Role Play Between Me And My Ex

knappian101 : i chase after u as u run into the closet abd y shut it

Heather W : when you opened the door id grab ur dick and only put ur head in my mouth and suck and lick it then stop and run back to the bedroom

knappian101 : i cam after u

Heather W : id be laying on the bed pretending im asl**p but ur not that stupid

knappian101 : i flip u over and shove my dick in ur ass

Heather W : id moan as u went in

knappian101 : i go faster and faster

Heather W : id get on my hands and knees

knappian101 : ur phone rings

Heather W : idc id make sure u kept going i have a voicemail they can leave a message

knappian101 : i kept going harder and harder

knappian101 : i smacked ur ass and then theirs a knock at the door

Heather W : id ask if u wanted me to answer the door

knappian101 : i say yes and u go answer the door nude

Heather W : i would not! i would put a rob on or something

knappian101 : u put on a robe and u go down stairs and see who it is and its ur guy friend and u boob pops out while ur talking 2 him and u dont see and he gets hard and u see that he is hard

Heather W : well what would i do next

knappian101 : he is lik dam and rips ur obe off and comes in and shuts the door

Heather W : and then what

knappian101 : he is lik u should suck me dick now

Heather W : and then what. just tell me the rest of the stor y. this is ur story

knappian101 : no u help to

Heather W : okay well continue

knappian101 : and he goes and sits on the couch and pulls his dick out

Heather W : id say ians up stairs and im not gonna cheat on him

knappian101 : and i come down and say dam i wanna wathc

Heather W : id sit on his lap first giving him a lap dance while staring at you the whole time.

knappian101 : i sit their watching u and rubbing my dick

Heather W : id lick my lips then turn around and go down. and start putting his head in my mouth. then id lick his whole dick. then id start by sucking only his head then going all the way down deepthroating going back and forth slow... then id get faster and faster while hes has his head behind my head making sure i get his whole dick in my mouth

Heather W : hand*

knappian101 : i watch u as u give him head getting harder and harder rubbing my dick slow then fast slow then fast

Heather W : and id go faster and sucking so hard hed cum

knappian101 : i walk over ass ur givin him head and i shove my dick in ur ass

Heather W : id make it be as a rythem as u went in id go down adn as u went faster id go faster

knappian101 : i pull out just teasing u and i start watching u again

Heather W : id get frustrated because u did that and make the guy get on his knees and id make him fuck me doggy style.

knappian101 : i run and get a video cam and i start taping u as u gopt the shit fucked out of u and i sit right in front of u and say suck me

Heather W : id start by putting ur head in my mouth and licking it making it slippery and then id suck ur head for a min then stop. and say u want more u make me do it

knappian101 : i put my pand behind ur head and shove my dick in ur mouth

Heather W : id do the same thing going in sync when he went in id go foward

knappian101 : i cam in ur mouth and i looked at the guy and said fuck the shit out of her hardcore and he says ok

Heather W : id look up at you and give u an evil lookin smile cuz i had a suprise

knappian101 : i say hold on dude go into the other room and he does and i sit right back down and say i can tell u got a quprise for me show me

Heather W : id call him back in and then someone else would knock on the door

knappian101 : u say come in and i look at u

Heather W : id say hold on and id hand cuff both of yawll together to the counter. and then id say comein and my friend who looks just like me would walk in in nothing but a robe

knappian101 : and i look at u both and then ur guy friend and say dam man hell yeah

Heather W : then wed both go upstairs in th e bedroom where yawll cant see us but about 5 min later you hear me moaning

knappian101 : and then the guy is lik fuck i got 2 go and since i know how 2 pick a lock he gets his shit and leaves and i walk into the bathroom 2 find u on the floor being fingered and eatin out

Heather W : id look up at you and smile

knappian101 : and i say lets take this 2 her bedroom so i can tape ur both

Heather W : wed get up and ud be behind me and id whipser something in her ear then she turns and looks at you then smiles then goes ahead but i turn around and push you into the wall and start kissing you and then making out and then id jump up on you , you holding me up by my ass. then id reach down and putur dick in me

knappian101 : i carry u as u bounch up and down on my dick and ur friend comes back and starts fingering u as we walk

