My girlfriend lies on the floor surrounded by ten strangers. All are hard and ready to go. I can tell she knows what's coming and she's already wet. She's got such a naughty look on her face.

One by one she starts sucking their cocks, working her way round. I'm watching on, stroking my cock. After a while she sits on one guy's cock while she sucks a couple more. After some time one of the guys cums deep inside her. I know she's loving the feeling of it inside her and wants more.

By now I know all the guys are dying to cum. I let one more guy fill her up with cum inside. Then, one by one, the others stroke their cocks until huge fountains of cum spray all over her body. After each guy cums, I rub the cum over her tits and stomach, spreading it around. Finally, all the guys have emptied their loads and she's looking sticky as hell and super horny. Then I know it's my turn.

I start by licking her neck, and then work my way down to her breasts. Her nipples are hard and sticky with cum and I lick them gently. They taste great. I know there's just one thing I want to do though. I slide my hard cock inside her without a condom. It goes in so easily, lubricated by the strangers' cum. It feels so warm and gooey and I start thrusting deep and hard. We rub against each other and slide around in the cum.

I keep on fucking her and soon I'm ready to cum. Unaware, the guys have started jacking off again. Soon enough I feel a warm spurt on my back. Spurred on, I go faster and faster, sliding around in her before finally I cum, filling her up once more. We lie together in the sticky mess feeling ever so satisfied.
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2 years ago
Oh my... this is very near the top of our fantasies too!
3 years ago
i love it. liz
3 years ago
Even if its a re-post, it could be one of my fantasies
3 years ago
This was posted by me under a previous profile, but hopefully it will find a new audience :)