I write a little story for you

You are back from the city in the afternoon and sitting on your table in the kitchen, release your show and feel good, because your foot hurts from walking. Suddenly a gush of wind blow through the room. A voice behind you order: "Don't move and don't turn your head." You feel two hands on your shoulder which strong halt them. A blindfold covers your eyes and you can't see anything. The hands now hold your arms and put you rude on your feet. You try to resist, but he is stronger than you and you stop moving.
"Undress" her order and you answer "I will not". "Now" he order and the tone in his voice tell you, that there is no pardon. "And you only speak if I ask you" he continue soft but with strength. And you have to answer with respect and the word "Master". Disrespect lead up to a punishment.
You slowly open the buttons from your blouson. "Faster" he orders. Then you hear him open and close some drawer. Your hear him take something from a drawer. You release the blouson to the bottom and open your skirt, let it fallen down. You are little bit scary and stand still. "Go one" he say. So you untie your bra and then walk out of your slip. "May I ask you something?" you ask. "What did I announced before?" he ask and a moment later something like a wooden spoon hit you right breast. That hurts. You are for one moment confused, but then you remember his word and stop talking. "Put your hands on your back". You move your hands on your back and feel his hands soft running down from your shoulder to your hands. You feel a rope binding your hands together. He ties it strong up to your elbow and you can't move your arms. He shifts you to the table. You feel a soft kiss on your back and then hands on your where they pinch your nipples. Then he twists and pulls them and you moan. He spread your legs. You feel a rope on the right foot and binding it to the table, followed by the other foot, so that the table is in front of you. Then three fingers gliding in your pussy. You push forward and fall on the table. "What was this, slave?" he asks. "I was surprised" you answer. "What did I say?" he hit you with the wooden spoon on your ass and it hurts. "You surprised me, Master" you answer fast. "Good girl" he said and he caresses your ass. "Bent over the table" he order and you do it. You feel his warm breath on your pussy, before he lick over your swollen pussy lips. His finger spread your lips wide open. You feel his tongue pushing deep in your hole and a finger touching your growing clit. Then he moves his tongue to your clit and tickles your clit for one or two minutes. "Did you like this, slave?" he asks. "Yes, I like it so much, Master"
After untying your feet's he speak "Down to your knees". You go on your knees and he put your head on a chair. Then you feel his dick at your cunt. First he drives softly a little bit forward and stop. His dick must be big. Then he pulls it out. The next time it goes slowly a little bit deeper, stop, and pulls it out again. Than nothing. Without warning he drives his dick the whole way in and hit your womb. The next minutes he fucks you fast and hard and you can't stop moaning. He act like an a****l and your cunt burn like fire. You did not count how often you come, but you were near u*********sness as he stopped. Your hear him stroke his dick near you face and feel the sperm splash all over your face. "Lick it clean" he orders as no more splashes hit your face. Then he open your mouth and push his dick deep in. You gulp because you have to open your mouth very wide and he touched your throat. You taste his semen and your juice. You tongue clean his dick from the mixed juice. You feel that he pull it out, open the rope at your arms. You lay there and do not move because you are exhausted. the blindfold are released and he vanished like he appears.

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