Fond memories of my Mom

I grew up in quite a liberal upbringing, even all sexual matters were handled with ease within our f****y. I am happy to say that my Mom was the most laid-back f****y member in this regard. So I was used to see her naked body regularly and considered it to be normal.
Although she was not a very big person (height 5'3'', 135 lbs.) she had quite large tits with large pink areolas, a little saggy. Her pussy was covered by a nice even bush, see-thru type, so that one could see easily the outer labia and her slit.
The funny thing is that now, many years later, I get a huge turn-on from remembering her naked body or one of the many sex-related situations which I encountered on several occasions.

If anybody on here has similar experiences/feeling/thoughts and wants to talk about it, just drop me a line. I would be happy to share my memories with some like-minded people.

One memory I would like to share with all of you is when I caught Mom red-handed while cheating on Dad:

One afternoon when I was 18 or 19 y/o I came back home from school to find my Mom having coffee with a guy completely unknown to me. I was wondering from where she got to know him but did not waste too many thoughts on him as I was about to leave the house again to see my girlfriend. Btw, Dad was out of town on a business trip for several days.

When I came back home from my gf at around 01:00 in the morning I could not use my key on the door as my mom forgot to remove hers from inside and I had to use the door bell. When Mom opened the door she was completeley naked and, if I remember right, rather tipsy. We did not talk much and she returned to her bedroom again immediately, eventually it was rather late at night. When I wanted to put my jacket to the wardrobe I found the jacket of the guy which I saw in the afternoon to be still hanging there! So being d***k was definitely not the only reason for my Mom to sl**p without her nightie.

I had to jerk off immediately and came to a huge orgasm almost at once, although I had fucked with my gf just less than one hour before!

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Great story!
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