Cum covered lips

A fantasy

One day some of my friends were over our house and my girlfriend wanted to have some fun. I could tell she was feeling naughty as she was wearing just a very light summer dress that barely covered anything, and I was pretty sure she didn't have underwear on.

It wasn't long before she was sitting on one of my friend's lap, and she started stroking him suggestively. Before long his cock was out and she was taking it deep in her mouth. Turned on by the sight, we all took out our hard cocks and started stroking them in anticipation.

One by one, she went round my friends, about 5 of them, and sucked their cocks. Her lips were swollen and red and glistening. One by one, my friends lost control and came in her mouth. She kept as much cum in her mouth as she could for lubrication for the next guy. A bit ran down her breasts and the inside of her thigh, and she rubbed some in her pussy.

Soon, all my friends had come in her mouth, which was brimming with cum and dribbling down her chin. I knew it was my turn. She came over to me with a dirty look in her eyes, and grabbed hold of my cock. But instead of starting to suck it, she started kissing me. Before I knew it, I could feel all the hot cum pouring into my mouth. The feeling and taste immediately made me extremely horny and my cock throbbed in her hand. We passed the cum back and forth several times until I could stand no more.

At that point, she dribbled the hot cum all over my cock and then started to suck it really fast. It wasn't long before I shot a huge load in the back of her throat. Again she gave me a big sloppy kiss of cum, before I finally let her swallow it.
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