and found each other sexually. For whatever the reason, it was painfully clear to me, I needed go get laid. I was not certain how, but just knowing I was going to make it happen, made it exciting.
I had the day out of the office, and decided to take my lunch to a park, ... Continue»
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