The Neighborhood Matchmaker

Based on sexual experience of mine.

Hi my name is Dan I’m a 22 year old Caucasian guy from New York City. Last July the mother of my friend Kelsey had seen me outside working in my yard. I had been friends with Kelsey since before kindergarten. Her mom Bella came up to me and asked me if after I was done working in my yard could I come over to her yard and do some work for her. I said sure what do you need done. Bella said that she needed some to trim the bushes that around the pool area in the back. Bella than asked how much it would cost and I told her that it would be $120. She agreed and I told her I would start the next

The next day I showed up at Kelsey’s house with my equipment and got busy working on trimming her bushes that were around the pool. Around noon time it started to get almost unbearably hot New York City was in the midst of yet another heat wave that seemed like it was never going to end. I took my shirt off and went back to work. While I was working I noticed out the corner of my eye that Bella and Kelsey had come out to the pool area and were laying down soaking up the sun. A couple times while I was working I caught Bella staring at my cock and visually undressing me. I was hard at work so I was not really paying too much attention to it. At some point both of them had removed there bikini tops and laid down on their backs.

A topless Kelsey came up to me and asked me if I would like a beer, to which I obliged and said yes. Kelsey strutted inside. I couldn’t help but check out Kelsey’s legs and her ass! While I was doing this Bella softly said from the other side “Well do you like the view?” I told Bella that Kelsey was very attractive beyond just her appearance. Bella told me that she always thought that I had an attraction to her daughter. To which I told her “I never acted on it because she always seemed way out of my league.” I told Bella that “Kelsey was incredibly smart, talented, and strong and that she could have any man she wanted.” I also told her that there were many times that I had fantasized about sweeping Kelsey off her feet and making passionate love to her. I saw Kelsey returning with the beer so I ended the conversation.

I sat down on the edge of the pool with Kelsey and Bella and we started reminiscing about the past and growing up for a few moments before I got back to work. While I was working I could hear Kelsey and Bella talking about how the sweat was glistening off my back. After about an hour I was finally finished. Kelsey had asked me if I wanted to go swimming and by that point I was dripping in sweat and was more than happy to take her up on the offer. I didn’t have a swimsuit so I took my pants off down to my briefs. I cannonballed in and splashed Kelsey. She returned fire and a splash war ensued like the many before. Bella was having none of this splash war and went inside.

Kelsey and I stopped splashing each other and were just treading water in the deep end and then Kelsey asked me if ever found her attractive. I told her yes and that I thought she was extremely hot in many ways. She then asked me why I had never asked her out and I told her because I thought that she was way, way, way, out of my league. Kelsey giggled. She told me that for the longest time she would fantasize about me when she would see me outside mowing the lawn for her mom. I swam a little closer to Kelsey and told her that I would fantasize about fucking her all the time. I told her that her intelligence and her strong personality was an incredible turn on for me. Kelsey and I began to pet each other. I wrapped my brawny arms around her. Kelsey and I locked in one of the most passionate kisses I have ever experienced. As fast we locked lips we separated. We looked into each other’s eyes and gave each other that what just happened look.

I put my hands on Kelsey’s shoulders and we kissed again. Fireworks went off like the Fourth of July. I slid my hand down her stomach. I untied her bikini bottoms while she grabbed my engorged cock and pulled my briefs off. I slid my fingers between her labia. Both of us started to breath faster. She grabbed my penis and pulled me into the shallow end of the pool. She sat me on the steps of the pool. My cock was rock hard. Her hands gently caressed my balls as she softly thrusted my shaft underwater. I was in nirvana!! I pulled Kelsey’s body against mine and I bit her neck. I whispered in Kelsey’s ear “your all mine now” and lifted her up and put her on the bottom step of the pool. I dove under the water and started eating her pussy as water rushed around my face. Her moans sounded funny under the water and I laughed and almost choked on the water.

I surfaced and told her what happened and Kelsey laughed. She just smiled at me. She ran her fingers through my blonde hair and I smiled back at her in awe. The way the sun glistened on her skin was on believable it was like a goddess had come down and was staring back at me. She said to me I can’t believe . . . .” I put my finger over her mouth and she stopped talking. I again wrapped my arms around her and embraced her and fell backwards into the pool. We kissed underwater. When we surfaced I pinned Kelsey up against the wall I gently inserted my penis into her vagina. I slowly started to thrust in and out. I ran my tongue over her wet and slippery body. As I massaged her breasts I could feel and hear her heart and breathing accelerate with mine. The tightness of her moist pussy around my cock was scintillating.

As I was thrusting my cock into her I couldn’t stop thinking about how I was indulging in something that I had fantasized about so many times. It made me thrust faster, harder, faster, harder, faster, harder. I could hear her voice groan. Oh Dan! ! ! huh! ! huh! ! huh! ! huh!! FASTER! FASTER! huh! ! huh! ! huh! ! DON’T STOP! FUCK ME! FUCK ME BABY! huh! ! huh! ! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER! OOOOHHHH ! ! ! THAT FEELS SO GOOOODDDD ! ! ! !

Out the corned of my eye I saw Bella. She was watching from the deck vigorously rubbing her pussy. I felt so turned on knowing that Bella was watching me fuck her daughter. It made me plunge my penis into Kelsey harder. By now my cock was throbbing and on the verge of exploding. Kelsey grabbed my ass tightly with her hands and screamed I’M CUUUMMMINGGG ! ! ! ! Hearing that made me totally lose control and I ejaculated, my load gushing into her. Filling her pussy full of my cum. It was euphoric ecstasy. I had made the girl of my dreams cum and her mom had watched me do it.

Kelsey and I got out of the pool shortly thereafter. We dried each other off and went inside. As we walked inside I turned to Kelsey and I said to her "laters, baby." Kelsey gently pawed at me I said "you read that book” I said nothing and gave her a devilish look. We walked inside and were greeted by Bella who had a dirty smile on her face, the look of a women who just enjoyed watching a boy and girl turn into a man and a woman right before her eyes.


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2 years ago
realy good,look forward to more
2 years ago
Very hot indeed ,,please tell us more
2 years ago
Yes some more would be great, bro...nice work!
2 years ago
Hot one, well written. Will look out for more.....