Growing Obsession

Some time ago I met emorymed on xhamster. It all started with an exchange of messages after I had commented on one the videos that he had posted.

Something about that video tapped into some deep feeling that were just emerging in my life. It was a time when I was going through a stage of experimenting with my sexuality. I was intrigued by the xhamster site and I would peruse the different things that were depicted in this realm. It quickly evoked some powerful and wild fantasies. I decided to explore these further by actually communicating with one of the guys who was posting and writing about the very things that made up my most vivid fantasies.

After my initial contact with Emorymed he suggested that we write some stories, to detail our fantasies, first about other people but then adding how we might envision how we might behave and perform in that setting. We would describe what we would do to each other, such as how long, and how we would feel and with ever increasing detail of each erotic, sexy and kinky activity.

Truthfully, what seemed at first seemed to be a curiosity became an obsession for me. This man who liked describing these powerful images of anonymous sex with him and others, and I was confronted with my thoughts of whether I actually would like to do these things (maybe with him), and who was I sexually as a person. All of this compelled me to consider embarking in new, uncertain and unknown destinations.

My obsession was gradually growing inside me until I could not resist it anymore. I felt that it was driving me so crazy that I couldn’t resist researching his identity. At the same time, I started to have some weird stalker fantasies about him. Where did he come from? Who was he? These thoughts were so compelling that I was obsessed by my own erotic dreams about him.

With a good deal of trepidation I started to investigate, just by myself through an internet service, and I was surprised how quickly I was able to discovered who he actually was, where he lived, where he worked, what he did for his free time, everything.

Amazingly, it turned out that he lived not so far away from me, which led me to obsess even more, I could not sl**p, I could not concentrate at the office; I had to meet him in person.

I instigated a plan to insert myself into his life. The first time, I sat far away from him in his favorite café, only to see him in person. The experience was even more amazing than I had imagined. I was convinced that I had to have him, or rather, he had to have me. Now if only I could bombard him with my face and my body every night, he could not help but notice me and give me my opening for my fantasies to come true.

I devised a careful plan. I discovered the elevator that he took to his office, and I stood in front of it waiting for him. We got on together, it was so exciting and I found him so irresistible. He could not avoid getting close to me, but alas nothing happened. Why hadn’t I said something? I guess I just wanted to feel his warm body and his breath on me.

All the while we were engaged in deliriously heated exchanges at night on xhamster, still exchanging email after email about the most erotic and uninhibited depictions of gloryholes, bondage, and multiple partner sex. In one, my boyfriend turned up to be the cuckold of the story. Very exciting and amusing.

One day I decided to be more drastic, I had learned that he was going to a pub with a small fox, another little slut from xhamster named “Alesub”. I had seen the stories they had written together about Isabelle and Ricardo. And I had seen the pictures that she had posted for him, even a video where she masturbated for him. I couldn’t believe my jealousy. Why was he with her when he could be with me?

I was determined to surrender to my madness. Although I was supposed to be on a date with another man, I insisted we go to Emorymed’s pub just to be close to him. We sat at the next table, in close range where I could easily see him fondling with his little bitch. I devoured him with my eyes and I despised her, I wanted to be her, wanted to be touched, kissed, and gazed upon in that sexy predatory way.

I could overhear their insipid conversation from one banal subject to another while she giggled and laughed, and all the while I was melting inside just watching them. Suddenly they both left for the bathroom.... together?! I couldn’t believe it, I could only imagine what they were going to do there, and how in their lust, they would devour each other while I was abandoned there in my boring dull sterile world. I couldn’t help myself; I jumped out of my charir and headed straight for the bathroom.

My head was full of unbridled sexual thoughts, humid, hot, naked bodies, sweaty, saliva, kissing, juices, moaning, pulsating, pounding throbbing hot sex.... every vivid fantasy about him blatantly being carried out by someone else. I opened the door carefully and my suspicions were confirmed. They were together in a toilet stall.

I could hear her slurping away, her mouth sucking hungrily around his cock, as I imagined his fingers thrusting into her hungry pussy, as they moaned with pleasure. I desperately wanted to watch, to see them, I wanted at least to witness him after all of his descriptions. I wanted to peek over the top of the stall, but I was afraid they would hear me and I don’t think I could have stopped myself from screaming at her, and what a little slut Alesub was to be sucking him off so publicly like that.

I couldn’t bear it; I needed to do something with this fire between my legs. I leaning silently against the wall in next stall silently I delved my fingers into my pussy, my mind imaging that it was him, so close by, while he was doing just this for Alesub, and there between her moans of pleasure I exploded again and again, many more times actually than Alesub, listening, smelling and savoring almost .... So very close, yet so far from liberating me from my obsession.
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1 month ago
Great story! It's funny how life creates these convoluted paths for us and challenges us to follow them.
I'm kinda hoping (yet afraid) that something like this will happen to me as well.
1 year ago
ahah :D
1 year ago
wow!!! how do you know?
1 year ago
they delete video here and link simple not working :P
maybe this is it ?
2 years ago
Brilliant... Just enough detail and intrigue to allow your own mind to fill in the blanks.

2 years ago
Made the vid even more interesting ;)
2 years ago
haha, that was soooo hot !!!
Be nice if you were stalking me like that :P
2 years ago