Heather W : shed grab my hair and pull my hair back and start sucking and licking my boobs

knappian101 : we get 2 ur room and i lay u down and cum all over ur face and boobs and i turn the cam and start taping u and ur girlfriend

Heather W : id say sergeant what would u like us to do

Heather W : and wed both start gigglin

knappian101 : i say everything'

knappian101 : i say everything and dont skip out on stuff and i start tapping u guys

Heather W : id push her down sitting on her pussy. and id grind thensed start bouncing a little so my boobs would be going up and down. and when i went up shed ram her fingers in me hard then id lean foward the camera saw her fingers go into my pussy id be grabbing her boobs and sucking and licken them. and id be kissing her bittin her bottom lip hard making her bleed. then id suck her bl**d and lick her lips while im still bouncing with her fingers in me

knappian101 : im walking around the bed taping this whole thing

Heather W : shed flip us over and get on top of me and id do the same thing to her raming my fingers in her pussy with two fingers rubbin her clip with one. shed start going up and down but leaning foward chokin me just enough wear i can breathe.and shed suck and bite my titties. then shed go down and start eating me out suckin and biting my clit and fingering me with 3 fingers hard fast and deep

knappian101 : i walk over 2 u hard and i have the video cam in 1 hand an saying sucking me

Heather W : id tell u u would have to get on top of me so i can put ur dick in my mouth while shes still eating me out

knappian101 : so i get ontop of u and say lets go start sucking

Heather W : id grab ur dick and start licking it makig it wet so i can go faster. i start going slow but sucking really hard then id start going faster and deeper till i was deepthroating ur dick and then id go so fastclawing ur back as i gave u head

knappian101 : i video tape u as u did it

Heather W : and i could tell u were about to cum so id take ur dick and push her off me and put ur dick in and after u cummed in me id say i was done. that you could fuck her but i had to go do something down stairs

knappian101 : i look at u and say ok and well u leave and me and ur friend have some fun and she leaves and u can tell she never had a dick my size b/c she is walking all lop sided

Heather W : well what kinda fun would u have. what would u do to her

Heather W : ?

knappian101 : not alot i would lay their and let her do the work but i would have way more fun with u

Heather W : well after she left and u took a shower ud come down stairs, rose petals every

Heather W : ywhere

Heather W : id be in lingere, sitting there waiting

knappian101 : and i find u in the livingroom

knappian101 : and i look at u and say mhmm baby u look extremely beautiful in that

Heather W : id smile and pull u to the couch and sit on your lap and kiss you slippin something in your mouth and itd be a ring.

knappian101 : and i pull it out and say wat is this baby

Heather W : and id say that i never wanted nobody but me and you having sex together, but i love you more than anything in the world and i want you to be mine forever. you make me laugh and smile and you make me have butterflies all the time. your the most sweetest and caring guy ive ever met and i want you to marry me

knappian101 : and i look at u and tell u 2 go take the ring back and i hand it 2 u and i say hold on and i walk up 2 ur room and get all the way nude and i tie a bow around me with a note and a ring that i bought u and i come back down stares and sit right next 2 u

Heather W : id look at the note

knappian101 : and it says everything u said is how i feel about u will u marry me baby

Heather W : id smile and say of course

knappian101 : and i slip the ring on ur finger and say baby u should go get in the shower and get ready

Heather W : for?

knappian101 : u will see baby

Heather W : id go upstairs take a shower and then id walk out wet and naked and say how do i need to dress

knappian101 : i lik u can get dressed after u give me a quckie real quick

Heather W : nope id run inthe room and lock the door. and while u tried to get in id get in a sexy red dress

knappian101 : i get in and walk up 2 u

Heather W : id smile and kiss you

knappian101 : i kiss u back

Heather W : id ask again where are we going?

knappian101 : i say u see and i turn u around and bend u over and pull ur panties down and shove my dick in ur ass
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4 years ago
Man... if you could just put this in paragraph format, and work on spelling and point-of-view and this could be really good!
I like the base story and all, it's just so erratic that it is hard to keep up with!