First bi experience

I had just broken up with a girl about a week or so earlier, so I was still feeling a bit sorry for myself. One night I was walking down the main drag of the city, doing some window shopping in a local electronics store. A well-dressed man walked up to me, introduced himself as "Ron", and started a conversation. During our talk, he told me that he and his wife were having a small get together at their home and invited me over. Since I obviously had no other plans, I accepted.
Once we arrived, I looked around the house and noticed there were no other cars in the driveway. When I asked about it, Ron replied that it was still early and the other guests hadn't arrived yet. We went inside and Ron offered me a drink. He also introduced me to his wife Beth. They were a handsome couple, in their mid-30s and their home was located in the "better part of town". We relaxed in the living room, and had several more drinks during the course of the next few hours. We talked about many things and then the discussion turned to sex.
Beth asked me if I was currently seeing anyone, and I explained my current relationship status. They went on ask about sexual preferences and both of them told stories of past sexual conquests. It was at that time that Ron asked if I had ever watched any porn videos before. I said I had and we compared notes about our favorite movies and adult stars. Beth then asked if I had ever seen any bisexual porn before and I said no. She asked if I wanted to check it out and I said sure.
We were another few drinks into the evening by the time we started watching the video. As we were watching I looked over on the couch they were sitting on and noticed that Beth had one leg extended over Ron's leg and brought his hand over to her pussy. He wasted no time in rubbing her clit and dipping his middle finger in and out of her now moistened slit. He was also beginning to get turned on and had pulled his pants down around his ankles so that he could start stroking his cock. Beth looked at me and said" you can jerk off if you want to, hon". I wasn't about to argue and did so immediately.
As we were all pleasuring ourselves, we finished disrobing and Ron told me to come over and sit between them on the couch. As soon as I was seated, Beth began to put her mouth on my cock and suck vigorously. She stopped for a brief second to come up and kiss me, and as soon as she did I felt another set of lips on my shaft. It was Ron! I was startled for a brief second, but by that time the alcohol had kicked in and I didn't object - especially since it felt so good. We took turns orally pleasuring each other until Beth suggested that we both fuck her. With that, Ron laid down first and Beth laid on top of him. I watched as she took his member and inserted it into her wet slit. She motioned to me and told me I was next. I knelt down between their legs and put my dick into Beth's pussy as well. It was a toss-up as to what felt better, having two cocks in one cunt or the feeling of another cock rubbing up against mine. Maybe it was a little of both.
We had gotten close to coming, and Ron was first to shoot. The second his cock started to throb, Beth gently pulled it out of her hole and let it come on her pussy and my cock. The sight of Ron coming mad me want to shoot and I couldn't hold back any longer. I pulled out and also shot my juice on the both of them. Beth playfully said, "gee, I'm quite messy. I think you both should clean me up. After all, you did make the mess". With that, Ron and I took turns cleaning up the "mess" we made all over Beth's pussy. She returned the favor by cleaning us up too.

Needless to say, I visited them quite regularly after that!
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3 years ago
Awesome story. Its hard to figure out who got the best part of this deal. ;)
3 years ago
Great fun - thanks for sharing